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Mazda Vehicle Speed Control Accelerator Pedal Reports

17 Mar

MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 When Accelerating Above 30mph, accelerator sticks, resulting in low idling. tt
MAZDA MPV 2000 Engine Stalls Intermittently And Hesitates when applying accelerator pedal. vehicle has been to dealer ship on several occasions. dealer has

MAZDA MILLENIA 1998 3 Times Gas Pedal Has caused vehicle to hesitate. several complaints had been made regarding this prolbem. vehicle was
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Vehicle Was Going 10-15mph And stepped on gas to go 20-25mph. and rpms were sticking,and braking made it 80-85% less effective.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 While Driving About 50 Mph and when stepping on accelerator pedal, vehicle will not accelerate. also, transmission only will
MAZDA 626 1997 Throttle Pedal Sticks And Vehicle will accelerate forward after pedal is depressed several times. dealer has been notified.*ak
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 On Four Occasion While Backing out of garage vehicle suddenly accelerated while applying brake. believed this happened because both pedals are set
MAZDA 626 1994 When Traveling Between 60-65 Mph and upon depressing the acclelerator pedal rpms will go down and vehicle will come to a slow stop, resulting
MAZDA 626 1999 While Driving Transmission Comes to a complete stop when making a u turn. when consumer comes to a stop sign or a stop
MAZDA 626 1994 When Applying The Accelerator Pedal vehicle does not move, as if in neutral. dealer has replaced transmission twice already. needs third transmission.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1994 Throttle Control Pedal Sticks to the floor when trying to speed up in traffic. *ak
MAZDA 626 1989 Gas Pedal Got Stuck, causing the vehicle to suddenly and quickly surge and lunge. consumer applied brakes, but vehicle did not stop,
MAZDA 323 1991 While Backing Out Of A parking spot, the accelerator stuck and vehicle took off in reverse wide open. driver hit a chain link
MAZDA MPV 1996 At Low Speeds Drivetrain Binds up. makes popping noises. vibrations occurs in accelerator. dealer found no problem with drive train.*ak
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 When Traveling And Attempting to accelerate, upon depressing the accelerator pedal, there is no response. also, the problem is
MAZDA 626 1994 When The Car Is In drive and put foot on the gas pedal, the car goes in reverse. dealer did not
MAZDA MIATA 1996 Consumer Noticed The Accelerator Pedal cut a slit into the carpet,causing the pedal to stick, leaving the throttle in a wide open position,
MAZDA 626 1995 When Placing Foot On the accelerator the throttle goes wide open. consumer has to turn off ignition to stop vehicle. dealer cannot
MAZDA NAVAJO 1991 The Gas Pedal Got Stuck and while trying to put the car into neutral, the car went into reverse which caused the car to
MAZDA PROTEGE 1990 When Backing Out Of Driveway placed car in drive and depressed gas, and vehicle lurched forward and crashed. gas pedal was stuck
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 When Slowing Down To Enter highway, and then pressing accelerater and vehicle slows down, instead of speeding up. it
MAZDA 626 1998 While Driving Approximately 70 Mph there was a loud rumbling noise with no prior warnings. the gas pedal slowly declined and the car
MAZDA NAVAJO 1994 On Aug 7, 2000 i was on route 17, when i entered the highway, my gas pedal jammed and started excelerating very
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1994 The Gas Pedal Sticks At any speed and when first starting the truck.this happen before and was supposedly fixed, but has reoccurred again.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1992 Funny Noise In Brakes, dealer claims nothing wrong, consumer was backing car when both the accelerator and brake pedal got stuck, causing
MAZDA MIATA 1999 11/7/2010; Accelerator Pedal Stuck in carpet at low rpm in 2nd gear. i pushed in the clutch, and turned off the ignition.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Driving 65mph On Freeway Went to switch lanes and accelerator pedal fell completely to floorboard. immediately put on emergency flashers and pumped brakes into
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mazda tribune. the contact was driving 45 mph when the accelerator pedal became stuck in the open throttle
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 mazda tribute. while driving approximately 55 mph he applied pressure to the accelerator pedal. the
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mazda tribute. while driving approximately 60 mph on the freeway the accelerator pedal became stuck and the contact almost
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 mazda tribute. the contact took off and the accelerator got stiff and stuck. while driving 30 mph,
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 mazda tribute. while accelerating at 2 mph from a complete stop, the accelerator pedal became stuck and slowly
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 Gas Pedal Sticking Or Freezing while driving. occurs when cold or raining. had repaired one time but is happening again. *tr
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 mazda tribute. when she applied pressure to the accelerator pedal it stuck to the floor which caused her to
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 The Gas Pedal On My 2005 mazda tribute sticks. i can not figure out a reason for this, or what causes it to
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 I Was Stopped At A light behind a car and when the light changed i took my foot off the brake and the car
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 I Own A 2005 Mazda tribute with approximately 20,000 miles. for the past 6-8 months i have had issues with the gas
