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19 Mar

MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Purchased Truck New, There is an electrical problem, sometimes cd is playing in go off mode, heat switch is off when driving
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 Vehicle Was Parked, Under the dash compartment fire, electrical short, interior completely burned. *ak

MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1995 The Vehcle Has Had Four electronic problems. the dash started smoking. the interior lights went out, the headlights went out twice.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Vehicles Electrical System Caused Windows not to open and caused failure with radio, locks, etc. tt
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 1) Electrical System Fails With erratic operation of lights and severe stalling. 2) brake system fails with pedal going to floor. unable to
MERCURY COUGAR 1990 Electrical System Malufunction Causing The odometer reading to be inadequate. tt
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1991 Electrical System Malfunction, Power windows and doors not functioning. tt
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Remote Entry Control, Panic alarm, automatic door locks, 4-way flashers and automatic truck control failed. the above conditions have caused unsafe
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 A Light Came On, on the dash board. then i shut off the engine and opened the hood. the cooling fan
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 Electrical System Shorted Out, causing hazard lights/ interior lights on door, and windshield wipers to work intermittently. consumer has
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 Head Control Module Wire Harness in back of the dash panel burned up. wires were completely melted. *ak several
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While Driving Vehicle Would Not pick up speed. later, it would kick in, and suddenly accelerate. took to transmission mechanic,
MERCURY SABLE 1997 While Driving, Power Steering, power windows, and radio will quit working , consumer can hear a clicking sound under dash,
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 Intermittently When It Is Raining there is a total loss of electrical power and engine quits. vehicle has been seen since
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 There Is An Electrical Problem that caused all interior lights and brake lights to dim. dealer has been contacted.
MERCURY SABLE 1996 Electrical System Malfunctioned Without warning, causing power steering/ brakes/dash, and lights to fail. dealer has not seen vehicle. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1999 While Driving On I-95 Started rain/downpour tried to turn on the windshield wipers and they would not work, then the lights
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Electrical Light Continues To Illuminate while the vehicle is in motion. dealer has inspected the vehicle several times, and the
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Whenever Vehicle Is Startd, the abs light would be flashing & finally stay on. has taken to dealer & informed by mechanic
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Electrical System Failed, causing engine check light/ air bag sensor light to came on/ sun visor light/ electricak windows & inner
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Consumer Has Been Having Electrical problems/failures with power seat and other elements on the vehicle. *ak
MERCURY MARQUIS 1996 When Applying The Brakes They went straight to the floorboard. also, the window gears broke and have been replaced. but the problem
MERCURY COUGAR 1998 While Driving The Vehicle stalled and lost all power, which almost caused an accident. dealer cannot determine problem. please
MERCURY SABLE 1994 While Driving At Night For a while, the headlights would go out. interior panel lights on all the time. rear lights keep
MERCURY SABLE 1996 When The Gear Shift Indicates the vehicle is in drive, reverse or overdrive the power steering almost goes completely out and the vehicle loses
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 When Drivng In Rainy Weather conditions or driving over water on the pavement the vehicle will lose all power steering ability and the eletrcial system
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While Driving At Highway Speed the electrical system shut off, causing owner to lose control of components. consumer states that she has
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Electrical System Is Messing Up, the windshield wipers don't work half of the time, half of the tiime the electricl system does not
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Vehicle Caught Fire And Bured bumper to bumper. fire dept. told consumer that it was an eletrical fire. *ak
MERCURY LYNX 1986 Alternator Wiring Harness Has Caught on fire twice, once while driving and the second time while parked. please describe details.
MERCURY SABLE 1998 While Exiting Vehicle After Driving for about twenty minutes, vehicle caught fire. cause is unknown. there were no warning.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2003 Dashboard Control Panel Is Total darkness radio, cd, clock, poor illumination. dealer has been notified. please provide further information.
MERCURY MARQUIS 2000 Consumer States The Lights On the inside of vehicle illuminated and would not go off till hours later. one month ago the headlights
MERCURY SABLE 2001 Electrical System Shut Down, loses all power. *ak the auto has accelerated on numerous occasions while stopped in traffic.
