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21 Oct

MERCEDES BENZ Electrical System Battery

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MERCEDES BENZ Electrical System Battery

190 MERCEDES BENZ 190 1992 Battery Exploded.
240 MERCEDES BENZ 240 2002 Purchased The Used 2002 Used vehicle in march 2005. by april 2005, the electrical components/harness that connects the srs, tele-aid and other
240 MERCEDES BENZ 240 2001 Vehicle Will Shut Down Completely with no warning. while at dealership, mechanic replaced battery, fuel injectors, and fuel related
240 MERCEDES BENZ 240 1983 When Starting Vehicle, Battery exploded and acid leaked out all over the inside engine. fumes and smoke also came out.*ak *scc
250 MERCEDES BENZ 250 1967 While Vehicle Was In Garage battery exploded. there was damage to hood, and acid inside vehicle on floor of garage. dealer
280 MERCEDES BENZ 280 1995 Complaint Received Via E-mail."in the early morning of sept. 24, 2004, i went to start my 1995 mercedes c280. when
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated The battery ran down without any cause or warning. the vehicle was taken to the dealership three
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 1992 When Starting The Vehicle, the battery exploded. *ak
300 MERCEDES BENZ 300 1992 While Driving My Battery Light comes on. i have replaced my battery twice in a 2-year period. initially, my car
300 SERIES MERCEDES BENZ 300 SERIES 1991 Formanic Transfer Case Failed, was replaced at 42718 miles, formanic light came on, had transfer case replaced a second time on 1/10/01
300E MERCEDES BENZ 300E 1997 While Starting Vehicle Battery Under rear passenger seat had exploded. dealer/manufacturer were notified and were unwilling to assist. *ak consumer states in
320 MERCEDES BENZ 320 1999 Attempted To Start The Car. the battery exploded. there was an exyremely loud noise and the car was jarred.
320 MERCEDES BENZ 320 1994 On Three Separate Occasions Vehicle stalled at high speed while making a left turn in the middle of a major intersection, consumer had vehicle
320 MERCEDES BENZ 320 1999 The Battery And Air Bag exploded, while the vehicle was parked. (lawyer, trevor grimm, on behalf of client). *ak
320 MERCEDES BENZ 320 1994 The Vehicle Was Traveling At 60 mph when all the interior control lights started to blink and all power was lost to the vehicle.
320 MERCEDES BENZ 320 1999 While In Park, The battery exploded which also caused the air bag to deploy. *mr while parked, the right side
320E MERCEDES BENZ 320E 2001 The Battery, Located In a metal compartment under the rear seat, exploded. *nm the consumer stated that mercedes-benz was aware
320SL MERCEDES BENZ 320SL 1998 Battery "exploded" Trying To Start car. batttery acid was spreyed all about, and acrid fumes filled our garage. was compensated $2500
450 MERCEDES BENZ 450 1977 Battery Failed.
500S MERCEDES BENZ 500S 2000 While In Trunk Of Vehicle battery exploded withour warning. vehicle was not running at the time.*ak consumer states when changing cd?s
C CLASS MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 1999 Mfr# 2001120004 & Nhtsa# 01 v 366 000/battery: consumer states dealer (park place motors;houston,tx; phone# 713/986-6400) not honoring recall, no parts
C CLASS MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 1999 The Consumer Recieved A Recall notice from the manufacturer. the recall number is #2001120004. nlm
C CLASS MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS 1999 The Consumer Took His Vehicle in for a recall# 20012004 for his battery. he took the vehicle to brown mercedes benz route 250
C220 MERCEDES BENZ C220 1994 We Are Experiencing An Intermittent, parasitic drain of our new ( less than 6 months old) battery within a 12 hour window.
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 01 V 366 000/battery: When the consumer removed the battery from the trunk and placed it on a crate to check the water level,
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 Have Any Other Mercedes Benz experienced battery explosions? i know of at least one case. *ak
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 2000 I Have Had A Number of electrical system failures with my 2000 model year c230k mercedes. these have mostly effected the cars safety systems
