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Monday 26th of October 2015 02:41:10 PM

MAZDA 626 1995 Transmission Failed Twice
MAZDA 626 2000 Engine Check Light And Battery light came on, came on five times, the first time dealer replaced broken idler pulley belt bolt,
MAZDA 626 1994 Vehicle Has The Same Defect as recall 99i005000/speedometer failure, speedometer gear failed, causing transmission to stay in third gear.
MAZDA 626 1991 Vehicle Was Going 70-75mph In 5th gear and suddenly downshifted to 1st gear and locked up. no warning was indicated. speedometer
MAZDA PROTEGE 2000 When Driving Speedometer Reading goes from 60 to 0 still with forward movement, causing vehicle to jerk forward/ hesitate also, consumer
MAZDA 626 1995 Manufacturer's Recall 99i005000/speedometer Failure: dealer notifed, and informed consumer that manufacturer's recall only covered 1994 vehicles, not 1995. repairs would
MAZDA 626 1994 Overdrive Off Light Flashes On, and transmission stayed in 3rd gear . this could have caused a crash. also,
MAZDA 626 1994 When Traveling At Regular Speed speedometer jumps back and forth. *ak
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 Speedometer Stays On "0" Even when the tackometer goes up to "7." dealer has not been contacted, and is not aware of
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 When Driving Speedometer Was out of control, and can't tell speed traveling. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer indicated it
MAZDA PROTEGE 1999 The Vehicals Tacometer Was Fluttering and the vehical was stalling at lights and stop signs the check engine light came on and we brought the
MAZDA 626 1995 O/d Light Flashes While Engine running without using o/d, or o/d is off (dot number: n/a tiresize: p195/65r14)
MAZDA 626 1994 My Car/transmission Is An Accident just waiting to happen. you never know if you are going to pull out safely in traffic because
MAZDA 626 1997 Od On/off Light Started To flash on highway, then speedometer and tachometer fell to 0, smoke went from the hood, and all
MAZDA 626 1997 Vehicle Odometer Nearly Doubles Acutual miles driven/ clibrated by aaa several times to comfirm. *ak
MAZDA 626 1995 The Transmission Went Out On my car. since then, i have read alot of articles on the web and my mechanic advised
MAZDA MX 6 1994 While Driving At Highway Speeds, the engine completely died, suddenly and without any warning. the tachometer reading went to zero and
MAZDA MILLENIA 1995 The Car Was In An accident on 12/14/98 on the rear passager door on the driver side. within a week to 10 days
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1996 Speedometer Failed. Mjs
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 Axle Dampner / Boot Are loose, causing roaring noise from transmission. *yc
MAZDA 626 1992 Speedometer Broken.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1994 Speedometer And Odometer Failed.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 Vehicle Suddenly Shifted Into First gear while going 65 mph, 1st gear melted onto the shaft causing gear to stick.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1996 Speed Sensor Failed.
MAZDA NAVAJO 1991 Speedometer Worked Intermittently In Cold weather.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1993 Speedometer/odometer Failed.
MAZDA 323 1990 Odometer Cable Broke. *sd
MAZDA MX 6 1991 Speedometer Inoperative. *sd
MAZDA 626 1993 Odometer Sticks/making Noise, Also trip odometer lubed. *skd
MAZDA 626 1988 Speedometer Cable Severed. *tw
MAZDA CX 7 2011 Vehicle Exhibits Sudden Acceleration. approx 25% to 35% of the time vehicle will lurch forward when accelerating from a stop. vehicle behaves as
MAZDA MAZDA3 2013 My Car Has Had Automatic transmission issues since i bought it. intermittent lack of acceleration after coming out of a parking lot,
MAZDA CX9 2007 My Husband Had Just Left our home and luckily were still in our neighborhood when our mazda cx9 started to stutter and shake and become
MAZDA MAZDA3 2006 Car Stalled While Driving , lost power cant turn the wheel.
MAZDA CX 5 2014 About An Hour Into My commute from work, stopped at traffic light. accelerator didn't respond after several attempts to reach full speed.
