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MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2001 Dealer Will Not Replace Them under warranty. dt
MERCEDES BENZ 190 1984 After The Use Of The product " fix - a - flat" the treated tires showed bubbles on the outer of those bubbles
MERCEDES BENZ 500 2000 The 4 Original Continental Tires on this mercedes are worn out with the wear bars showing. the mileage is 17262. this was
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1998 Tire On Left Rear Of vehicle blew out. tire was less then one year old and had only 25,000 miles on it.
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1987 Tire Failed On Expressway. air pressure was cheched the day before and was 30psi. when tire failed a it sounded like a tire
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1983 With Only 20,000mi On tire, the entire tread peeled off nearly causing a flip over( dot number: y7t9 tire size: 16r )
MERCEDES BENZ 500SL 1992 The First Tire Was Replaced within a month of purchase due to a bubble on the side. the tires were then only used for
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1998 All 4 Tires Need To be replaced even before 20,000 miles or the car 2 yrs old. *ak( dot number: tire
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1996 Michelin Tire Failed. (size p195/65r15)
MERCEDES BENZ 600 1995 Michelin Tire Blew Out. *tt
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 9999 Consumer Took Vehicle In For repairs and received a notice that all four tires (general touring) need replacing. one tire, due to
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2002 Vehicle Has Experienced One Flat tire and one blowout, no tire information given, consumer states that the vehicle shakes when driving over 60
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2002 While The Consumer Was Traveling the rear passenger side tire blew out, no specific tire information given. *yh
MERCEDES BENZ 300D 1985 Consumer States As He Was driving, the pirellis p400 tires felt mushy, consumer took vehicle in to the shop to have the tires
MERCEDES BENZ E430 9999 The Goodyear Tires Have Almost no traction during inclement weather, vehicle lost temporary control during driving which caused him to hit a curb to
MERCEDES BENZ E430 9999 The Vehicle Has Experienced 3 flat tires since purchased, the service advisor explained that the 17" tire has less sidewall and makes the tire
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1995 The Tires Lose Air, the consumer has the pressure checked every week. nlm
MERCEDES BENZ 320 1994 Consumer States Vehicle Vibrates At speeds over 35 mph, vehicle was taken to dealership for a front end alignment, dealer states they corrected
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1999 Michelin Mxv4 Plus (p205/60r15) Experienced blowout, causing damage to the rim, michelin replaced the tire at at discount but would not pay for
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 9999 The Right Rear Continental Tire on the vehicle experienced an unexpected blow out with the total mileage on the vehicle less than 2200 miles,
MERCEDES BENZ SLK230 1998 All 4 Dunlop Tires Had extreme wear at 11000 miles (dunlop front-205/55r21691v rear-225/50r16 2000e). nlm
MERCEDES BENZ C280 1998 While Driving The Vehilce, driver noticed a shimmy or vibration. the problem grew worse with further travel and escalated with increased speed.
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2000 Continental General Conti Touring Eco plus tire (p215 55 r16) experienced a leak on the side of the tire near the rim, causing the
MERCEDES BENZ 560 1990 The Vehicle's Original Tires (pirelli p6-205/65/r15) were all replaced after a tire blowout, consumer replaced tire to avoid further problems, tires have
MERCEDES BENZ 190 SERIES 1993 Tires Wore Out Prematurely.
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1993 Michelin Tires #224/60 R26 97v, worn unevenly and excessively.
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1993 Michelin Tires Wore Out Prematurely. (224/60r26)
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1987 Two Ohtsu Tires Suffered Belt separation. *dsh
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1985 Michelin Tire Blewout. *sd
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 1985 Michelin Tire Blew, Causing temporary loss of control/damage to wheel rim. *sd
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2013 The Tires Specified For My 2013 mercedes e350 are continental 245 40 r 18s. these low profile tires may be fine on the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2005 In June Of 2011 I purchased a set of four michelin p215/60r16 primacy mxv4 tires for my 2005 mercedes benz e320 automobile. in
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2014 Hit Pot Hole On Hwy 216 near abernant , al and busted 2 tires and knocked front end out of alighnment. the bill
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2009 In 13 Months And 9, 000 miles, i have had to replace 3 continental extreme contact dws tires due to bulging sidewalls.
