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16 Mar

MERCURY SABLE 1990 Caught On Fire Under The hood and while trying to get out of the car door would not open. please describe
MERCURY COUGAR 1987 After Parking, Moments Later found flames shooting from under hood, engine caught fire for no apparent reason. *ak

MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1984 Drove 5 Miles, Shut off engine, returned within 5 to 6 minutes, flames were coming up from underhood in area of windshield,
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Vehicle Caught On Fire Underhood while parked, according to insurance co, could have started from alternator or leaking power steering fluid.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1984 While Driving, Flames Started shooting out from underhood; driver got out, started running, turned around, vehicle blew up; vehicle
MERCURY SABLE 1990 305 621 3969: While Parked, smoke/flames started coming from underhood; cause unkown; vehicle totaled. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1987 After Parking Moment Later Noticed smoke coming from under the hood. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 The Vehicle Was Being Driven when it burst into flames between the windsheild and the hood. please describe. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 While Vehicle Parked In Garage with no key in switch, can hear loud buzzing noise coming from underhood lasting for 15 minutes, then
MERCURY MARQUIS 1983 While Driving, Vehicle Caught on fire under the hood. please describe. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1991 While Parked In Front Of home, owner heard explosion sound; came out to check; vehicle was engulfed with flames inside and outside,
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1984 Parked Vehicle, Smoke Started to come from underneath the hood. resulting in vehicle fire by firewall near the motor.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 The Front Wiring In The fuel pump was rubbing the fuel tank causing an electrical short fire .please describe. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 Fire Erupted Under Hood While driving; detected extreme amount of fumes; stopped vehicle, shut off ignition; flames burst out with loud
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Electrical System Fire, Engine compartment fire. tt
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Fire Under The Hood. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Vehicle Parked With Engine Running fire developed under the hood. tt
MERCURY SABLE 1989 While Driving Vehicle And Parked with engine off, engine compartment fire, under hood, electrical short, will provide more information.
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Engine Compartment Fire, Possible caused by an electrical system failure. tt
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 When Started Vehicle, It began to smoke; when hood was lifte it was still smoking. tt
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Smoke Started Coming From Underhood; underhood became engulfed with flames according to fire dept, could have been caused by fuel leak. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Car Started Smoking Heard A pop and vehicle burst into flames underneath the hood. tt
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While Driving About 10-20 Mph noticed smoke from under the hood. she pulled over and saw flames. fire department put out fire.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1991 Consumer Was Driving About A quarter of a mile when smoke started to come from engine. consumer pulled over and vehicle caught
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 Consumer Had Received Recall 99v703000 notice before on wiring harness failure that afected headlights. problem had happened again. but,
MERCURY TRACER 1997 While Driving Engine Check Light illuminated. all wires under hood burned out, cause unknown. please give any further
MERCURY SABLE 1998 Vehicle Caught On Fire while driving at approximately 65 mph. consumer was able to pull vehicle over and exit it
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 There Was A Recall for wiring harness. wiring harness shorted out whole brake light system. dealer only replaced wiring
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While Traveling At 30mph Temperature gauge went to hot, and vehicle completely died. rep at dealership had vehicle towed to dealer, and
MERCURY SABLE 1995 While Driving, Front Coil springs broke, causing front end of the vehicle to drop. *ak lower rear subframe mount plate
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Wiring Harness Burned, Causing a small fire. dealer has replaced wiring harness.*ak
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Vehicle Caught On Fire due to the fuel rail injectors bursting and causing fuel to leak into engine. vehicle suffered
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 1. Part Within Transmission was missing 2. faulty airbag sensor is blinking indicating a defect 3.wiring harness melted,
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Heater Blower Switch Is Blowing out, and blower does not work. also, consumer found wiring harness burned up underneath engine.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 While Drying Vehicle After Washing it at carwash noticed smoke from under hood. lifted hood & electrical wires were on fire. had
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1998 Consumer Had Just Turned Off the highway and was traveling on a dirt road when vehicle jerked to right and then rolled over.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 As Consumer Was Driving at highway speed vehicle suddenly started to accelerate . she applied brakes to bring the vehicle