MERCURY SABLE 2001 When At A Complete Stop vehicle will suddenly accelerate without applying gas.*ak a/c shut down while traveling. consumer unable to start
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Intermittently Steering In Any Direction causes vehicle to stall. no indication lights illuminate on dashboard. vehicle will restart after stalling. there
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Consumer Was Driving And The car felt like it was going to fade, took vehicle to dealer, dealer indicated
MERCURY SABLE 1987 While Driving Light For driver's door will illuminate. driver's side door will then unlock on its own. cause of problem
MERCURY SABLE 1989 When Entering Mall Vehicle Shut off. several minutes later vehicle caught fire without key in ignition. delaware county fire dept says fire wasn't
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Vehicle Was Unoccupied When Fire broke out and dash illuminated, vehicle completely shut down, fire department investigation stated that fire was caused by
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1997 Each Time The Pasenger Side sun visor is pulled down the fuse #8 blows out, this causes loss of power to digital electronic dash
MERCURY TOPAZ 1993 Electric System Failure, Causinhg power windows/doors to malfunction. also abs make metal to metal grinding noises.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 I Have Not Expierenced A failure to my car (except that the drive train had to be replaced before 50,000 miles). i am
MERCURY SABLE 2000 This Vehicle Has Had Emission, mechanical, and electrical problems . this is primarily emission issues between the check engine's and the
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 5 Months After Purchasing This cougar, there was a huge power steering leak. called around for someone to fix it, but
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Computer At Mechanic Show Major electrical system defects-it appears that many people are experiencing this as a major problem with this car and ford contour.
MERCURY TRACER 1995 When I Bought The Mercury tracer back in 1996, i was very excited, but after the first year of owning the vehicle there
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 Lights Flickering, Loss Of electrical power, alternator needs replacement part, emission system malfunction, malfunctioning ignition. received poor service from
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 Lights Flicker, Then Loses electrical power. alternator, 2 batteries, wiper motor, sensor, windshield (stress crack from bottom) replaced.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Problem Is Unrecognizable To Dealer and is a safety hazard on the road. they think it is an electrical problem. basically they
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Faulty Engine Compartment Design - allows alternator and electrical system to shut down when vehicle is driven through as little as 3-4 inches of
MERCURY SABLE 1996 When The Gear Shift Indicates the vehicle is in drive, reverse or overdrive the power steering almost goes completely out and the vehicle loses
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Thats It The Transmission Went out at 45,000, the wheel bearing went out soon after purchased, the interior electrical went out soon
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Car's Warning Light Stayed On constantly, took in first time was told electricle wiring, had taken in 4 more times then break lights
MERCURY SABLE 1995 I'm Concerned About Electrical Shorts and radiator failures in just four years, ford no help even with an esp
MERCURY TRACER 1997 The Airbag Light Illuminated, and the vehicle began smoking and then caught on fire.*jb(claim#18-0629-945)
MERCURY TRACER 1997 While Getting Out Of Vehicle, consumer noticed that the battery light had illuminated, the next day he found that the dash area of
MERCURY TRACER 1997 Consumer Smelled Smoke And Then the dash lights, tail lights, and park lights went out, appears partial fire started in front of
MERCURY TRACER 1997 Air Bag Light Illuminated, vehicle started smoking and caught on fire, claim 18-0629-945. *slc
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 The Keyless Entry System Is inoperative, when entering the code for the keyless entry the doors will unlock then lock again, when the
MERCURY SABLE 1992 The Engine Would Not Shut off and the dealer had to disconnect the battery to stop the engine, other times the ignition does not
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1999 After The Consumer Drove Over a cattle guard the inertia switch activated causing the vehicle to come to a sudden stop. nlm
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Vehicle Is Experiencing Many Electrical problems, a mechanic stated in order to fix all the problems, the electrical harness and fire wall harness
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Vehicle Has Experienced Some Electrical problems, consumer states the power windows and radio failed at the same time, a sizzling noise could be
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Since Ownership Of The Vehicle it has been experiencing problems continually, within the first three months the vehicle was towed on two occasions because
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Electrical System Problems, Radiator light on, the air bag light blinking, engine misfire light blinking, alarm system going off and not
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Vehicle Was Brought In For electrical problems several times. *slc
MERCURY SABLE 1998 The Vehicle Is Experiencing An electrical problem, the radio has been replaced 2 times because of a short, the battery is draining causing
MERCURY COUGAR 1997 The Consumer Notice Little By little the lights stoped working,there is little evidence of a fire/burning, however owner does not know when or
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Vehicle Experienced Electrical Failures Prior to recall notice (99v-103), which were related to recall component and caused burning of wiring. mjs
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Weatherproof Covering Over Electrical Connector that controls abs and traction control circuits gets wet causing the abs and traction control lights to illuminate.