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2012 I Have A 2012 Meccedes e350 with 15000 miles. it has oem tires made by continental. conti pro 245/40 r18 97v.
MERCEDES BENZ S550 2009 Replaced All Tires When All had severe tread wear and two had side wall blisters at 23,000 miles. i received an adjustment for
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2006 My New Continental Tire Installed by carx tire went flat from cracking on hightway, no nails, many spots look going to be
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1997 Conti Pro Contact Tires Put on rims and balanced for summer driving. 195/65 r15 91h dot#65pcaxh61610
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2007 Tire Exhibits Choppiness. While operating vehicle steering wheel rocks. car dealer said it is a sign of a cheap tire. he
MERCEDES BENZ S550 2008 Michelin Pilot Sport A/s Plus 255/45zr18 99y as+ installed on 2008 mercedes s550. tires tread is "chunking" with 18,000 miles of use.
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2012 I Have A Mercedes Benz c300 with 16,300 miles on it. the vehicle came with continental, contipro, 225/45 r17 91h
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2009 01/11/2014....4:00 pm .i was driving into the rockaway mall in dover at approximately 10 mph when the tire hit a
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz c class. the vehicle was equipped with continental sport tires, tires size 255/35/zr18. the
MERCEDES BENZ R320 2007 Purchased Four (4) Goodyear Assurance tripletred all season size 235/65r17 dot #pj81kd1r4111 from a goodyear corporate store. went to corporate store to repair
MERCEDES BENZ E 2011 All Four Tires On 2011 mercedes e550 have tread separation. tread separation is occurring on the back side of the tire and is unknown
MERCEDES BENZ E 2011 Tire Tread Is Separating From tire on back of tire. all four tires on vehicle display tread separation approximately half circumference of tire is
MERCEDES BENZ S550 2008 The Tire Tread On The michelin pilot sport a/s plus shreds or crumbles. michelin calls it "chunking" and said it was due to
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2007 2007 Mercedes Benz E350. consumer writes in regards to defective tires on vehicle. *smd the consumer stated the front tires
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2012 2012 Mercedes Benz E350. consumer writes in regards to defective tires on vehicle. *smd the consumer stated his wife experienced
MERCEDES BENZ CLS63 2011 The First Time On 05. 01.2013, i was approaching the expwy exit (at about 45mph) when i heard a load pop &
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2013 I Hit A Pothole On the 96th street tranverse road through central park.westbound around 4:30pm on june 3, 2013. aaa towed
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2012 Large Bubble (approx 2" Across) on outer sidewall of left front tire. there was no impact to cause this tire defect.
MERCEDES BENZ R350 2006 The Car Is Leaning To the right side. while driving i get a warning that the car is to low. i also get
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz e350 equipped with continental pro contact tires size 245/40/18, dot number (hwtpp1h6). the contact noticed
MERCEDES BENZ G CLASS 2009 Landers Toyota Scion At: 10825 colonel glenn road little rock, ar 72204 sold me a 2009 mercedes benz g55 amg described
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2004 As I Was Driving To work, car just lowered out of no where speed automatically decreased, and red light came on saying car
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2011 Subject: Forwarded From Fmcsa Regarding consumers complaint about mercedes benz tires. *smd 2011 mercedes benz e350. the consumer stated he
MERCEDES BENZ G550 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 mercedes-benz 550sl equipped with bridgestone potenza tires, size 255/35/r19. the contact stated that the tires began to
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1996 mercedes-benz e320 equipped with yokohama yk580 tires, size 215/55/r16. the contact stated that while driving approximately
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2009 In February Of 2012 We had a tire failure-tread separation. the tires we were sold as 'run flat' were in fact moextended by brigdestone.
