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Mercedes Benz Suspension Front Reports

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MERCEDES BENZ 220 1994 The Vehicle Pulls To Left while driving .please describe. )ak
MERCEDES BENZ 420 1991 The Vehicle's Front End Will not stay in alignment, causing the vehicle to wander, also excessive wear on the tires. tt
MERCEDES BENZ 500 2000 When Driving The Automobile Above 50 mph it sways from side to side and goes up and down. consumer thinks something is wrong
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1992 While Driving About 30-60 Mph the vehicle vibrated, causing the driver to lose control. dealer has attempted to repair the vehicle.
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1996 While Driving The Vehicle Engine light comes on and the vehicle will start to vibrate. cause unknown. please provide details.
MERCEDES BENZ 320 1997 When Driving At Any Speed vehicle pulls very hard to the right, cannot keep vehicle on the highway. *ak
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2002 While Driving, Consumer Made a right turn onto a ramp. the vehicle slid which caused the esp (electronic stability program)to engage which resulted
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1995 The Problems I Have Cited are repettive....benz fixes a part, then it goes again....the cra cannot
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 1999 Vehicle Has Been Out Of alignment/balance since purchase. vehicle has been in repair four times since purchase in january 1999 for a total
MERCEDES BENZ 190 1985 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCEDES BENZ 300 1984 Front End Misaligned.
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 The Spring Support Tower In the front right broke away from the body of the vehicle causing a loud noise from the right front tire
MERCEDES BENZ CLK320 1999 Since The Date Of Ownership consumer has experienced front end suspension problems. *mjs
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 1999 Noise Comes From Rear Suspension while making sharp right turn. yh
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 1998 Suspension System Pulls To The left continually when steering wheel is straight, unable to correct after several attempts.
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 1991 Front Suspension Repaired 3 Times.
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1986 Front/rear Suspension Problems.
MERCEDES BENZ 280 1994 Vehicle Shimmeys. *sd
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 1987 Vehicle Pulled, Causing Accident. (new jersey police report) *sd
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1999 1999 Mercedes Benz E300td Faulty upper coil spring support design. my vehicle was parked in a grocery store parking lot when the left
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 mercedes benz e55. while driving approximately 25 mph, the contact heard a loud popping noise outside of
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 mercedes benz e320. while driving 20 mph, the contact heard a loud banging noise coming from
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2004 Catastrophic Failure Of Front Left suspension strut on a 2004 mercedes e500 station wagon. the car has an air ride system which maintains the
MERCEDES BENZ 420 1997 I Am A Victim Of a dangerous safety design flaw in my 1997 mercedes benz e420. last week, my wife was driving
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2001 2001 Mercedes Benz E320. front spring perch surrounding perch structure is rusting through underneath the factory undercoating. we have a 2" rust through
MERCEDES BENZ R320 2006 Several Times Has The Airmatic suspension exploded on my mercedes r 320 cdi. one time in high speed. the car was unstable under
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2007 Air Suspension Failure: Initial failure - front end suspension failed - lowered completely where tires would appear to contact wheel well. dealer
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2011 Front End Noise. Brought to dealer who replaced the right strut. 2 months later same noise on left side. dealer replaced the
MERCEDES BENZ E430 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 mercedes-benz e430. the contact was driving approximately 55 mph when the front driver side coil spring detached from
MERCEDES BENZ C280 1999 After Arriving Home And Driving over a speed bump in our apartment complex at a slow speed, we heard a popping noise. then,
MERCEDES BENZ S500 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 mercedes s500. the contact stated that they had to take the vehicle to the dealer twice for the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 The Suspension Spring Perch Broken and spring coil fell out. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 mercedes benz s-500. the contact noticed the suspension had dropped and was not positioned normally. the vehicle was
MERCEDES BENZ 230 1999 I Heard A Loud Bang and felt the vehicle shudder violently. i immediately pulled over and inspected the vehicle. i thought
MERCEDES BENZ SL500 2004 My 2004 Mercedes Sl 500 suspension completely dropped to the tires "without warning" while i was driving down interstate 95 during rush hour in miami,
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2007 I Had Been Noticing That the front of my car had been dropping down and rising up spontaneously. when the front of the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 1997 E320 4 Doors Sedan was driving down the street on the hwy and a very loud noise scare me. pull over ,
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2007 I Own A Mercedes Gl450 the front end started riding low after driving it and would then adjust itself, which was very noticeable not
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 When Vehicle Gets Cold( Outside temp below 17 f), the car will lower, and airomatic warning message comes on saying airomatic vehicle too
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 When Temperature Falls Below 17 degrees f, the vehicle drop to unsafe level, and message says airmatic stop car vehicle too low.