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Electrical System. Driver is shocked each time he exits the vehicle.
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Fuel Fumes Are In The passenger compartment if more than eight gallons of fuel are in the tank.
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Speedometer Cables Makes Noise As it turns and the needle shakes.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1997 Electrical Problems.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Complete Electrical System Failure.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 While Driving Electrical System Will partially shut down.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Electrical System Failure, Resulting in clock, radio, and power window failure.
MERCURY COUGAR 1991 Electrical Short.
MERCURY TRACER 1992 Electrical System Short Caused Vehicle fire.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1990 Electrical System Continues To Fail, causing burning and smoking at the harness area resulting in damaging other components.
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Electrical Short, Causing Fire. *sd
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Clock Radio Shorts Out When headlights are turned on.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Electrical Resistance Caused Leaves Which had accumulated in a/c evaporator to catch fire. *aw
MERCURY MARQUIS 1994 Tl-the Contact Owns A 1994 mercury marquis. the contact stated that she was informed that her vehicle was on fire. the contact notified
MERCURY MARINER 2005 Car Accelerated As I Tried to stop. then when i tried to go, i pressed the gas and it would not go but
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 I Drive On The Highway from to work. during the winter months, it is dark at 6 am. this morning, as
MERCURY MONTEGO 2006 When Driving The Car Comes to a sudden stop and only allows me to go 20-25 mph. very unsafe. i was on the
MERCURY MARINER 2008 While Pulling Away From A stop light ,an attempt to make a right turn was made. in the middle of the turn,
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Exterior Lights Not Working , replaced brand new and shut off again causing car to lock itself in park
MERCURY MARINER 2009 While Driving The Vehicle's Dash lights and head lamps go black for 2-5 minutes before coming back on. my car was taken to the
MERCURY SABLE 2008 The Information Center At The instrument cluster failed. no information shows. checked website, it appears that this problem is
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2006 While Driving, Dome Light illuminated and driver's seat moved to farthest position back as if exiting the vehicle. this problem is happening
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2004 While Driving At Night Just prior to entering i-77 in columbia sc my headlights went off without warning. i could only keep them on
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2008 If I Hit A Bump or pothole while driving, the driver's seat moves to the easy exit position the dome lights come on.
MERCURY MARINER 2008 Over The Last Couple Weeks we have experienced a loss of power steering and an increasingly severe "shaking" of our steering wheel when it is
MERCURY MILAN 2008 While Pulling Out Of A parking lot into the street, the electronic throttle body failed, putting the car into a "safe mode" with
MERCURY MILAN 2010 The Exact Incident Date Is unknown. the right tail/brake light does not function at all and the left tail/brake light burns very bright
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 The Headlights Turn Off Randomly. the running lights stay on but the normal headlights will go off randomly and then come back on several
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 While Driving The Vehicle,suddenly the headlights went out. i parked for a while, then i turned it on and the lights came
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 Similar To Events As Published in nhtsa action number pe08066, i was driving on the interstate at night and the headlights suddenly went dark.
