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Mercury Suspension Front Control Arm Reports

16 Mar

MERCURY MARQUIS 1997 Right Front Control Arm Bracket came unwelded from frame causing steering problems
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1997 Vehicle Is Making A Noise in front end due to defective ball joints. consumer has yet to contact dealer. please

MERCURY TOPAZ 1993 Ball Joints Went Out 2 weeks after consumer purchased vehicle. ball joints have gone out two or three times since then.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1999 Consumer Was Backing Out Of driveway and left control arm bolt broke in half and there was no nut.
MERCURY TRACER 1998 Ball Joints Without Oiling Grease zerk fittings which caused the ball joints to crack/break due to lack of lubrication. dealer notified.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1992 Consumer Took Car Out For a test drive and it seemed fine. however, after consumer left the lot, left ball
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 While Driving The Left front control arm broke, causing the wheel and brake housing to break away from the vehicle, resulting
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 Due To Insufficient Lubrication 0f the ball joints the right tie rod broke and vehicle became inoperative. this is a safety-related defect.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1987 When Rubber Bushing Gets Worn front suspension control arm separates from stablizer bar, causing vehicle to become inoperative; makes wheel fold.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1999 There Is No Way To add lubricant to balljoints because they are sealed closed. vehicle makes a squeaky noise when riding over a
MERCURY COUGAR 1996 Vehicle Was Going 20mph right ball joint locked up. vehicle steered staright, but was pulling right. evertually, vehicle stopped
MERCURY MARQUIS 1997 While Pulling Into The Garage right front ball joint broke. dealer and manufacturer were notified. *ak the consumer stated that the
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Control Arm Broke While Drving in a parking lot. dealer/ manufacturer were notified at this time.*ak. *jg
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 While Backing Out Of Driveway left ball joint fell out of vehicle. dealer contacted.*ak consumer also stated left tir rod end and
MERCURY COUGAR 1997 The Car Shook And Pulled to the right for a year and nobody could located the problem. the ball joint was replaced and
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1997 After Getting My Mountaineer Back from accident related repairs i noticed that while backing &/or turning there was a popping sound from the front of
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 Left Front Tie Rod Had to be replaced. it probably had been bad for some time, but was not discovered until vehicle
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 The Left Lower Ball Joint failed. nlm
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 While Entering A Highway The ball joint broke dropping the fender over the right front tire, the consumer believes the recall should not be
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 While Backing Car Out Of driveway the left control arm broke causing a large segment of the front end to drop to the ground and
MERCURY SABLE 1994 Left Front Wheel Detached Due to ball joint separating from the spindle from bolt failure.
MERCURY TRACER 1991 Problems Performing A Four Wheel alignment due to left suspension arm not being adjustable. *sd
MERCURY SABLE 1998 98 Sable Wagon. (spring plate gave and spring blew out tire and damaged front end rods or arms, shock according to ford
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2000 My 2000 Mountaineer Had 17, 000 when purchased. i had noticed the dealer had just put new 235/75r15 goodyear wrangler r/ts on it.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1994 Left Rear Control Arm Rotted in the center causing a break. the car spun out of control and bent the right rear control

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