MERCEDES BENZ SLK230 1999 1999 Slk230 Mercedes Benz. consumer states problem with bridgestone potenza tires *tgw the consumer stated almost from the day he purchased the tires,
MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Ml 350. consumer writes in regards to run flat tires issues *tgw the consumer stated he experienced three flat tires
MERCEDES BENZ 300 SERIES 1992 We Departed From Home And drove at the local speed of 45-55 mph for approximately 4 miles and proceeded to enter the freeway. we
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2008 While Traveling At Ordinary Speed on even interstate surface (i-64) east bound the rear right tire of my mb e350w4 blewout. i was able
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2009 Bought A Cpo Car From mb west chester, pa and immediately noticed front tire(s) making thud sound that is more noticeable at 25-30 mps;
MERCEDES BENZ S430 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 mercedes benz s430 equipped with michelin mxv4 225/55/r17 tires. the contact stated that all the tires lost pressure
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 mercedes benz e350. the contact stated that while driving 72 mph, the driver side rear tire
MERCEDES BENZ E 2011 5 Months Into My 2011 mb e350 bluetech lease the front left tire blows on a highway. the tires are runflat bridgestone turanza
MERCEDES BENZ CL 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 mercedes cl500 equipped with continental extreme contact tires. the front tires were size 255/40/r18 and the rear tires
MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz ml350. the vehicle was equipped with continental tires, contact 4x4, size 255-50-r19, dot
MERCEDES BENZ CL CLASS 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 mercedes benz cl with michelin primacy mxv4 tl tires, line size 225/55/r17, dot number: 898kef1x4707.
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2009 I Own A 2009 C300 series mercedes benz. we bought our car in 2010 as a demo with only 12,000 miles on
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2009 My Complaint Doesn't Involve One incident, rather a series of issues with the tires on my 2009 mercedes c300. i have had 11
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2009 Tires Have Excessive Wearing And make a lot noise at medium-high speed. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ S500 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 mercedes benz s500 with yokohama advance s4 tires, tire size p265/40r18. the contact stated that the rear
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2009 When Inspecting My Tires At 19000 miles, i discovered cracking along the inner sidewall for one my four tires. this is the
MERCEDES BENZ C350 2008 Catastrophic Tire Failure On New (500mi) continental contisport3 . left front tire (225/40/zr18).. on i-80 west end toll both. souded like
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2008 Right Front Tire Was Replaced at 20k for bubble that formed on the side wall after hitting small pot hole; right front tire needs
MERCEDES BENZ SL550 2009 Tire Failure--bulging/rim Damage ;replacing third set of tires at 8500 miles. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ SL550 2009 Preparing To Put A Third set of tires on my mercedes benz sl550 @8500 miles. already repaired 2 rims.?! no warranty. 3
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2007 Left Front Tire(michelin Latitude 165/60r18) blew out while driving highway speeds on friday,jan 28,2011. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mercedes benz e320 cdi (na) equipped with michelin tires (model and size unknown). the contact stated that while driving
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2010 I Bought The Mercedes E350 2010 model on october of 2010 and about nov 30, my left side tire is bust open secondary to
MERCEDES BENZ SL CLASS 1998 Purchased New Michelin Sport Tires dot gudl 275/35 zr 18 on11/3/2010 and found out that the manufacturing date was 1107. these tires
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2007 Continental Pro 245/40 R18 93v keep blowing out on me 5th tire in less then 2 years. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ SL550 2009 Unknown Cause, Cracked And bent wheel rims, replaced with new. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2006 I Bought 2 Brand New tires kumho 225/50r16 dec 24, 2010 from america's tires. on 09/12/10, i was on the fwy and
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz e350. while driving 30 mph over a pothole the tire exploded. the tire was a continental
MERCEDES BENZ 500SL 1990 Pirelli Tires (4) Bought 6/13/10. my left rear tire exploded while i was driving on a three lane highway on 7/21/10 (38 days later).
MERCEDES BENZ SLK280 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz slk280. the vehicle was equipped with bridgestone potenza tires, tire size 225/4.5/17.