MERCURY SABLE 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 mercury sable. the contact stated that the dome light would activate independently and only turn off only when
MERCURY MARINER 2005 Anti Theft Dash Light Comes on solid for 2 or 3 seconds. engine loses power. after 2 or 3 seconds,
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2003 Headlights Went Off While Driving.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that the climate control dial failed and as a result he was
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2003 Driving Down The Road And the headlights went out. all other lights work fine, but the headlights work intermittently. i have to
MERCURY COUGAR 1990 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1990 mercury cougar. the contact stated smoke emitted from underneath the hood when the engine was turned on and
MERCURY SABLE 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 mercury sable. the contact stated that the alarm system and interior lights would activate independently and recurringly.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 The Low Beam Headlights Failed while driving at various speeds without warning. i was forced to drive with the high beams illuminated. this
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Driving About 40 miles per hour and then all of the sudden the car stop working properly. the wrench lit up on
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Advancetrac And Power Steering Warning lights came on; lost all power steering. this is the third occurrence of the same problem.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2004 While Driving Down The Street under normal conditions at night, my headlights went out unexpectedly. they would not turn back on,
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2004 I Was Traveling Down The highway at 55 when i noticed my headlights were not reflecting off the road signs. i pulled over and
MERCURY MILAN 2010 On 5 Different Occasions During the past week while driving between 70 and 80 mph on the freeway the vehicle stalled and went into limp
MERCURY MARINER 2010 I Have Been Having A problem with my 2010 mercury mariner for over a month. it is stalling out at random times and
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 Lights Went Off While Driving at night. *tr
MERCURY MONTEREY 2004 In Early 2012 Both Brake lights on dash would come on sporadically while driving.then came on more frequently. soon the battery light started
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2008 The Issue Started Out While we were driving; the seat would move to the easy exit feature and the dome lights would come on
MERCURY SABLE 2008 On Thursday Around 11:30 Pm, on sept.12, 2013, while my 77 year old mother slept her 2008, mercury sable premier
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2008 There Is A Recurring Problem that the seat will automatically go into the "easy exit" position. this is not a problem for me as
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Traveling At A high rate of speed (70mph) when my engine began to "stall out" on me causing a rapid deceleration. i
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2007 Apparently There Have Been A lot of issues with the thermostat housing leaking fluid into the electrical system causing it to short out.
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Turned The Corner Today and my car suddenly lost power and sputtered and was difficult to steer. i managed to roll to the
MERCURY MILAN 2010 When Driving At Any Speed and unexpectedly, the car loses power and there is no warning this is going
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2004 While Driving Pa Turnpike Headlights cut off with no warning or any"flickering",replace,bulbs & fuses. didn't help.. the headlights would not
MERCURY MARINER 2009 My Mercury Mariner 2009 has had issues for the past year in regards to the vehicle unexpectedly goes into "limp home mode" at reduced
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Intermittent Problem Which Occurred At variable speeds (25 mph, 40 mph, 60 mph) with rapidly increasing frequency in the week before the throttle
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Driving Approx 60 mph on a highway. my car "jerked" forward once, and i completely lost the ability to accelerate.
MERCURY MONTEGO 2005 Vehicle Was Started First Thing in morning and driven approximately 25' when the transmission seemed to disengage and warning lights came on. car remained
MERCURY MILAN 2010 When The Headlights Are On the brake lights do not work. when the headlights are off the brake lights work. when you
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 Faulty Ignition Switch Causing Shorts and sparks. effecting turn signals, blower motor and other elc. ford advised me
MERCURY MONTEREY 2005 It Was Raining And My vehicle kept going into neutral and stalling. i'd press the gas, nothing would happen.
MERCURY MONTEGO 2006 While Driving At Night, suddenly the instrument cluster gauges stopped working and when to zero value. they flickered momentarily and continued this for
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercury mountaineer. the contact stated that the driver┐s side seat independently engaged into the easy exit position as
MERCURY MARINER 2010 I Was Traveling Along, with my daughter in the car, when it seemed to just shut off. i was only going 40mph
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 I Was Driving Home On a dark country road with my granddaughter in the back who is 3 1/2. had the high beams on.
