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Mercury Latches/locks/linkages Hatchback/liftgate Lock Reports

22 Mar

MERCURY VILLAGER 1995 The Sliding Door Opens While driving even after slamming shut. *ak consumer states this has happened several times over a 2 week
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Light Came On, Rear end gate keeps coming open, dealer tightened and replaced screw, fine for a week, then start coming

MERCURY MERCURY 1997 No Way To Open Hatch back, except from outside
MERCURY SABLE 1996 Vehicle Was Parked. Opened doors to put children in. opened hatchback & placed items inside. suddenly the all doors locked,
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Sliding Door/rear Hatch Door When closed shake a sif latch assembly is not closing fully. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Transmission Surges And Hesitates Upon accelleration causing unexpected increases in speed; rear hatch will not open; brakes still grind after replacement; after
MERCURY SABLE 1996 Rear Hatch Glass Release Button sticking.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Rear Hatch Latch Cracked Due to metal fatigue.
MERCURY MONTEREY 2004 The Rear Lift Gate Hydraulic lift support gave out (passenger side) instead of a steady failure, it just gave, and when i opened
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Mercury Moutaineer 2003, The hatch of the car just came down and hit her, she jumped back and the door continued to close
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Rear Lifgate Latch Failure. unable to open rear liftgate in event of an emergency. also rear glass liftgate pistions that hold up
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 When Shutting My Rear Hatch on my 2002 mercury mountaineer my lift cracked underneath the window. when i contacted ford they said that
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 I Purchased A Used Van, there seem to be several recalls either not idenitfied or not know about, either way they were not
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 Reference No: 10026895 Reported July9, 2003. liftgate is opening while driving at varying speeds. dealer inspected 2xs and cannot duplicate, but has
MERCURY VILLAGER 1998 Vehicle Locks Automaticallty While Being driven, sitting still in parking lot, garage, etc. this has happened on several occasions.

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