MAZDA RX 8 2006 I Was Going To Pull out of the parking lot when the clutch pedal bent over to the side (brake side). because of the
MAZDA 626 2001 Transmission O/d Lights Flashing And does not move in the first gear or shift to second either has happened on free way also which is
MAZDA MAZDASPEED6 2006 5 Months Ago, Took car to mazda dealer for timing chain, vvt noise and was replaced under extended warranty. last month
MAZDA CX 7 2008 I Write To Express My disappointment at the quality of vehicles mazda is putting out, and the lack of response mazda's customer service department
MAZDA CX 9 2012 Like One Other Incident, my complaint involves the transfer case which is specific to the awd models. i was on a major roadway
MAZDA MAZDA3 2014 I Initially Had Issue Getting into and out of the 3rd and 4th gear (manual transmission car). i could feel gears grinding during shifting
MAZDA CX 9 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mazda cx9. the contact stated while driving approximately 10 mph, an abnormal noise emitted from the
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 As I Was Slowing Down to make a right turn i placed the car in neutral. after making the turn and going to put
MAZDA CX 9 2010 This Car Is Maintained To manufacturer's requirements. smoke filled the drivers cabin, coming from oil dripping out of the failed power transfer
MAZDA MAZDA6 2003 Transmission Kicks Really Hard Making the car feel like it was hit from behind. the car is hard to control at the time this
MAZDA MAZDA6 2011 When I Back Up And stop with my foot on the brake i shift the car to drive and it feels and sound like the
MAZDA MAZDA5 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 mazda 5. while parked with the emergency brake engaged, the vehicle rolled away. as a result,
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 Driving Normally, Transmission Gets struck in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or fourth gear. sometimes transmission will downshift very, very hard.
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 The Shift Lever Complete Broke off and no longer had any affect on engaging any of the gears. i was stopped at a light
MAZDA CX 7 2007 I Purchased My 2007 Mazda cx-7 from a dealership in greensburg, pa in february of 2014, it was purchased as a used car
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2008 Vehicle Suddenly Lost Power At highway speed (60+ mph) with red triangle warning symbol and "stop safely now" message. event has happened on
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 Driving Vehicle On A Residential road, as i accelerated up small hill, transmission did not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. rpms
MAZDA MAZDA6 2007 The Transmission In My 2007 mazda 6i ve started shifting hard and slipping. the transmission, after changing transmission fluid by dealership, has
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 We Were Just Returning From a trip of 9 days which contained many high speed highway hours and mountainous terrain. car has 20000 miles
MAZDA RX 8 2005 Oil Cooler Coupling Severely Rotted to the point of failure (hoses looked fine just the coupling areas). warranty will not cover parts and
MAZDA CX 9 2012 I've Purchased 2012 Mazda Cx-9 awd it late november of 2011.recently i've been experiencing multiple unexpected loss of power-assisted breaks failure incident .i
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2007 On Saturday 19 July 2014, my wife and i were driving north on highway 131, 18 miles south of grand rapids, mi
MAZDA MAZDA6 2005 It Has A Very Rough shift from first to second gear. it doesn't grind or or clunk, it's just a violent shift almost
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2007 On Saturday 19 July 2014, my wife and i were driving north on highway 131, 18 miles south of grand rapids, mi
MAZDA MAZDA6 2008 My Clutch Started To Get stiff and i couldn't push it. eventually the clutch plate fell apart and the fell through the body
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 While Shifting From 2nd Gear to 3rd gear, shifter lever sheared, and detached, at the retaining pin.
MAZDA CX 9 2007 Was Driving On Interstate At night. engine light came on and car immediately drove as if it were not operating on all cylinders.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 Running Rough, Stalling At lights, replaced ignition coils, new ignition coils failed, further diagnosis, pcm causing failure
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Coil Failure, Replaced And same coil failures reoccur. pcm failure causing coil failure
MAZDA 626 2002 My Car Will Move Fine until it warms up but then slips out of all gears and wont move until the next day.
MAZDA MAZDASPEED6 2006 The Mounts And The Bolts that hold the rear differential mounts keep breaking. this has occurred over 5 times and is a well known
MAZDA CX 7 2007 Timing Chain Replacement Resulted In a catastrophic failure of the high pressure fuel pump and its housing. replacing the timing chain returned the
MAZDA MAZDA6 2014 After Driving My Lincoln Mkz, where pressing the ignition stop button automatically puts the car in park, i drove my friend's 2014 mazda6.
MAZDA CX 5 2014 On July 4, 2014, approximately 10:15 p.m., i was driving about 35 mph when the engine rpms were far above
MAZDA RX 8 2005 Clutch Bracket Snapped While At stop sign. unable to get car into gear.