MERCURY SABLE 1997 While Driving Transmission Completely malfunctioned, cause unknown. also tachometer needle registering too high, smoke coming from under the hood,
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Transmission Went Out While Driving at 50 mph without prior warning, causing vehicle to stall and shut off completely. also, there
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 While Consumer Was Driving At 45 mph the headlights went out without prior warning. also, consumer noticed some smoke
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 While Going 35mph Air Conditioner blew out. smelled like a fire. had thought it was blower motor & brought one from dealer.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 After Turning The Key In the ignition switch for the second time there was an explosion under the hood. the entire engine compartment caught
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Vehicle Is Accelerating Slowly. took car to the dealer for a tune up, and was told exposed wiring from the transmission harness causes
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 While Driving The Vehicle There was a fire under the hood area. this happened without warning. dealer could not determine what caused the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1998 While Parked Smoke Came From under the hood. the fire department opended the hood and the vehicle was engulfed in flames.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Car Was Parked Inside driveway and caught on fire in the hood, fire department was notified. *ak referenced
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Electrcial Harness Wiring Has No installation which could result in a fire, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1986 Vehicle Vibrates On Right Front end when brakes are applied. when brakes are let go, feels like they are grabbing. had stopped
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1987 Vehicle Parked For Sometime. started vehicle & was driving when odor of burning rubber was inside vehicle. had noticed smoke coming from
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 Wiring Harness Shorted Out, causing all lights inside vehicle, as well as tail lights and park lights to stay on.
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Wiring Harness In The Hatchback has shorted out, causing the brake and tail lights to be inoperative. dealer said it came from
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Vehicle Was Parked In The garage and the consumer noticed the vehicle was on started from under the hood. *ak
MERCURY TRACER 1991 Consumer Has Been Experiencing Problems with battery. when consumer started vehicle heard a ban, and saw smoke coming from the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 Location Of The Wiring Harness to the starter is all the way on the bottom, which is unprotected from water/dampness, etc,
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Battery Light Comes On Intermittently. during inspection dealer found nothing. dealer contacted again, states that the entire car needs to be rewired,
MERCURY SABLE 1989 The Vehicle Was Parked, and the driver noticed that the vehicle was smoking. driver called the fire department, and the steering
MERCURY TOPAZ 1991 Had Just Started Vehicle & left it parked & running. left for a moment. after returning, noticed flames around the edges of
MERCURY COUGAR 1990 While Vehicle Was Parked With the ignition off a fire started under the hood. this happened about 15 minutes after the vehicle had been
MERCURY SABLE 1991 When Starting The Vehicle Up, vehicle lost all power , smoke started coming up by windshield, when driver and passenger gotout
MERCURY TOPAZ 1989 15-20 Minutes After Parking The vehicle, the vehicle caught on fire under the hood. under investigations at this time. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Driving The Vehicle Noticed Smoke from under the hood, and opened the hood up and there was a fire in the engine compartment.
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Parked Vehicle Across Street Neighbor noticed smoke coming from underneath the hood, and the vehicelcaught fire.fireman wrote report up as engine fire,
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Under The Hood Compartment Fire, after vehicle was shut off the engine fan continued to run, electrical short, causing a fire.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 While Parking, Suddenly Heard load noise, then saw smoke coming from underhood, passerby saw that vehicle was on fire, moments
MERCURY LYNX 1986 While Parked Next To Garage, started up engine, left in park , returned, flames were shooting out from underhood, used
MERCURY SABLE 1989 While The Vehicle Was Parked it started smoking from under the hood and then went up in flames. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 While Vehicle Was Parked Engine compartment fire under the hood due to an electrical short. also, replaced the side view mirror
MERCURY SABLE 1996 After 10 Minutes Of Being parked the car caught on fire under the hood, under the battery. please describe in detail.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Faulty Wire Harness Shorted Out as vehicle warmed up, melted headlamp light switch, headlights go out while driving at night.*ak
MERCURY SABLE 1996 While Driving At 20 mph,vehicle caught on fire. consumer opened hood and fire was coming under the was notified.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 Consumer Lost Control At 35 mph on a gravel road, vehicle hit a tree, then bursted into flames. consumer suffered minor
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Consumer States That All Instrumental dash panel lights started flashing on and off. smoke came from under the hood, vehicle caught on fire.