MERCEDES BENZ SL500 1995 Leaving Williamsburg Va On I64 for newport news 6-21-2010 at 4:30 pm the right rear tire explosively failed. the car was stopped and brought
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2006 Premature Wear On The Inside corner of my tires. this was ultimately discovered on all four tires. this lead to belt
MERCEDES BENZ 300SD 1984 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1984 mercedes 300sd. the vehicle was equipped with goodyear assurance comforted 195/70/14 tires. upon examining the vehicle,
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz e350 with continental, conti pro contact tires. the contact stated that while driving 35 mph
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2003 Tl*- The Contact Owns A 2003 mercedes e320. the vehicle had fullway fulda tires, tire size 245/35z/r2095. the contact was driving approximately
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 mercedes e350. while driving at approximately 15 mph, the driver side rear tire went flat. the contact
MERCEDES BENZ E550 2006 Dear Sir/madam, i have a serious complaint against the continental contiprocontact tires that came with my mercedes benz e550 and also
MERCEDES BENZ SL550 2009 I Have Owned This Vehicle since march 2009 and have had to replace 11 tires and 2 wheels and have had 3 wheels repaired.
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz c300. she had to replace five tires. the five tires that were replaced also included the
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2007 Driving On I95 In Westport ct. excellent daytime driving conditions on smooth, dry road. speed 60-65 mph. rear driver side
MERCEDES BENZ M CLASS 1999 Tire Almost No Tread After 31,000 miles warranty for 65,000 miles. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ GLK350 2010 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires. with less than 8,000 miles on the tires, i rolled over a one inch stone while driving
MERCEDES BENZ 320 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 mercedes benz 320. the contact stated that the tread came off of the rear passenger side tire while driving
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1985 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1985 mercedes benz 300. the contact stated that two rear tires and one on the driver side failed. one
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2002 2 Of My Tires Developed cracks in the sidewall in less than 24 months with plenty of treadlife left on the them. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ CLK500 2005 I Was Driving To Work and it felt like the car ran over something. this is when i noticed that the tire had
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1990 This Is A Request in order for you to begin safety inspection, enforcement on defects and recalls on all models for benz
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 On 6/2/09, I Removed my old wheel from my 1998 mercedes benz c230 prior to trading it for another vehicle. i posted
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2006 A Set Of Michelin Tires was purchased from costco and mounted on my 2006 mercedes about one year ago. the morning after
MERCEDES BENZ E550 2007 Hit A Small Pot Hole and dented the tire rim and flattened my tire. this the 4th rim and 4th tire replaced since
MERCEDES BENZ SLK 1998 On 02/02/2009 I Had My vehicle, a 1998 mercedes-benz 230slk serviced for a routine oil change. during that service the serviceman
MERCEDES BENZ 400 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 mercedes benz 400 sel. the vehicle was purchased used with sumitomo htrz2 tires and tire size, 245/35r20.
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 mercedes benz e350. the vehicle has a set of continental tires. while driving 30 mph,
MERCEDES BENZ 190 1987 On Our Way To The mayo clinic in rochester, mn. when the left front tire suddenly started to disintegrate. pulled over to
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2005 I Have Had To Replace one tire because of a sidewall separation rip. now i have discovered the same defect on two other
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1995 Rotted Disintegrated Wiring In Engine compartment. electrical problem--dashboard lights that go on and off intermittently---- abs, clock, outside temp gauge, rear
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2008 Approximately 2 Weeks Ago I received a message on my dash board to correct the tire pressure in my new 2008 mercedes benz c300 with
MERCEDES BENZ SLK 2009 Not A Failure, But i noticed a significant labeling discrepancy on my 2009 mercedes benz slk300. the tire label on the driver's
MERCEDES BENZ E 2008 I Have A New 2008 e350 mercedes with continental contipro contact 265/35 r 18.97v tires. at 6000 i noticed a bulge on the
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 mercedes benz c300. the vehicle has michelin pilot sport tires, size 232/35/19 (na) in the front and
MERCEDES BENZ C320 2004 Incident Description = Goodyear Tire had an interior wall "tear" that cause sudden deflation suggesting a defect in the manufacturer of this tire...
