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22 Mar

MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Turn On The Heat And air conditioner on there is a smoke smell never had a fire . tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Consumer Can Not Turn Air conditioner on with out blower front assembly making noise . tt

MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 #pe95-037 When Turning The Air conditioner and heat car smells like it burning . tt
MERCURY TOPAZ 1993 Substance Coming From The A/c was making driver ill, found out freon 60% full. tt consumer states this has been happening
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Have Experienced Smoke From The blower motor. please describe. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 A/c System Emits Burning Odor. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Vehicles Smoke Due To Debris in blower area dealer is trying to charge to clear the area. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Had To Replace Blower Because it had leaves in it and had a burning smell. tt
MERCURY TOPAZ 1986 The Head Gasket Leak And replace fan motor , car caught on fire two times,the rack/pinion went out when driving there is more
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Gas Fumes Coming Out Of the air conditioner, when in operation. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Consumer Was Driving Car Parked it cut off went back to start it up smoke came out of the air conditioner vent .
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Smoke Has Entered The Vehicle through the vents due to leaves and debris getting into the front blower assembly. please describe. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Replace Blower 4 Different Times, due to clicking noise, no fire. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Strong Burning Smell When Blower is on. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 There Was Smoke Coming From the ventilation . tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 When Using One Of Adjustments for blower, owner noticed burning smell. please describe details. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Notice Burning Smell Coming From vents, when air conditioner turned on, due to leaf trapped in blower. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 On Several Occasions Owner Has experienced a burning smell coming through vent system. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Owner Has Wxperienced On Several occasions the smell in the vehicle; the problem has been pinpointed to the vent system as the source of
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 On (3) Occasions, Owner has noticed burning smell when first purchased using a/c. please describe details. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Pe-95-037 Active, Fan Blower motor replace, smeel of burning plastic. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Pe95-037 Active, When Air condition is on smell of burning out of the fan blower. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 The Vehicle Caught On Fire from trash getting into the vent and blower. please describe. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Smells Like Rubber Burning In the passenger compartment. tt
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 The Aa/c Evaporator Hose Ia a metal condenser unit, a plastic hose put a hole into the evaporator, causing freon to leak inside
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Replaced A/c Fan. *ak
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Leaves Collection Inside Air Conditioner blower motor. resulting vehicle fire. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Toxic Fumes Coming From Cooling system vents since dec. 10th manufacturer offer no assistance. tt
MERCURY SABLE 1990 A/c Compressoer Locked At 39, 000 miles. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Electrical Failures Have Caused short circuit in both driver's side and passenger's side windows, and rear driver's side and passenger
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Air Conditioner Switch That Controled heating air malfunctioned, and it melted, exposing a positive terminal. this could
MERCURY SABLE 1992 While Driving Air Conditioner Went out & started to make welling noises. would blow cold air. took vehicle to mechanic & informed consumer
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Discharge Line To Air Conditioner was not installed correctly. it came loose & released freeon into atmosphere of vehicle. independent inspector had check
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1991 While Driving With air conditioning on a burning smell and smoke came through the vents. this could have started
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Vehicle Taken To Be Serviced, due to air conditioner not blowing cold air. mechanic at the dealer checked the engine and said
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Consumer States Husband Was Driving down road with air conditioning on, it seized and caught fire. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 Rubber Vacuum Hose Rubs Against air conditoner, causing spillage of freon. *ak *slc
MERCURY SABLE 1988 The Rear Sub-frame Bolt Came out and caused the engine to fall onto the steering and the driver lost control of the steering.
MERCURY SABLE 9999 Faulty Cooling Fan Causing A/c to malfunction.*et
MERCURY SABLE 9999 Cooling Fan Is Faulty, causing the air conditioner to malfunction. *slc
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Msty Odor Is Coming From the air conditioner condenser coil. water accumulates and algae is growing. occupants experience headaches after use
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 Ford Says The Starter Switch has been replaced once under the starter switch recall. they say they will not replace the switch again.