MAZDA MAZDASPEED6 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2007 mazda speed6. the contact stated that the firewall was starting to separate and the clutch became difficult
MAZDA MAZDA6 2006 The Issue Has Been Ongoing, but originally started in the summer of 2008 (car had roughly about 42,000 or so miles on it).
MAZDA CX 7 2008 Vehicle Started Making A Loud whining noise while driving at 55mph. white smoke started pouring out of rear end. we thought the car
MAZDA MAZDA6 2009 Tl * The Contact Owns a 2009 mazda 6. the contact stated that while driving at unknown speeds, the vehicle accelerated and decelerated
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 I Am The Current Owner of this vehicle i. bought it through north shore bank off lease... i take good care
MAZDA MAZDA6 2014 This Incident Has Happened About 10 - 15 times in the 6 months i have had this car. it occurs when the vehicle is
MAZDA RX 8 2004 I Purchased The Car In 5/14/2013 after a week or so it started to lose power and misfiring , popping noise, transmission warms
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 I Bought This Car Used approximately three years ago and it has only been driven around town except to my honeymoon. my daughter was
MAZDA CX 5 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 mazda cx5. the contact stated that while driving 70 mph, the gear shifter button failed. the
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 Was Driving On Large Blvd thru town at approx. 45+ mpg, the car all of a sudden quit accelerating, the wrench light
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 First Occurrence Was While Backing out of a parking spot and put the vehicle into drive. i accelerated and the car hesitated, chugged,
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Vehicle Was Purchased Brand New from classic mazda or orlando, florida in december of 2012. all vehicle maintenance has been performed according
MAZDA CX 5 2013 This Vehicle When Stopped At a stop light, suddenly tried to accelerate then a loud thump and jolt (as if someone ran into
MAZDA MAZDA3 2007 Vehicle Was Traveling Along On 30 mph road with 'stop' sign ahead. as vehicle slowed down to about 15 mph, transmission started to
MAZDA MAZDA3 2010 I Was Driving Down The road all the sudden my car stopped and would not engage. apparently my clutch just randomly went out.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2010 Clutch Gave Out At 33, 000 miles. that is absurd. mazda claims its under their "wear and tear" but this is not a
MAZDA CX 7 2008 As I Was Driving My mazda ( with a turbo engine) along the highway it began to decelerate on its own and making a loud
MAZDA RX 8 2005 As I'm Driving My Clutch pedal gets stuck when it hits the floor and wouldn't up back up on its own and i would have
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 Re: Mazda 6 V6 Made in the ford/mazda auto alliance factory in flat rock, mi. the miles/speed i listed are actually n/a -
MAZDA CX 9 2010 When I Am At A stop ad start my vehicle accelerates without my assistance, this happened also while backing up and my foot was
MAZDA CX 7 2007 I Was Driving My 2007 mazda cx-7 a few days ago on a major road and it suddenly started to make a loud noise as
MAZDA CX 5 2014 The First Incident Was When i started the engine, the engine warning light and all other warning lights(sbc, abs, etc.)
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 Car Just Unexpectedly Down Shifts from 4th to 3rd gear.. transmission revs . have to stop the car. can not take
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 While Downshifting From 4th To 3rd and/or 5th to 4th to slow down without having my foot on the gas pedal (only on the clutch)
MAZDA CX 9 2007 Traveling On Interstate Engine Suddenly starts to stutter. push down on the gas and there is no power. car cannot go
MAZDA CX 5 2014 On 3/31/2014 I Test Drove a 2014 mazda cx5 at a nearby dealer. when coming up an onramp to a 4 lane divided
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 Stopped At A Stoplight, i attempted to shift in to first gear. while shifting, the transmission select lever sheered at the insertion
MAZDA CX 7 2008 Whining Sound When Gas Pedal is compressed, form 30 - 65 mph, at times ,loss of power. *tr
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Had Exited The Highway, and was on the surface streets to go home. roads were dry, middle of day, tank
MAZDA CX 5 2013 While Driving At 50mph My vehicle suddenly slowed down to 5mph. luckily for me no cars were behind me when this happened because
MAZDA CX 5 2013 Driving With Cruise On At approx 68mph, car suddenly slowed, the traction control light was solid amber, the tpms was flashing amber.