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2001 During Scheduled Tire Rotation At sears auto shop, it was discovered that a large piece (approximately 1 inch in diameter) of the tire was
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2002 We Purchased A New Set of michelin pilot sport 2 tires at costco in poway, ca on 10/8/07 for my wife's mercedes. after
MERCEDES BENZ GL 2008 The Continental 275/55vr19 4x4 Contact extra cost tires furnished with my 2008 m-b gl320 cdi have a strong tendency to hydroplane unexpectedly, dangerously and
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2004 Hesitation (jerking) Upon Acceleration, usually during turns or while in heavy traffic. this has been an ongoing problem since purchase of vehicle
MERCEDES BENZ CL CLASS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 mercedes benz cl class. the vehicle has goodyear dunlop d401, size 90/90-19 52h tires, which were
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2002 I Have Mercedes C230 2002, with oem michelin mxv4 plus 205/55 r16. one tire was blown and replaced 3 years ago.
MERCEDES BENZ S500 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 mercedes benz cls 500. the tires on the vehicle are manufactured by continental, size 245-40r1893y dot cuuyp3hk and
MERCEDES BENZ SL55 2006 Since I Took Delivery Of my brand new mercedes-benz sl-55, i noticed severe pulling to one side to the point that, after more
MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 mercedes benz ml350. the vehicle has continental, size p235/6517 tires. the contact took the vehicle
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2006 My Car, A 2006 mercedes e350 has had four (4) flat tires in about one year's time. i have had discussions with at
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mercedes benz c230. the contact stated that the brakes had to be replaced at 9,000 miles.
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2007 I Was Driving Down Highway 50 in sacramento, california, in a 2007 c230 mercedes benz, when i ran over an object.
MERCEDES BENZ CLK CLASS 2004 Keyes Mercedes Benz Sold Me a vehicle ,clk 320, with defective tires , and was unwilling to correct the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2003 03 Mercedes E320 Customer Believes that vehicle is a lemon**cc the consumer stated the vehicle has a faulty brake system. the vehicle continued
MERCEDES BENZ CLK CLASS 2003 Tl*- The Contact Stated That the 2003 mercedes clk 500, had a blowout on the rear passenger tire. this happened on a cold
MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2006 There Is A Serious Problem that is not being reported to owners of the mercedes benz ml350 with appearance packages. this is a 4
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 70 mph the rear left tire had a blow out ,causing the vehicle to collide into a guard
MERCEDES BENZ 208 2003 I Have Had Two Complete sets of conti -touring contact eco plus conti seal (p225/60 r 18 99h ch95) on my 2004 chrysler 300 c
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2005 Blow Out Of Right Rear tire (costco item #758707 bridgestone/firestone re750 245/40r17 ultra high performance) resulting in $2000 worth of vehicle damage. defective tire
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 Consumer 1999 E320 Had Transmission problems and caught on fire with 110,000 miles on it. *ts the consumer stated the
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2005 Tires On The Mercedes Clk320 are not designed to last very long and become "bald" quickly creating dangerous driving conditions. according to the service
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1998 Tires Overheat On Dry Pavement, causing decreased traction. *jb
MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2006 2006 Ml 350 Pulls To the right when driving through water puddles. *ts the consumer feels the continental tires may be the
MERCEDES BENZ E350 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 Tire Equipment burst while driving.***no answer required***. *mr the consumer request reimbursement for the cost of the new tire
MERCEDES BENZ CLS55 2006 The Consumer Had To Replace three wheels and one tire in less than thirty days after purchasing the 2006 mercedes benz cls55. *mr
MERCEDES BENZ ML500 2004 Dt:consumer Had Two Dunlop Sp 5000 tires that were cupped. as a result of the cupping, the consumer purchased 4 new tires.
