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21 Oct

MERCEDES BENZ Vehicle Speed Control Cruise Control

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MERCEDES BENZ Vehicle Speed Control Cruise Control

190 MERCEDES BENZ 190 1987 Cruise Control Failed.
190 MERCEDES BENZ 190 1993 Speedometer Failure.
280 MERCEDES BENZ 280 1995 Idle Speed Control Unit Malfunctioned, causing vehicle to stall. tt
300E MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1999 While Driving With The Cruise control set to 72 mph consumer attempted to disengage the cruise control and vehicle took off like a jet.
320E MERCEDES BENZ 320E 2003 I Am Concerned That The arm for the crusie control is too close to the turn signal arm. several times a day i
320E MERCEDES BENZ 320E 2001 When Pressing Accelerator Pedal After coming to a complete stop, vehicle will not react until pedal is 1/4 to 1/2 depressed. then,
380 MERCEDES BENZ 380 1985 Consumer States After Pressing The acclerator, the engine raced, threw driver forward and the vehicle accelerated in reverse at a high speed.
380 MERCEDES BENZ 380 1984 When The Cruise Control Is activated, the car will suddenly accelerate to high speed by itself and the brake does not work.
560 MERCEDES BENZ 560 1988 Cruise Control Not Working Properly. could result in runaway vehicle and accident. *cb
600 MERCEDES BENZ 600 2001 While Driving, The cruise control stopped on its own. there was no warning. *ak the cruise
C220 MERCEDES BENZ C220 1994 Cruise Control Started Working Intermittently at first. currently, it has stopped working. there was a previous recall 94v091000 for the
C220 MERCEDES BENZ C220 1995 Sudden Acceleration Due To Loss of cruise control and braking system due to computer overide. had to put in nuetral at 110mph and shut
C220 MERCEDES BENZ C220 1995 While Driving At 65 Mph with cruise control on suddenly vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed. consumer
C240 MERCEDES BENZ C240 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated After purchasing the vehicle there was a hole in the roof at the antenna. this causes condensation to leak into
E MERCEDES BENZ E 2008 Bad Placement Of Cruise Control stalk on 2008 mercedes benz e class. it can be confused with the turn signal stalk.
E CLASS MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2001 Various Problems With 2001 Mercedes benz e320 sr. (nar) *mr the radio did not function properly. the interior lights did
ML320 MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2002 Driving On Rt 30 In camden nj when my vehicle began accelerating at high rate of speed (i was traveling at 50mph and vehicle sped
ML430 MERCEDES BENZ ML430 2001 Consumer Was Traveling With Cruise control on at 60 mph. when consumer applied the brakes cruise control did not deactivate.
ML430 MERCEDES BENZ ML430 2001 Cruise Control Did Not disengage while driving at 60 mph and without pressing the on the accelerator. vehicle surged by applying
ML430 MERCEDES BENZ ML430 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 ml430 mercedes which was purchased brand new in 2000. while traveling at speeds of 65 mph and utilizing the
SL500 MERCEDES BENZ SL500 1996 Sudden Acceleration Caused A Crash into the rear wall of my garage.*ak
SLK MERCEDES BENZ SLK 2002 While Driving 70 Mph With the cruise control engaged consumer experienced asudden acceleration. no impact was reported. as a result the driver put

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