MAZDA MAZDA6 2010 My Son Took My Car to school. he was going to leave after school let out, he was going to give his friend
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 While Stopped At A Traffic light the vehicle began to surge as if the accelerator was being pressed and released, the car started running
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Hello, i was driving down a highway going about 30-40 mph in the passing lane. i went to accelerate
MAZDA MAZDA3 2013 I Started The Car And the check engine light came on. shifted into gear the "at" light came on. brought
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2009 5 Total Incidents -car Begins to shutter, lose power. all warnings lights illuminate and throttle is unresponsive. engine is still running.
MAZDA RX 8 2004 Power Steering Stopped Working When i was turning on to the high way. making it stiff and hard to turn. clutch peddle
MAZDA CX 7 2007 I Purchased A Brand New 2007 mazda cx-7 in april 2007, the vehicle started experiencing engine problems in september 2007, i was
MAZDA CX 7 2009 This Mazda Cx-7 Has Been driven by my disabled finance and used for in city driving it's whole life and one day a high pitched
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 While Driving Back Home The car started to slow down the speed , when i tried to shifted to get more speed because
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 While Driving On Four Lane highway, car slowed and failed to respond to gas pedal. could not shift gears in manual transmission.
MAZDA RX 8 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 mazda rx-8. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the catalytic converter became inoperable.
MAZDA MAZDA6 2014 The Vehicle Started To Decelerate while driving without any type of notice. the dealership found out the valve board in the transmission needed to
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 I Was Driving With My family on highway at 70 mph when i lost power to my accelerator. i was able to coast to
MAZDA MAZDA3 2010 Clutch Failure While Driving Resulting in difficulty steering and loss of control of the vehicle. as the care had a low mileage and is
MAZDA CX 5 2014 While Sitting At A Stop light, the vehicle slammed into gear (automatic transmission) so hard that i thought that i had been rear ended.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 Not Sure, But Think there is a leak at the transfer case. it smells when sitting for a few moments, there is
MAZDA CX 5 2013 Cx-5 Vehicle Experienced A Dangerous loss of engine/transmission power shortly after accelerating from a full stop at a stoplight. several console warning lights illuminated
MAZDA MAZDA3 2011 Sudden Clutch Failure. *tr
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 mazda tribute. the contact stated that the steering wheel seized sporadically while driving at low speeds and a
MAZDA MAZDA3 2008 I Parked My Car On numerous occasions in the last few months where the transmission failed to engage in park. it required multiple tries
MAZDA CX 9 2012 As I Was Driving Home, the vehicle began to slow down and soon came to a complete stop, even as i continued to
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 While Driving On Freeway During peak traffic (stop and go) all of a sudden my car would not go when pressing on gas pedal and
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2008 I Was Driving Home From work and i reached a stop light. i pushed the gas and it went to the floor and revved
MAZDA MX 5 2005 Purchased This Used 2005 Mazda miata about a month ago. servicing many components since purchase and learning about this vehicle. found
MAZDA MPV 2002 Transmission Failed, Completely Disengaged. no warning. had to be towed. required a $2500.00 complete overhaul. very low
MAZDA CX 5 2013 The Traction Control Light Came on and the tire pressure monitor light began to flash. it felt like car had downshifted a couple of
MAZDA RX 8 2005 I Was On My Way to buy some food supplies for weekend. i was looking for a parking lot at low speed, so
MAZDA RX 8 2005 As I Was Shifting Into 4th gear, my clutch pedal mad an odd loud "cracking" sounds and ever since then, my pedal is
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 After Slowing To Make A u-turn on a boulevard, the powertrain went into limp mode and the traction control light came on when i
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 Driving On The Interstate At 70 mph for the holidays when i lost all acceleration. pulled over to the side of the road and
MAZDA CX 7 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 mazda cx-7. the contact stated when he turned the vehicle on and shift into drive gear all five
MAZDA MAZDA5 2010 At A Full Stop With my right foot on the brake, the car jumped (as if being hit from behind) and the engine began
MAZDA MAZDA3 2010 2010 Mazda 3. consumer writes in regards to vehicle tires, softness of the brake and resurfacing rotors. *smd the
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 I Drive A 2012 Mazda i touring skyactive. while driving home about 45 mph when i was came to a street light.