MERCEDES BENZ ML500 2003 2003 Mercedes Benz Ml500 Abs light illuminated on the dashboard and the vehicle was taken to the dealer. the dealer notified the consumer
MERCEDES BENZ SL SERIES 1993 Contact States: The Tires Are egg shaped not round. there is no way to align the tires. the metal cords separated from
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2003 2003 Mercedes Benz Suffered Three tire sidewall flats. ***no answer required***. *mr when the dealer went to replace a damaged tire,
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2004 Recall Campaign:04v296000 The Consumer had problems with the vehicle's brake lights prior to receiving the recall notice. *nm the
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1986 Blowout, With 4/32 Tread left, of schwab z800 ultra radial with 100,000 mile warranty, at approx 50,200 miles, occurred
MERCEDES BENZ SL CLASS 2003 The Vehicle (2003 Mb Slk320) was purchased on 4/14/2004 in az and began noticing problems on the drive back to nm. the most significant
MERCEDES BENZ 320 2001 When I Went To Pick my baby sitter last night around 8.30 pm, i had a flat tire on the rear wheel of
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 1998 I Have Had Three Tire bolow outs on my mercedes-benz, in identical situations, approximately 2 months apart. all three incidents happened on
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1992 Failures Of Goodyear Aquatred Tires. *mr while on a trip the tread of the left rear tire came loose from the steel cord.
MERCEDES BENZ 320 2002 I Was Driving Car With continental conti touring tires (size 205/65r16) at speed of about 60 miles an hour. suddenly right rear tire blew
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2002 In October Of 2001, i purchased a new (2002) mercedes benz c-240. it came equipped with german made continental contouring tires.
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2000 Vehicle Was Always Being Serviced and the air bags failed to deploy in a severe accident. *ph the consumer was
MERCEDES BENZ SL500 9999 Complaint Regarding Mercedes Putting Performance tires on his vehicle. *ph the consumer was assured the tires were all weather tires, however
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 2002 This Vehicle Was Not Even one month old when i began experiencing major problems such as seat broken, side mirror broken, suspension/alignment off,
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2000 While Driving On Highway, rear tire failed (blewup). tire was in good condition with good amounts of tread. car, road,
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1995 Failure Of Air Conditioner, windshield wiper fluid, radio antenna, and oil leak. *la the a/c failed continuously
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 1995 I Have Noticed There Are many complaints about michelin tires.(mxv4) i would like to state that i also had problems with that tire.
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2002 2002 Mercedes-benz S500 Experiencing Tire blow outs. *mr there was a right rear gash in the sidewall and a
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1996 Problems With Wrong Size Tire on vehicle.*mr consumer returned
MERCEDES BENZ SL 1992 Vehicle Experienced Tire Blow Out with b.f. goodrich g-force-kdws 225/55/r16.*mr (nar) 3 of the 4 tire have failed on the
MERCEDES BENZ 500SL 1992 The Consumer Experienced 3 Tire blow outs.*mr (nar) approx 3 out of 4 tires have failed. consumer is requesting a reimbursement
MERCEDES BENZ 320 2000 Tire Tore Apart All Around, reeled off my m.benz e 320. *la
MERCEDES BENZ E430 2001 Consumer Has Had 5 Tire blowouts in 2 years. the vehicle experienced 5 tire blow outs within 2 years.
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 2001 Vehicle Tires On Mercedes 2001 are believed to be defective. *mr the consumer believed the continental tire installed on her
MERCEDES BENZ SL500 9999 The Consumer Was Informed The front tires were out of round and could not be balanced. *jb
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 1999 The Tires Experienced Excessive Tire wear, the vehicle had a front alignment, and the tires were rotated, however the problem recurred.*jb
MERCEDES BENZ 320 2002 Spontaneous Rupture Of Continental Radial tire.*jb
MERCEDES BENZ 190 1992 Nar 1/29/2003. The Consumers wife noticed deep cracks in the sidewall of tires near the tread. the tire dealer informed the consumer
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1986 While Driving Right Rear Tire blew out. the next day it was noted that other 3 tires had tread separation. inspection

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