MERCURY TRACER 1997 While Driving, A Wire harness fire occurred in the vehicle. dealer was notified, and a mechanic serviced the problem. however,
MERCURY MERCURY TRUCK 1995 While Traveling On Highway and without prior warning.smoke was coming inside and from underneath of vehicle. vehicle caught on fire
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While Driving And Without Warning vehicle caught on fire under the hood. dealership was notified, vehicle was serviced. however, vehicle was
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 With No Warning Wiring harness had snapped, causing vehicle not to run. cause unknown dealer notified.*ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 While Driving, Another Driver signaled consumer indicating there was a fire coming from under vehicle. consumer immediately pulled over, got out of
MERCURY TRACER 1994 While Parking Vehicle Started To smoke. vehicle bursted into flames underhood. completely destroying vehicle. please add vin. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1989 While Driving Vehicle Towards Work, noticed smoke in front, thought vehicle was overheating, brakes started failing, pulled vehicle over, lifted
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1994 There Was A Fire That started from driver's side engine compartment. contacted dealer, and the dealer was not willing to do anything.
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Auto Was Parked. Approximately one half later, according to the fire department report, a fire was reported coming from under the hood
MERCURY SABLE 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1988 Ford Says The Starter Switch has been replaced once under the starter switch recall. they say they will not replace the switch again.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 This Sensor Burnt Up (i. e. caught on fire but did not spread) and caused check engine light to come on. *ak
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1998 1998 Mercury Mountaineer Will Catch on fire in engine compartment. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 I Have Brought My Car back to the dealership 5 times and no repairs have changed the problems on my car - now i received
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Had Dealer Install Electronic Fuse module. noticed the three wires to the fan plug has exposed copper wire strands due to insulation heat
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 The Morning Of 12/12/00 I drove 25 miles to a meeting, met for 2 hours, returned to the car. it started fine,
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Vehecle Was Parked In An enclosed garage. fire/smoldering detected at about 0130. fire department responded and put the fire out.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 I Was Drying My Car off after washing it; the engine was off and the wiring under the hood just beyond the dash on
MERCURY SABLE 1996 I Really Need This Problem resolved its very dangerous i recently saw a recall section in the newspapers with this problem similar to mine something
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Vehicle Was On The Entrance ramp to a major highway when engine power was suddenly lost. car was restarted after a ten minute
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1998 After Replacing Several Components Of the electrical system including pcm, two power packs and a wire harness installed and the vehicle still does
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Battery Rubs Against Underhood Wiring causing short. 2 foot lenght of wire needed to fix is not a replacable part. entire distribution box
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 We Have Owned Said 1995 mercury for 2 years.we did not recieve any defect notification on wiring problems .all under hood wiring
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Underhood Fire Near Wiring Harness in center back of engine compartment near heater relay. *ak
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1998 After Driving 20 Min.on i-75 at 65mph the car was parked in a lot of a shopping mall. 1 minute later, the
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 The Other Problems, the trunk having water damage due to a severe leak, my electrical system is no good.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Dangerous Problem Plase Contact owner as soon al posible, 787-258-4177
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Wiring Harness Shorted Out. *ak
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Wiring Harness. Shorted Out. *ak
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Problem With Fan Motor Led to our taking vehicle into dealer. their inspection revealed severe deterioration to wiring harness insulation which service
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 At The Speed Of 55 mph the car shuts down in the rain or the transmisson slips in and out of gears. recently
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Fire Occured While Vehicle Was parked. would like someone to investigate. ford says they would not investigate and would not compensate for
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Consumer States There Was A recall regarding a wire harness (99mo3) and that ford never notifies its consumers of the problems. *slc
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Consumer Received Recall 99m03, however the wire harness and blower motor had been replaced prior to recall, dealer would not reimburse consumer for
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Engine Wiring Harness Caught Fire. *mjs
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Wires In The Harness Melted from the fuse to the trunk causing smoke to billow out of the car when the door was opened.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1998 Wiring Harness Under The Hood resulting in a fire.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Wiring Harness Dropped Onto Catalytic converter and melted down to raw wires.