MERCURY MILAN 2008 Car Acted Like It Was about to running out of gas. i had about 1/4 tank of gas but went to fill the
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 mercury cougar. the contact stated that while driving approximately 40 mph, the engine stalled without warning.
MERCURY MARINER 2011 I Was Driving 65 Mph on the freeway when my engine stalled. i costed to the side, turned off my car,
MERCURY MARINER 2005 On August,2013 I Went got my vehicle smoged . it passes good. then the next day i see engine light
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2004 While Driving Home With My wife and granddaughter my wipers started to go on in delay mood and my lights turned on.i was shocked
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Driving 55 Mph Car Powers down and yellow wrench warning light goes on. car will not accelerate. immediately pull over to prevent from
MERCURY MILAN 2011 I Was Driving Approx 25mph when my vehicle suddently started jerking back and forth, there was no acceleration, and the wrench light came
MERCURY MILAN 2011 Driving At Highway Speed, i lost the ability to use the throttle. the engine ran, but did not respond to the pedal.
MERCURY SABLE 2002 Doors Lock And Unlock While driving. horn alarm goes off when car is parked. warning light for open doors when doors are closed.
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Car Would Occasionally Stall, then restart. would become more frequent over time until car would stall after only driving a block.
MERCURY MARINER HYBRID 2008 Around Oct 2009. My sensor went bad and had to be replaced then again in october 2010 or 2011 with around 60000 miles going
MERCURY MILAN 2010 While Driving Home From Work on the highway at 65mph my car just stopped throttling and lost power dropping me to like 5mph the lil
MERCURY MILAN 2011 Driving Down A Busy Road and car went into limp mode, gas pedal not responding. almost got rearended because the car slowed
MERCURY MARINER 2010 I Had Just Gotten Back from a long trip, and was stopped at a red light - i barely accelerated once it turned green,
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Electronic Throttle Body Failed As i was driving on the interstate. car lost all throttle control, idled down to 1000 rpm,
MERCURY MARINER 2011 On June 6th, Is as going approximately 35 miles per hour when the car went into idle mode. i pulled to the
MERCURY MILAN 2010 #1:shortly After Purchasing The Milan the car began to just shut down while i was driving. i would have to coast to the side
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that the air conditioning system failed. the air conditioning would erroneously blow
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2009 I Had Checked The Tire pressures prior to a road trip and found them at 38 psi. i reset the pressures to the spec
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 I've Been Review This Site and see where several people are experiencing the same issues that i am having with my 2003 mountaineer.
MERCURY SABLE 2005 2005 Mercury Sable With Only about 60,000 miles car accelerates by itself nearly causing an accident. the acceleration is so
MERCURY MARINER 2010 I Purchased My 2010 Mariner 03/26/2013 from a local dealership. while driving at around 35 - 40 mph i noticed a grinding sound and
MERCURY MILAN 2011 I Was Driving On The interstate when the car suddenly stopped accelerating. a wrench appeared on the dashboard. i had to
MERCURY MARINER 2011 Needs A New Electric Throttle due to the same issues reported in previous complaints. exact issue referenced below. "in two recent complaints
MERCURY MILAN 2011 While We Were Driving The vehicle, the blower motor for the air conditioner shut itself off then came back on and it was blowing
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that the air conditioning unit failed and would only emit air from
MERCURY MILAN 2007 I Won A 2007 Mercury milan with a 3.0l dohc motor. i was turning onto the road i live on, started to
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Electronic Throttle Body Stuck Open and vehicle went into "limp mode". i was forced to coast to the side of the road, and
MERCURY MARINER 2010 Description Was Mad With Complaint no. 10525937 i had entered the wrong type vehicle. *tr
MERCURY MARINER 2010 My Daughter Was Traveling In louisiana on business, when for no reason the suv stopped on the interstate she phoned me in tears
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 mercury cougar. the contact stated that the vehicle was previously included in and repaired under nhtsa campaign id
MERCURY MARINER 2005 I Was Driving To Work and my head lights went off. i have paid 3 different mechanics to fix this problem and it has
