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21 Oct

MERCEDES BENZ Seat Belts Front Retractor

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MERCEDES BENZ Seat Belts Front Retractor

230 MERCEDES BENZ 230 2001 While Turning Vehicle Was Struck by another vehicle. probable speed 55 - 60 mph, mostly impacted on front, but side
240 MERCEDES BENZ 240 2001 While Driving At 35mph Vehicle was hit in front and side in a collision. driver side seat belt retracted so tightly that it caused
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 1993 Driver's Restraint Does Not Retract when driver leans forward and back. dealer will be notified. *ak when making a
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 1987 Driving On Interstate... airbag deployed, seat belts locked, caused injuries to left arm, pain up through arm and neck,
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 1991 During A Frontal Impact Accident at 35 mph. the driver's side air bag did not deploy. passenger's side shoulder belt did
320E MERCEDES BENZ 320E 2001 Consumer's Vehicle Was Rear ended and seat belt became disengaged. after taking vehicle to mechanic, consumer was told
420 MERCEDES BENZ 420 1997 Was Making A Left Turn when isuzu trooper passenger front hit passenger side front wheel of mercedes and passenger door with driver side front.
500 MERCEDES BENZ 500 1995 Both Front Seat Belts Will not retract and when the seat belt is on they are very loose. the seat belt will not hold
500 MERCEDES BENZ 500 1999 Seat Belt Problem With 1999 mercedes s500. seat belt would not retract. i called mercedes benz technical support (twice) to ask
500 MERCEDES BENZ 500 1999 The Driver's Side Belt Retractor was not working. the part was replaced at the owner's expense of $425.00. the
CLK CLASS MERCEDES BENZ CLK CLASS 2004 The Seat Belt Retractor Was replaced twice. the seat belt mechanism arm malfunctioned. also, transmission was serviced for leaking fluid,
E 320 MERCEDES BENZ E 320 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1997 mercedes e320. while driving 20 mph the driver-side front seat belt retractor separated. the next day the
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 1999 Front Seat Belts In 1999 cl500 will not retract. mercedes service department advised it would cost over $900.00 to replace as they can
ML320 MERCEDES BENZ ML320 1998 After Buckling The Seat Belt, the shoulder harness on the drivers side exploded. the harness yanjed me back against the seat burning my
ML320 MERCEDES BENZ ML320 1998 The Air Bag And Safety resraint system did not operate during my accident. several months after my accident i recieved a recall on
ML430 MERCEDES BENZ ML430 2000 Driver's Side Bolt To chassis of car fell out. currently, consumer could not fasten seatbelt. *ak
S CLASS MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 1999 The Front Passenger Side And driver side seat belts were not retracting. *ak *sc *jb
S CLASS MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS 2003 The Passenger Side Seat Belt does not work properly. during hot weather, the belt will not extend. passenger is unable to pull
S320 MERCEDES BENZ S320 1997 Front Seat Driver's Side Seat belt fully extended and failed to retract.*ak

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