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 Nar 04/07/2003. * Mr the consumer stated the battery started smoking and emitting fumes from the rear of the vehicle. the
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 The Trunk Mounted Battery Was not properly venting causing it to explode while the consumer was driving, battery acid leaked out. nlm
C230 MERCEDES BENZ C230 1998 This Vehicle Has Been In for service 16 times in 24 mo. manufacturer refuses to discuss "lemon law" issues. vehicle becoming more unsafe
C280 MERCEDES BENZ C280 1999 Explosion Of Mercedes-benz Battery In vehicle.*mr when the consumer turned the key in the ignition she heard a loud explosion followed by smoke
C280 MERCEDES BENZ C280 1999 On May 7 My Wife and i took a trip to visit her parents graves and to enjoy a relaxing day in the country.
C280 MERCEDES BENZ C280 1998 While Driving About 15 mph, consumer heard an explosion, pulled over and battery had shattered. dealer said it was an electrical
C280 MERCEDES BENZ C280 1998 While Driving Headlights Illuminated And flashed, and eventually battery went dead. very next day a recall notification was received.
C280 MERCEDES BENZ C280 1998 While Husband Was Moving Objects in trunk. touched battery and explode at his face, injuring parts on face and body.
C320 MERCEDES BENZ C320 2002 2002 Mercedes C320 Battery Dies every 2-3 days. needs jump start every 2-3 days. *tr
C320 MERCEDES BENZ C320 2002 I Have A 2002 Mercedes c320 and the car's battery keep dying and i have to jump start my car every day. battery
C320 MERCEDES BENZ C320 2002 I Own A Mercedes Benz c320 and lately i've been experiencing some problems, few weeks ago, my car wouldn't start all of a
C320 MERCEDES BENZ C320 2002 On My Mercedes Benz C320, if the car is not started at least every 12 hours, the car will not start and it
CLK MERCEDES BENZ CLK 1998 While Parked Battery Exploded. *ak
E320 MERCEDES BENZ E320 1995 Battery Failed. Nlm
E320 MERCEDES BENZ E320 2003 I Have A Mercedes Benz 2003 e320, battery drain every 6 hrs. bought new battery still battery drains. seems like most people
E320 MERCEDES BENZ E320 1996 When Ignition Was Turned battery exploded violently covering garage and vehicle with battery acid. no determination has been made for the
E320 MERCEDES BENZ E320 1997 While Driving Vehicle Stalled. took battery out of vehicle to take it to dealer to have it replaced. as putting battery down,
E430 MERCEDES BENZ E430 1999 Loud Original Bttery Explosion Under rear seat with dislodging of rear seat and acid spary.*ak
E430 MERCEDES BENZ E430 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 mercedes benz e430. the contact stated that the vehicle exploded when he attempted to start the engine.
E430 MERCEDES BENZ E430 1998 While Driving 10-15 Mph Another vehicle hit consumers vehicle on drivers side. seatbelt did not restrain consumer properly as he was tossed from
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 9999 Mercedes Benz With Consistent Battery drain. mercedes was not able to repair. tgw
MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ MERCEDES BENZ 9999 Priror To Recall Notification Vehicle battery failed. however, dealer will not perform recall repairs because battery was replaced at an unauthorized dealer.
ML320 MERCEDES BENZ ML320 2001 I Own A Mercedes Ml 320, 2001 model. the vehicle has had repeated failures since i purchased it new. the
ML320 MERCEDES BENZ ML320 1998 While Driving Vehicle At 55 mph battery light illuminated on dashboard, and smoke started to come from under the hood. dealer
ML350 MERCEDES BENZ ML350 2007 While Driving My 2007 Mercedes benz ml350, the car started to shut down, meaning all controls locked up and smoke started coming out
S430 MERCEDES BENZ S430 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 s430 mercedes benz. the plastic cover for the head light bulb melted . the dealer
SLK MERCEDES BENZ SLK 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle was parked in a parking lot for 45 minutes afterwards, while attempting to turn the ignition on the

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