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Mercury Power Train Driveline Differential Unit Reports

20 Mar

MERCURY TOPAZ 1993 When Driving Would Hear A metallic noise. had trouble shifting from 1st & 2nd gear. transmission dip stick would have metal shaving
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Was At Stop Sign, started to take off, and vehicle failed to move. shifted from drive to reverse & then back &

MERCURY TRACER 1993 Whinning Noise Comming From Rear differental. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Transmission Case Had 6" Crack , differential joint disintergrated, and fluid leaked on to catalytic converter that could have caused a fire.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1995 Intermittent Speedometer Problem Required The replacement of the speed sensor and dropping the transmission to replace the gear that drives the speed sensor with no
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1998 Abnormal Whining Noise From Differential at 50-65 mph. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Rear Differential/ring& Pinion Failed 3 times.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Rear End Differential Failure Due to mismatched ring and pinion gear. mjs
MERCURY SABLE 1994 Transmission Planetary Gear Failure.
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Planetary Gear Fractured Causing The transmission to fail while driving due to design.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Transmission Planetary Set, Torque converter and mounts failed, also power steering pump, right wheel boot and axle failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Transmissions Planetary Gear Fractured, causing transmission to fail.
MERCURY MONTEGO 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 mercury montego. the contact stated that the vehicle began exhibiting an abnormal noise. the vehicle was taken
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2004 mercury mountaineer. while traveling 5 mph in reverse, the contact noticed a thumping sound coming from
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 Our Vehicle Was Purchased In june 2008 at dealership nearby. we were driving home and there was a grinding and popping sound in the
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 Upon Leaving Work In The am i started my vehicle and none of my dash gauges were working nor were any of the electric window
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 Whining Noise Coming From Rear end (rear differential) of vehicle. it appears that ford motor company is aware of this problem but are
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2005 Rear Differential Needs Replaced. mechanic said can be dangerous. i see that these ford/mercury's have this problem all the time.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 mercury mountaineer. while driving 65 mph, the contact noticed smoke coming from the front and rear of
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2003 Rear Axle Bearing Failure On 2003 mercury grand marquis. pe4010. the axles are improperly heat treated and fail due to normal loads.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 I Recently Bought A 02 mercury mountaineer with 58k miles. a few days after i bought it, i noticed a "groan" from
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated When the vehicle was taken to the dealership to rotate the tires, the mechanic noticed oil leaking from the rear
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 I Purchased My 2004 Mercury mountaineer in oct 2003. the vehicle was making a roaring noise, once taken in ford replaced the rear
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 The Rear Differential Bearings Have gone bad. the complete differential was replaced in july, 2003, september 04, and in an
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1999 1999 Mercury Mountaineer. leak in rear differential at 40,000 miles. replaced pinion seal. at 67,000 miles, a
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Our 2003 Mercury Mountaineer Rear differential needed rebuilding in may 2003 at 35,500 miles. now it needs to be rebuilt again at 55,
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 When Driving Between 40-60 Mph consumer heard a thumping sound coming from the rear floor boards of the vehicle. also there was vibration in
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 At 34,365 Miles We had to replace the rear end. it was covered by warranty. now at 58,472 miles
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 21,210 Miles-brake Rotor And pad failure,sunroof inoperable,passenger window inoperable-warranty 47,823 miles-complete charging system failure-warranty trunk has never opened correctly
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 On My 2003 Vehicle, there was apparenetly a spare axle pin contained in the rear differential from the factory. while i was

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