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Brake Lights Will Not Operate when head lights are on. this problem could have been defective when car was purchased. my dad is
MERCURY MARINER 2010 Car Went Into 'limp Mode" at about 25 mph and the orange wrench warning light came on. had to stop, turned off
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Commuting Home From Work The gas pedal became unresponsive, the entire began running very rough, and the red wrench symbol illuminated on my
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Driving On Freeway When Vehicle acceleration became unresponsive. pulled over to the side of the freeway and could tell engine was still running but
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Driving About 45 mph and felt a jerk motion and lost engine responses to gas pedal. the check engine and the
MERCURY MILAN 2010 While Traveling At A Speed of 70mph an heading south on i69 in my 2010 mercury milan 2.5l premier, my vehicle jerked and
MERCURY MILAN 2007 Incident Occurred As Driver Of mercury milan 2007 awd premier vehicle was driving on the highway at a speed of around 50-45mph. the car
MERCURY MILAN 2010 While Driving, The Car loses power. it is dangerously crippled as it has to be stopped completely and put in the park
MERCURY MILAN 2010 While Driving On A Country road at 50 mph on mon. may 27th, the car seemed to stall, the gas pedal didn't
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Started The Car And it would not move. it was in "limp mode'. i finally got it to where it would move
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Driving When All of a sudden the engine shut down leaving me stranded. didn't want to take any chances so
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 mercury milan. the contact stated while driving approximately 45 mph the vehicle began to vibrate. the vehicle
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that while driving approximately 70 mph, the vehicle stalled. the
MERCURY MARINER 2011 Vehicle Traveling At 70 Mph on interstate engine quit and loss of steering and control. pulled over re started happened again. and
MERCURY MILAN 2010 The First Incident Occurred When i was driving down the road with the cruise control at about 60 mph and the car would jerk and
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Last Year, I Was driving down the interstate when a police man pulled me over. he told me that my tail light was
MERCURY MILAN 2010 While Commuting To Work On the highway, the engine started bucking and hesitating, then went into an idle. i was able to
MERCURY MILAN 2010 On Or About 5/20/2013 I noticed a taillight and brake light failure on the right rear taillight assembly. i looked in the
MERCURY MILAN 2011 Vehicle Lost All Power And rpm dropped below 1000, engine would not respond to accelerator depression. the check engine light came on
MERCURY MILAN 2006 Put My Car Into Park and my key refused to come out of the ignition. i tried numerous times to put my car
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 Head Lamps Go Out Or fail to come on. *tr
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2005 I Was Returning Home With my wife from a trip to charleston, sc, at about 10:00 pm, driving at 60 mph,
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Approximately One Year Ago, while driving at highway speed on a three lane interstate, my car stalled. i was able to
MERCURY MILAN 2010 This Is The First Time this has happened but it happened twice in the same day. when driving the vehicle we experienced the "limp
MERCURY MILAN 2010 Driving At 45mph On Road, maintaining constant speed, car goes into limp mode, no throttle control. wrench light comes on.
MERCURY MARINER 2009 This Is The Fourth Time since purchasing the car at carmax in october 2012 that the car has "shut off" without warning at low speed
MERCURY MONTEREY 2005 Multiple Times Loss Of Power and ability to drive. rpm's jumped all over and vehicle would stall or not start at all. in
MERCURY MILAN 2010 I Was Driving Going About 20mph and the vehicle would stall. once i stopped again and tried to accelerate the wrench tool symbol appeared
MERCURY MONTEGO 2007 This Is The 3rd Headlamp assembly that's been replaced on the car, the bulb keeps melting. i've contacted ford & they say
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 I Was Entering Onto A parkway at 05:30 hours, day-break, when my headlights shut off. i turned the on/off switch, flicked
MERCURY MILAN 2011 I Had Just Pulled Out of my driveway, pushed on the gas, and the car started sputtering and jerking and came to a
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1994 I Was Driving My 1994 mercury grand marquis gs home from work one night around 12:00 am and i experienced total lighting failure. all