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 When I Drove My Car to work it seemed fine. when i got into the car after work i idled really rough i thought
MERCURY SABLE 1993 The Transmission Is Just One of the problems we have had with this car.the air conditioning never worked very well. december 1998 the
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Both Of These Problems Appear to be a mfg flaw and are very common. ford is doing nothing to fix. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Heads Went Bad At 56, 000 new raditor air conditioner in shop 4 times melted pieaces in my hoses, switch whole system over and
MERCURY SABLE 1993 The Premature Failure Of The head gaskets at 60,000 miles is typical of the failures on outher recalled model years and is a result
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Problem #1. A/c stopped working. dealer diagnosed problem to leaking tubing to rear a/c unit; replaced 05/23/00. problem
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1991 The Modulator Vavle Went Out and i was told the evaporator also had to be replaced. i just wondered if others had had a/c
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 This Complaint Is In Regards to nhtsa campaign id number 95v222000 and mfg. campaign no. 95s27. i had the required recall
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 Lots Of Promblems
MERCURY SABLE 1993 1. Head Gasket Failure at highway speed, engine coolant found in exhaust system, damage is being evaluated. 2. air compressor
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 There Is A Current Recall campaign #96v253003 date: 08/17/98 for this vehicle, which describes the problem exactly, but ford says my specific vehicle
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 My Mechanic Was Fixing The front manifold gasket problem, when he took it for a test drive, the rear manifold gasket went.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 The Windshield Wiper Does Not function on command but may work or not the air conditioner failure stopped the engine and
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Please Note That This Safety defect involves a sudden and unexpected failure of air condition pipes/hoses. this can cause a potentially life threatening
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 There Is A Design Flaw in the coolant tube. the oem tube is insulated with foam, but the ends are not enclosed.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 In 98 We Took This car in for an ignition switch recall when we returned home the switch refused to allow us to turn it
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Replaced A/c System, And system still not functional related to build up in system that is unable to be flushed due to epa standards.
MERCURY SABLE 1991 The Ford/mercury A/c High Pressure manifold passenger side hose is lower than the cars frame and body, which easily catches on objects in the
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Complete Failure Of Air Conditioner; needs new compressor. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Vehicle Was Bought New By owner's mother, when air conditioner failed, and mercury did not feel problem was due to engine mounts,
MERCURY MARQUIS 1995 Air Conditioning Failed.
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 Air Conditioner Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Consumer States That The Air conditioner failed. *slc
MERCURY VILLAGER 9999 Air Conditioner System Failed. nlm
MERCURY SABLE 1993 R & R A/c Lines and coolant hose failed. nlm
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Assembly Replaced. mjs
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Compressor And Condenser Failed Causing the air conditioner to blow warm air. nlm
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Air Conditioner Manifold High Pressure hose is too long resulting in damage/cut in hose from rubbing against road surface. mjs
MERCURY SABLE 1993 On Three Occasions The Air conditioner unit (evaporator) was leaking, due to failure. *yc
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Disc Brake Rotors Warped With very low milage. air conditioner motor chirps and has to be replaced approximately every six months.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 A/c Compressor Failed.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1987 O Rings On The A/c system failed causing leakage.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Air Conditioner Accumulator, Compressor and condensor failed.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 A/c/heater Control Assembly Failed.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Air Conditioning Unit Failure.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Failed Due To faulty manifold and hose leaking.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner System Failure.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 A/c Valves Leaking Freon.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioning Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Hoses In The Air Conditioning system leak freon.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioning Manifold Rusted.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Failed.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1993 Air Conditioner Switch Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Owner Spends An Exhorbitant Amount of money to keep freon in the vehicle. service technicians stated that the poor design of snap fit
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Paint On Hood, Trunk lid and roof has discolored severly.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Failed Due To rust and design flaw.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 A/c Blows Warm Air Due to failure of the manifold line accumulator.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 A/c Hose Failed
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1985 Air Conditioner Pump Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Water Collects Under Part And it corrodes. dealer cannot keep part stocked due to demand.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 A/c Manifold Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Air Conditioner Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Motor Mounts Failed. Also, air conditioner hose inoperative. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed, because the factory did not install a large enough clutch for the compressor.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1995 A/c Compressor Failed.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1994 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 The Air Conditioner Failed Prior to the recall.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 A/c Fan Motor Inoperative.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Air Conditioner Coil Leaks.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Air Conditioner Leaks.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Replaced O Rings And Freon seal.