MERCEDES BENZ S430 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 mercedes benz s430. while driving approximately 60 mph, the front end of the vehicle dropped down onto the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2003 I Have A 2003 Mercedes e320 which i bought from coggin motormall in ft. pierce. i have put only 5000 miles on car
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 mercedes benz c230. the contact heard a banging noise while she was driving approximately 50 mph. upon examination,
MERCEDES BENZ C300 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 mercedes benz c300. while the contact was driving approximately 30 mph, when the accelerator pedal was applied there
MERCEDES BENZ GL 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 mercedes-benz gl 550. the contact stated that the tailgate motion sensor malfunctioned. when closing the tailgate and
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2002 There Was No Warning it just gave a alert that the car was riding low and to stop. airmatic suspension for a 2002
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 Airmatic Suspension Leak Caused Call to pull to one side. could have pulled me left of center, luckily, on a side street
MERCEDES BENZ S430 2001 Airmatic Suspension Failure In Mercedes benz s430. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ SL55 2006 Steering (overall For Car And steering wheel) feels very unstable when going over uneven road surfaces or small bumps. this is specially true
MERCEDES BENZ E55 2006 Sitting In 2006 E55 Amg mercedes benz station wagon on saturday august 29 2010 at shopping center in when right front airmatic suspension gave way.
MERCEDES BENZ 240 2003 Right Front Axle Assembly Fell apart. we had just got off of i-90 when i pulled into mcdonald's and the front wheel disengaged as
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2002 I Own A 2002 Mercedes benz s430 and feb. 2010 the "airmatic system" warning light came on. there are only 43,000 miles
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 I Was Traveling On I-65 from lafayette to indianapolis in my 2003 e-500 mercedes- benz. driving at highway's posted 70 mph speed the car
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2003 I Own A Mercedes Benz e-500, 2003, with only 31,700 miles on it. on friday, july 16, i had
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2005 Mercedes Benz 2005 E500 Front airmatic strut failure. while driving the car, the passenger front end suddenly drop and car veer to right
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2000 The Airmatic System On My mercedes benz s-500 has failed for a second time. the car-body dropped and is resting on the tires,
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2001 My Car's Air-matic Suspension System failed and my car is very, very low. it failed while i was driving fast on the freeway;
MERCEDES BENZ E63 2007 Air Suspension Failed The Same day the car was purchased and had to be towed. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E430 2001 I Was Traveling 65 Mph on interstate route 70 when the right front suspension coil spring perch failed and broke off of my 2001 mercedes
MERCEDES BENZ CL 600 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 mercedes cl-600. the contact stated that recall number 04v228000, suspension was repaired on the vehicle. the contact
MERCEDES BENZ SL500 2004 Active Body Control Failure On mercedes benz sl (model r230) causes the car to lower all of a sudden, loss of control and steering
MERCEDES BENZ C280 1999 1999 Mercedes Benz C280 Drivers side spring perch rusted and broke . causing spring to fly off lower control arm and suspension to drop
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 1997 My Mercedes 1997 C-280, purchased from the mercedes dealer, has exhibited several inherent design issues. the issue that is the greatest safety
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2000 I'm Probably Not The First complain about this subject, as a simple search on would reveal that this problem is nation
MERCEDES BENZ E430 1999 I Own And Drive A 1999 mercedes benz e430. it has approx. 133000 miles. the right front coil spring snapped off the
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1997 While Driving, Heard A rattling sound from the front end of the car. short while later, started to proceed from a stop
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 My Suspension Is Horrible!! without warning my s430 airmatic light displayed "visit workshop", i pulled over and noticed my vehicle was riding extremely
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 I Recently Heard A Loud pop from the front of my car while traveling at highway speed. i stopped to inspect the noise
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1998 During The Course Of Ownership of an 1998 mercedes benz e320 the front top spring support a.k.a rusts out and can easily disintegrate
MERCEDES BENZ E430 1999 This Is In Regards To 1999 mercedes benz e430 concerning front spring perches. date this incident occurred 9/22/2009. failure to the
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 The Driver's Side Upper Coil-spring mount tore away from the body structure, ejecting the coil spring and bushing, collapsing the front suspension and
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2001 2001 Mercedes S500 Passenger Side front wheel dropped due to airmatic problem. it caused the passenger side tire to damage the inside fender and
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2004 E500 4matic Suspension Failure - front airmatic suspension collasped. car can not be driven. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mercedes benz e320. while the contact was driving 65 mph he noticed that the front end of the vehicle
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 I Own A 1999 Mercedes benz e55 amg (w210). after parking the car while grocery shopping, i returned and found the front
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2005 On Or About June 22, 2009, i was driving home on interstate 64 when the left front spring broke for no apparent reason.