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 My Gas Pedal Sticks When going from a dead stop, causing the car to accelerate to fast. this happens mostly when it
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mazda tribute. the contact stated that the accelerator pedal randomly locks in place. she literally has
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 I Purchased The 2005 Mazda tribute in dec '04. within one month, the gas pedal would stick in the up position and
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 mazda tribute. the contact stated that her vehicle makes a grinding noise when accelerating. the noise
MAZDA MAZDA3 2007 I Have Sustained A Painful ergonomic injury to my right achilles tendon from the poor design of the accelerator/brake area and the limited seat adjustment
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 Tl*- The Contact Stated That while driving the 2006 mazda tribute at 45 mph the vehicle accelerated without pressing the gas pedal.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 Accelerator Pedal Began Sticking. i could not raise the pedal up or press it down. suddenly, car would take off.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated While the cruise control is engaged, if the accelerator is gently applied the pedal pulled down to the floor.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 My 1995 Mazda Protege Has the gas and brake petals so close in height and little separation that it is very easy to apply the
MAZDA MPV 2000 Dt: Contact States: Last Week she was driving down the road and her gas pedal got stuck. she put on the brake and there
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Occassionally, While My Car is idle both parked but running or while i'm in traffic, the engine accelerates and the rpm gauge
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2002 Dt: Vehicle Shuts Off Completely during movement. it also speeds up without the accelerator pedal being depressed. also, transmission
MAZDA MPV 2003 Dt: The Contact States on two different occasions his wife was in a parking lot and the vehicle started accelerating, causing an accident
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 I Have A 2003 Mazda tribute. i received a recall notice in late february just before going on a business trip about an
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 While Driving 40 Mph vehicle accelerated. as a result, consumer's vehicle rear ended another vehicle. no injuries reported. consumer
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 2005 Mazda Tribute [4000 Mi] brakes failed and throttle stuck on dec 17, 2004. i had to pull hand brake to stop .
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Accelerator Pedal Gets Stuck in idle position. by applying force, then accelerator pedal moves but vehicle takes off erratically. it happens
MAZDA MPV 2002 While Waiting At An Intersection vehicle accelerated uncontrollably. however, consumer was able to apply the brakes and vehicle stopped completely.
MAZDA MIATA 1999 The Accelerator Pedal Sheared Off in half while driving. consumer was able to idle the vehicle with the gears accelerating speeds of three to
MAZDA PROTEGE 2003 The Vehicle Stalled On A continuous basis. the dealer was not able to duplicate the problem. there was also a
MAZDA PROTEGE 2002 Whenever The Vehicle Is On a slight incline vehicle would roll backward when the driver releases the accelerator or the brake pedals. dealer was
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Vehicle Stalled, And After pressing the accelerator it stopped. dealer repaired the vehicle at consumer's expense. manufacturer stated
MAZDA MPV 2000 Driving On Highway Down Mountain pass accelerator stuck, car would not slow down. could not turn off cruise control. had to
MAZDA MPV 2003 Vehicle Experienced Sudden Acceleration When shifting from park into drive. vehicle collided with brick building . air bags did not deployed,
MAZDA 626 1991 When Putting The Vehicle In drive it surged forward. this caused the consumer to lose control of the vehicle, and hit a building
MAZDA RX 8 2004 The Dummy Pedal On The left has a design flaw which enables high heels to be trapped between the pedal and the floorboard.
MAZDA MPV 2003 Throttle Revved, But vehicle failed to accelerate when the gas pedal was depressed. prior this to incident transmission abruptly shifted into
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 The Accelerator Pedal Stuck on two separate occasions. this occurred while accelerating from a stop position. as a result, excessive force
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Accelerator Pedal Is Sticky Right from the start of depressing the pedal. once the resistance is overcome the vehicle lurches forward.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2004 Accelerator Pedal Stuck On 2004 mazda tribute. *la
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 When It Is Cold the accelerator sticks after going about an inch. when the accelerator becomes unlocked it causes the vehicle to
MAZDA MPV 1992 While Vehicle Was In Reverse accelerator pedal got stuck, causing vehicle to become uncontrollable.*ak
MAZDA MPV 2000 After Starting My Car The gas pedal is stuck and needs to be pressed hard to unstick it. this problem has occurred 4-5 times
MAZDA 626 1997 Unexpected Acceleration Surge Causing Car to jump curb, low wall, and through a fence, landing nose down on swimming pool deck.*ak
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2003 The Accelerator Pedal Became Stuck, which caused the vehicle to surge forward at a speed of 55 mph. *jb
MAZDA 626 1996 I Have A 96 626 that has 125,000 miles. i purchased my car in 98 with 60,000 miles. in
MAZDA MPV 2002 The Accelerator Became Stuck, the dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. *jb

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