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed Three times.
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 Wire Rubbing Against A/c Evaporator created a pin hole which allowed fluid to leak. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Air Conditioner Hoses Leak. *dh
MERCURY TOPAZ 1990 Air Conditioner Clutch Failed.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1990 Air Conditioner Evaporator Failed.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1985 Air Conditioner Evaporator Failed.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed. *dh
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Air Conditioner 'o' Rings Failed.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Air Conditioner Evaporator Deodorized Due to odor. *sd
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Air Conditioner Failed Four Times, once due to compressor, once due to a switch, and twice due to vacuum lines.
MERCURY SABLE 1987 A/c Failure.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Air Conditioner Climate Control Inoperative. *sd
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Air Conditioner Gets Clogged With debris, from air intake, which causes fire. *dsh
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Air Conditioner Motor Sends acid burning odor through vents. *sd
MERCURY COUGAR 1988 Air Conditioner Hose Broke.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Air Conditioner Failed. *sd
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1983 Defective Air Conditioner Compressor.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 A/c And Heater Blower Motor smoked/replaced twice.*sd
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Noisy A/c Fan.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Air Conditioner Failed.
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Replaced Leaking A/c Evaporator.
MERCURY LYNX 1986 Air Condtioner Failed To Cool.
MERCURY TRACER 1988 A/c Fails Annually.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Water Leaks Inside Vehicle Flooding floor boards when a/c is used. *aw
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Air Conditioner Acculumator Installed Due a/c blowing warm air. *sd
MERCURY VILLAGER 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 mercury villager. the contact stated that the ventilation blower would not emit air or heat when the air
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that there is no air conditioning filter for the air vents in
MERCURY SABLE 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mercury sable. the contact stated that the heating and air conditioning failed in her vehicle. the
MERCURY SABLE 2001 03/12/08 - Auto Temperature Control does not work. a/c does not work and blows constant hot air. car has been serviced
MERCURY SABLE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 mercury sable. the fan motor chirped when the fan was activated. the dealer stated that the
MERCURY TRACER 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mercury tracer. the contact stated while driving 45 mph, she lost control of the vehicle and drove
MERCURY SABLE 2001 First The Front Passenger Side leaked water during rain storms. i had that fixed last fall. now the a/c blower motor needs
MERCURY SABLE 2001 Re:previous Repair Ted Russell invoice # f1cs560238 dated: 1/19/2007 malfunctions that started february 28, 2007 are same as previously stated in
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2005 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 2005 mercury mountaineer. on 11/20/06 the contact's heater on/off switch wouldn't allow her to turn
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 2003 Mercury Mountaineer Transmission Made a clunking sound, slid backwards and forwards while shifting into reverse. a/c blower motor made a humming sound.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Of The Many Problems I've had since purchasing this vehicle, the latest takes the cake. here's the skinny of all my problems,
MERCURY SABLE 2002 1. Driving In Hot weather 2. a/c and fans inoperable, slight smell of smoke 3. replace fan motor,
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 Dt: The Contact Had to replace fuses approximately every three to four days. the dealer said it may be the clock
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 Dt: Consumer Stated: It Was night, cold outside, and while driving smelled burning rubber. pulled over, turned off the
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Sudden Flow Of Very Hot air form the air vents. *bf the problem happened when the air condition was off and the
MERCURY TOPAZ 1992 This Vehicle Is Not Covered under recall# 96v071000 concerning electrical system: ignition switch. ignition switch must be maneuvered for some electrical system
MERCURY COUGAR 1989 The Consumer Has Experienced A rereated brake problem; when slightly pressing the brake pedal to slow down, during high/low speeds, city/highway driving,

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