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2000 Front End Suspension Due To spring perch went out. spring perch came off of wheel well. extensive front suspension repairs due to
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2002 Regular Driving Then Front Right of car falls to the ground. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1996 This Is Not A Failure yet, but a major safety concern. i have a 96 mercedes e300d, and this particular model the
MERCEDES BENZ E550 2007 Purchased Car In August 2007, have driven 40,000 miles and have replaced 2 stock rims, 6 after-market rims and five relatively new
MERCEDES BENZ GL450 2008 On April 30th 2009 While driving car slipped into low gear on its own. on may 1st while pulling out of a driveway
MERCEDES BENZ GL320 2007 Dramatic Explosive Failure Of The right adaptive suspension strut airbag while vehicle was standing in the driveway with the engine on. the vehicle was
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 Incident One: 1. while driving in atlanta, ga in february of 2007. the front airmatic suspension failed
MERCEDES BENZ SL CLASS 1998 Purchased 1998 Mercedes Benz Sl 600 from mbz san francisco dealership on 4/22/09. immediately reported excessive and dangerous bouncing of front end.
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 2003 E500 With 64000mls, my front air suspension strut bottomed out failed wile driving at normal speed.took the car to mercedes and
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 Front Spring Support Failed On 2000 mercedes e300 while driving on the highway. the coil spring was ejected and could have punctured the
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1994 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1994 mercedes benz e320. while driving approximately 40 mph, the contact heard a loud noise at the front
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 After Turning Into The Parking lot of a repair shop, the front of the vehicle dropped to the ground. further investigation by
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 Driving On City Surface Street. came to four way stop. heard a pop like that of a tire or balloon.
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 Front Spring Perches Must Have been rusted at the welding seam. when i was driving at 35 mph i heard a big snap and
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 1999 Spring Perch (mount) For The front spring on driver's side failed due to corrosion causing spring to be ejected under the car and fender to
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2003 While Pulling Into A Parking space the front rt. side suspension began to sink. i got out of the car to take
MERCEDES BENZ 420 1997 1997 Mercedes E420 Driver's side coil spring perch failure. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1998 The Coil Spring And Two round plastic parts just fell off on our 1998 e320 mercedes benz front driver side. the vehicle has
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2001 While Driving At About 45 mph on a smooth straight road, right front upper coil spring perch broke free from chassis due to rust
MERCEDES BENZ 320 2000 In November 2008 I Heard a bang and my front end dropped, i pulled over and drove home slowly and then heard another bang
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1995 1. Erratic Steering. 2.second occurrence. 3.being replaced & old part will be available. *tr
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1998 I Am Writing Regarding An investigation into mercedes benz e300 (w210 chassis) failures. while driving on the massachusetts turnpike, route 90 on monday,
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1996 I Own A 1996 Mercedes 300d the front spring retainer rusted out and the front right car collapsed. this is a common problem with
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 On April 27, 2008 my car's front left side spring failed when driving back home at a speed of 30 mph. if i
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 mercedes benz c230. while driving 10 mph, the upper spring perch (where the coil spring connected to
MERCEDES BENZ 600 2001 1. This Problem Started immediately after i purchased the auto. something in the front part of the auto makes a throbbing noise.
MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 mercedes benz c class. while driving 35 mph or higher, the esp indicator light illuminated.