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 Defective Engine/transmission Mount. Driving home at 45mph i suddenly felt a huge thunk and then metal pounding against metal as the car rolled.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2011 Premature Clutch Failure. mazda3 with manual transmission. clutch suddenly burn out and cannot shift gear while driving. heard something was falling
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 mazda mazda 3. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the traction skid warning light
MAZDA MAZDA6 2006 The Transmission Seems To Lock up and rev at a high rate, then the cars bucks and either engages at a lower gear or
MAZDA MAZDA3 2006 I Have A 2006 Mazda 3i touring sedan . i was driving to pick up a cake for my anniversary when i parked the
MAZDA CX 5 2013 Out Of The Blue, i started my vehicle to go to work and the check engine light was on. i read in the
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Driving At A Steady 65 mph, the car suddenly lost power and rapidly began decelerating. traction control light came on and stayed on.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2013 My Car Suddenly Shifted Into neutral and would not shift out of it. i coasted to a stop, stopped the car, waited
MAZDA CX 9 2013 Purchased This Car New, went to have oil change and there was oil underneath. the right piñon seal was out.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2012 mazda, mazda3. the contact stated that while driving 45 mph the vehicle downshifted independently, causing
MAZDA CX 5 2013 While Driving On The Highway, the vehicle very suddenly decelerated (from about 55 to 40), almost as if it slipped back a couple
MAZDA CX 5 2013 Driving On A Side Street, i felt a clunk through the gas pedal and the rpm's nosed dived to around 1500.
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 Kept Put Its Self In gear which is a safety mode !!! so i went to change the battery and smelled something burning and
MAZDA CX 5 2014 I Was About 30 Minutes in my drive on a 40-50 degree f morning. i stopped at a traffic light. when
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 Vehicle Was Traveling On Highway going 45mph when automatic transmission downshifted suddenly to first gear and would not upshift. attempted to manually shift gears
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 I Have A '12 Mazda mazda3 itouring hatchback w/2.0l skyactiv i-4 (bl generation) with skyactiv 6mt. when starting off from a stop in
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 Shifted From 1st To Second gear, shifter snapped in half. told be dealer that replacement shifter is on "galactic back order."
MAZDA CX 9 2012 Incident -1 Traveling About 45 mph decelerating to make a right turn, the car stalls out leaving me with no control of steering and
MAZDA CX 9 2010 When I Got In The car, the check tire pressure light was on. stopped at a service station and had the tires
MAZDA MAZDA6 2003 I Purchased A 2003 Mazda 6 about a month ago, and i have had the hard shifting problems and the temp gauge going up
MAZDA MAZDA3 2004 I Have Car Jm1bk12f64[xxxx], mazda 3, 2004, 2.0l. i have a problem with the axle shaft of my car.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2011 Around 3000 Miles, Manual transmission developed issue of not going into first gear from a stop. dealer investigated and said that this is
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1998 Four Wheel Drive System Engaged on it's own, causing severe left turns as front wheel locks up. has happened three times, even
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2011 I Have Always Had An acceleration issue with this vehicle. many many times, feels like the car is just not going to
MAZDA MAZDA3 2013 My New 2013 Mazda3 With only 3660 miles failed on a busy highway. first, the engine made a loud noise every time
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 This Needs To Be Investigated and a recall issued by mazda. 3,700.00 dollars later to have transmission rebuilt. recall was issued
MAZDA RX 8 2005 As I Was Pressing My clutch pedal to place my car into first gear, i heard and felt a snap in the clutch.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 2006 Mazda Tribute S Awd - vin# 4f2cz94156km04192 vehicle stalled out while making a left turn at an intersection. there is a tsb
MAZDA 626 1995 While Driving On The Highway after just drop off my daughter, i proceeded back on the highway and the transmission just threw me in
MAZDA RX 8 2004 Was Driving Normal Conditions Down a 35 mph road when i went to upshift gears and depressed the clutch pedal, i heard a loud
MAZDA TRIBUTE HYBRID 2006 Amazing How Many Times I have read on the internet on the same problem that happen to me and nothing has been done for mazda
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2006 2006 Mazda Tribute S 3. 0l 6 cyl. 4x4 received the dreaded news a p0740 code along with 4 others all
