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16 Mar

MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1989 Hydraulic Brakes; While Driving, the vehicle brakes failed. *ak consumer states the brake line went out and this is the
MERCURY TRACER 1988 Front Brake Hoses Cracking, replace one. other one cracked. tt

MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1989 Brake Line Cracked, Causing loss of fluid. tt
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 Brake Hose Was Rubbing Against frame and suspension. also, front brake rotor kept warping, and dealership mechanic replaced
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 While Driving About 40 Mph and steeping on the brakes, pedal went almost to the floorboard. dealer repaired metal brake line and
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Consumer Says That Something Under the vehicle has rubbed through the brake line that goes to the anti-lock system. dealer has been contacted.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 Brake Failure While Driving. vehicle checked by dealer, who determined that rear brake lines were completely rusted/disintegrated. *ak referenced in
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 While Driving Vehicle Lost All braking power when brake pedal was applied. owner had vehicle towed to dealership, and was
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 While Approaching Stop Sign, the consumer applied the brakes and the pedal went all the way to the floor. dealership is aware
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 The Brake Line Is Covered with rubber protector, which was chaffed by the vehicle and resulted in a hole in the brake line from
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 The Brake Line Running From the master cylinder to the abs module is a two piece line and leaks. there is a steel
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 While Driving The Brake Pedal went to the floor. the red brake light on the dshboard came on. dealer claims two sections of
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehivle. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Rear Cross Over Line Severe wear to differentail rubbed through brake line poor design on line mounting this happened in the rear right where line
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 My Wife Driving, Come to narrow with approaching car, hit brakes to slow down where she would not have to pass on bridge
MERCURY COUGAR 1997 Brake Line Corroded By Battery acid and broke, resulting in a sudden loss of brake function and subsequent collision with vehicle that stopped ahead.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Poor Design: Rigid, Frame mounted brake line was in contact with upper automobile body. brake line cracked due to upper body movement,
MERCURY COUGAR 1988 Steel Brake Line On Rear axel failed first. steel brake line on to rignt front failed this time. left front steel
MERCURY MARQUIS 1991 Rear Brake Line Punctured Due to contact with or against body weld seam directly under master cylinder near foot well. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Brake Line Punctured. (second vehicle on 506187)
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 The Consumer Was Driving In the mountains when the brakes fadedon a cold/rainy night. the vehicle was towed to a ford dealer who
MERCURY MARQUIS 1997 While In Motion, The brakes went out completely. consumer had to utilize the emergency brake to stop the vehicle. brake
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Brake Fluid Leakage. Mjs
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 Steel Brake Lines Corroded Causing leaking.
MERCURY SABLE 1999 1999 Mercury Sable. consumer writes in regards to total brake system failure in vehicle. *smd the consumer stated the brake
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1996 mercury grand marquis. the contact was driving 30 mph when a vehicle abruptly pulled in front of him.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mercury grand marquis. while stuck on ice at 1 mph. the contact slid into a curb
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 2 Brake Line Failures Metal brake 1996 grand marquis within a year..this is a midwest car but spent half of its winter in
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Suddenly The Brake Warning Light came on whilst on highway. i had checked the fluid two weeks prior and it was fine.
MERCURY SABLE 1998 Brakes Line Leaking Fluid Due to corrosion of metal,lost all brake fluid when brakes were put on. *jb
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Right Rear Brake Hose Rubbed against strut causing the hose to break and loss of brake fluid on a 1998 mercury mystique gs. *tr
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 25 mph on normal driving conditions, the vehicle would not stop. the emergency brake was applied
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Dt*: The Contact Stated While applying brake pressure at 25 mph on a suburban street, the brakes failed to stop the vehicle without warning.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1994 Low Speed Situation! Applied Service (normal brake pedal) brake pedal went to floor, no brakes had to use foot brake to avoid accident.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Dt*: The Contact Stated while traveling 30 mph, the brake pedal was depressed and lowered to the floor. the contact used
MERCURY SABLE 1996 Dt*: The Contact Stated The brake lines from the front to the rear of the vehicle rusted causing brake fluid to pour from the tubes.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated while attempting to park the vehicle the brakes failed. the brake pedal was spongy and had to be
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 I Have A 1997 Mercury grand marquis [xxx]the brakes failed exactly as described in their recall 04b26 for 97 merc marquis. the dealer and
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 20-25 mph the brakes failed causing loss of control of the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Dt: The Contact Stated While driving at night the consumer struck a deer and experienced difficulty stopping with the brakes. there was damage
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Rear Brake Line Failure. recall notice was for front failure, upon inspection, those lines were fine. *jb
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Dt: The Brake Line rusted and broke. the consumer was driving and could tell that he was losing brake fluid.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Dt: The Brake Lines Were rotting. the consumer noticed this on april 21, 2004. vehicle lost brake function while
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Dt: While Driving The brake lines failed and had to be replaced. the owner came outside and saw the brake fluid on the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Dt: The Consumer Received a customer satisfaction notice, 04b26 on 1997 mercury grand marquis. it stated the rear brake tube may
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 Consumer Complained About A brake problem. when applying the brakes brake pedal would go completely to the floor. owner had the
MERCURY SABLE 1998 My Brake Line[metal],rusted Completely through. indication of brake failure. 2.several of my family members drove my car
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Brakes Did Not Operate When driver applied pressure on the pedal. took vehicle dealer for check up, and results indicated that the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Brake Failure, Replacement Of line. brake line had corroded. *bf the brake warning light had come on.
MERCURY SABLE 1994 The Left Rear Brake Line became clogged with corosion debris and the brake locked.*ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 Rear Steel Brake Lines Failed during a hard stop. both steel lines are rust so bad that it's hard to tell which line failed.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Within A Week Of Changing the tires the brakes failed. *ph the consumer discovered brake fluid on the ground. it was discovered
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Brake Line Failure... rubbing/extreme corrosion failure occurred after 6 years and is caused by routing/retainers/rubber insulators/extremely poor corrosion protection on the european
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 While Driving At Highway Speeds brakes failed due to a corroded brake line. driver was able to stop the vehicle using the emergency
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 A Rear Brake Line On our 1997 mercury grand marquis totally failed. when i stepped on the brake pedal, it went to the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 Brake Lines Rusted Through, loss of rear brakes. also emergency brake frozen and inoperable. *jb
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 Brake Pedal Went To The floor without warning. red brake caution light was observed only after the failure.there was no braking power.
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Wife Was Just Returning With neighbor, whom she had just dropped off, when she was turning into our driveway. she stepped on
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 The Vehicle Leaked Brake Fluid. the vehicle was taken to a service technician who stated the brake line rusted.

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