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 My Car (2003 Mercedes E500) has had 3 of the 4 airmatic shocks fail in 50k miles. each time, the car is
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 Mercedes Have A Front Suspension problem. consumer states that the front driver side dropped and wants to know why there is not
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 While Driving On Rte 50 in virginia, the front spring housing collaped and the coiled spring came off onto the road. the dealer
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 Funny Noises From Front End, then suspension dropped, disengaging from frame.*tr the consumer stated the bracing that held the shock and
MERCEDES BENZ E500 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 Airmatic Strut collapse. low mileage: 43000 at time of failure. driving at highway speed when strut failed.
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 2002 Front Struts Failed, Air suspension (air leak) and wheels collapsed up into wheel wells. the front wheels could not be turned at
MERCEDES BENZ C220 1995 Fracture Of Front Suspension Lower control arm. design defect resulting in latent interior corrosion that ultimately resulted in this critical part separating into two
MERCEDES BENZ E430 1999 1999 Mercedes Benz E430 Rh front coil spring broke from its mount during driving and jammed into the front suspension control arms. car
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2007 The Brakes Failed While Driving my 2007mercedesbenz.5th time. i leased a mbenz 2007 c230w from bill ussery mercedes january 2007.2 weeks from
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 On April 27 2008 My car's front left side spring perch failed when driving home at a speed of 30mph. if i had been
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mercedes benz e300 diesel. while servicing the vehicle, the contact noticed that the spring perch on the
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 Driving My 1997 Mercedes Benz e320 at 30 mph along a semi-rough road when a loud clanking began for no apparent reason. after a
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 Front Spring Perch Are Rusted through on both sides of car. front left spring perch is about 50% rusted thru. mercedes
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 mercedes benz s55. while driving 95 mph, the front suspension suddenly dropped and returned. the
MERCEDES BENZ C230 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated While the vehicle was parked in the garage, a loud clanging noise was heard. upon initial inspection,
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 The Left Front Upper Spring perch failed causing the suspension to collapse. this occurred due to poor design of the perch attachment to
MERCEDES BENZ C230 2002 While Driving The Drivers Side front suspension collapsed onto the front tire. upon inspection of the suspension the bolt connecting the wheel hub to
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1996 The Spring Right Upper Spring mount on my 1996 mb e300 rusted through. the car dropper and i hit the street, ruined
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated while the vehicle was at a stop, the front end collapsed to the ground. the vehicle was
MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 35mph a loud bang was heard coming from underneath the vehicle. after hearing the noise, the
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1999 Fail Of Spring Perch On 1999 mercedes e-class due to poor manufacturing process possible resulting in fatal injury. *jb
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 30 mph the front suspension coil spring detached. the vehicle was driven to the dealership where
MERCEDES BENZ 420 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 45 mph the vehicle was riding rough. the vehicle was slowed to 5 mph and the
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated the vehicle was making a noise in the front end. the vehicle was taken to the contact's repair
MERCEDES BENZ S600 2001 Something In The Front Part of the auto makes a throbbing noise. it causes either the left front wheel or the right front
MERCEDES BENZ E320 2004 Dt: Contact Stated When Stepping on the accelerator pedal the vehicle will not accelerate. this caused a safety concern because while merging
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1996 Right Front Spring Perch Mount broke on my 1996 e300d mercedes while beginning to make a right hand turn from a stop sign controlled intersection.
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2000 The Consumer's Mercedes Benz M l 320 slowed down on its own. the consumer pulled over put the car in park and restarted
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2004 The Front Suspension Falls Down during cold weather, causing the front of the vehicle to sink down on the wheels. a warning light
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 The Consumer Was Pulling Out of the driveway and hit the brakes. the consumer got out of the vehicle and discovered that the suspension
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2002 Front End- Suspension Components/ Body experiencing knocking noise..
MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 The Front End Of The vehicle collapsed while parked. the dealer could not determine the cause of the problem. please provide
MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2000 Car Pulls To The Right, (they have done numerous alignments), car vibrates at high speeds and light keeps coming on and has
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1999 The Vehicle Collapsed Without Any warning. the driver managed to get control of the vehicle. the driver checked the vehicle and noticed
MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 Consumer States Theatfront Suspension Is rusted, all suspension brackets collapsed. dealer notified. *ak
MERCEDES BENZ 240 2002 I Have Had My C230 coupe in the shop at ed potter mercedes columbus, oh several times. four weeks after i bought
MERCEDES BENZ E CLASS 1997 Severe Rust Damage To Front passenger suspension component and front frame rail. rust hole big enough to put a human fist into.

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