MAZDA TRIBUTE HYBRID 2006 Appears Mazda Has Problems With the transmission on this particular vehicle. see that mazda had a recall on the transmission for this vehicle for
MAZDA TRIBUTE HYBRID 2006 2006 Mazda Tribute S Not the hybrid. error code p0720 output speed sensor circuit malfunction. vehicle will not go faster than 25 miles
MAZDA TRIBUTE HYBRID 2006 2006 Mazda Tribute S - error code p0741 torque converter solenoid needs replaced. after researching this on the internet, appears this is a
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 While Driving At 45 Mph engine speed started to rise. as if transmission had shifted into neutral. i pulled over to the side
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mazda tribute (n/a). the contact stated that the engine rpms increased and the vehicle shifted hard upon initial
MAZDA 626 1997 We Recently Bought Or Mazda 626 from a dealer we were told that we were getting a quality car. we were fooled. with
MAZDA 626 2000 Driving In The Highway But abruptly it slowed down and can't speed up while i was in the traffic, it was almost bumped to
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 While Driving And Coming To a stop at a light the car stalled while using the air conditioner. this happened several times, so
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 Driving Normally, Wrench Light came on and lost the ability to accelerate with the gas pedal. pulled to the shoulder, placed vehicle
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 Driving Normally, Wrench Light came on and lost the ability to accelerate with the gas pedal. pulled to the shoulder, placed
MAZDA MAZDA3 2011 I First Took My Car in to the dealer when i noticed the clutch slipping after i shifted or when i accelerated at freeway speeds.
MAZDA 626 1996 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1996 mazda 626. the contact stated that while reversing from a driveway, the vehicle stalled without warning.
MAZDA 626 2000 Purchased Used Mazda 262, year 2000, that happened to have original known-faulty cd4e. car now inoperable after less than a thousand miles
MAZDA MAZDA6 2006 When Accelerating Or Climbing Enough to invoke a downshift, the transmission occasionally slips or disengages causing very high rpm, followed by a sudden
MAZDA RX 8 2006 Around 07/04/2013, My Clutch start to give me a few problems. the major one was that the clutch pedal would not respond
MAZDA CX 7 2007 Turning Into A Walmart Parking lot my car shut down for no reason. almost got hit by another car that was passing by since
MAZDA CX 5 2013 I Had Just Exited The freeway after driving 25 miles and was stopped at a stop light. when the light turned green and i
MAZDA CX 7 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 mazda cx-7. the contact stated that the vehicle surged forward while entering traffic and surged when being driven
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 On June 25, 2013 @ 11:00am i called mazda corporation (reference call number: [xxx]) about recalls associated with my mazda tribute 2003 and was
MAZDA CX 9 2011 2011 Mazda Cx-9. consumer writes in regards to vehicle fire caused by transmission/transfer case failure. *smd the consumer stated
MAZDA MAZDA6 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 mazda mazda6. the contact stated that there was a recurring failure with the transmission. the transmission
MAZDA MAZDA6 2006 My Transmission Fails And Revs high when i accelerate too hard or am going up a hill causing a downshift. this is most
MAZDA 626 2000 Transmission Overheated On The Freeway, blew out temperature gauge and no longer shifted after that. speed sensor stopped working. had to get
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2010 As I Was Driving On the interstate at 70mph i suddenly felt a tug and the speedometer began going down and i was not able
MAZDA CX 9 2010 Power Transfer Unit Leaking Oil, i may lose my 4wd if this is not fixed soon. it will cost $1150.00 to fix.
MAZDA MAZDA3 2010 Was Driving On Highway And rpm started to rev up, couldn't switch gears and clutch gave out from underneath me. luckily was able
MAZDA MAZDA6 2003 I Hadn't Had The Car too long and was taking off from a traffic light when the hard shift first occurred. i really
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 mazda, mazdaspeed3. the contact stated that while attempting to shift into reverse, the gear lever became
MAZDA CX 9 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 mazda cx-9. the contact stated that there were fuel fumes inside the cabin of the vehicle. additionally,
MAZDA CX 9 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 mazda cx9. the contact stated that the vehicle exhibited an overpowering burning odor from the vents. in
MAZDA MAZDA3 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 mazda mazda3. the contact stated when the engine was started, the automatic transmission light, and
MAZDA MAZDA3 2012 My Car Is An Automatic transmission. i was driving in traffic on the highway (about 20 mph) and noticed that when i pressed the

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