MERCURY SABLE 1994 Wiring Harness Fire While Vehicle was parked. repair facility states this is a known defect.
MERCURY COUGAR 1991 Wiring Harness Not Protected Resulting in disintegration.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 Wiring Harness Failure Caused Fire.
MERCURY SABLE 1986 Electrical Fire At Main Wiring harness, while driving, consumer could smell smoke, later consumer saw smoke and dashboard lights went out and
MERCURY TOPAZ 1990 Electrical Fire In Wiring Harness to alternator. *sd
MERCURY TOPAZ 1988 Wiring Harness Under Hood Shorted, causing fire. *dh
MERCURY SABLE 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 mercury sable. the contact stated that there is a recall on the brake wire assembly (recall number 04s12).
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1996 Faulty Wiring Insulation Makes The car inoperable and dangerous to operate. *tr
MERCURY VILLAGER 1994 Electrical Fire, Vehicle Was turned off at time of fire. *jb
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1993 Tl* -the Contact Stated That after parking the 1993 mercury grand marquis the vehicle caught on fire under the drivers side portion of the
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1996 Vehicle Would Not Shift Out of park. inspected fuses and found blown 15 amp fuse. replaced and vehicle worked properly.
MERCURY MARQUIS 1994 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. the cruise control switch. my brake lights stopped working. a nice man pulled up next to me and
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2000 2000 Mercury Mountaineer 2wd. caught fire in a parking lot within a few minutes of turning off the ignition. sparks fell from under
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1994 Dt: The Contact Owns A 1994 mercury grand marquis. the contact stated that in may 2005 the vehicle caught on fire.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Ford Has Refused To Replace the wiring harness in my 1995 mercury mystique because: the extended warranty for this vehicle expired in jun 2005
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 The Majority Of The Insulation on the wiring of the engine compartment has become very brittle. whenever a wire is touched the
MERCURY COUGAR 1994 Dt: On 6/21/2005 While Driving at night in clear conditions on dry pavement the vehicle stalled and caught on fire. the speed was about
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 No Warning Beforehand, Car was destroyed by a fire that started in the left front engine area.
MERCURY TRACER 1994 While At A Stop A fire started under the hood. consumer pulled over, and the vehicle was totaled. dealership was notified,
MERCURY COUGAR 1997 While Vehicle Parked For 15 min,utes a fire started under the hood. the vehicle was totaled. dealership was notified, but did
MERCURY VILLAGER 1995 My 1995 Mercury Villager Van that i purchased 02-08-2004 (used, as is) from ace auto sales in mobile al. caught on fire on
MERCURY VILLAGER 1999 While Vehicle Was Parked Inside the parking lot it caught on fire driver was not hurt. fire department and police
MERCURY SABLE 2001 While Parked Vehicle Caught on fire underneath the hood. due to severe fire damage vehicle was totaled. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1994 Vehicle Was Parked In The driveway when it caught on fire from underneath the hood . the vehicle was totaled.*ak
MERCURY SABLE 2000 Loud Explosion Which Was Result of back fire blowing out upper intake manifold. this condition is adressed in ford owner notification 00b38 (affecting 2000
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 While The Vehicle Was Parked it caught 0n fire from underneath the hood area. *ak

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