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Mazda Power Train Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Reports

17 Mar

MAZDA 929 1991 Faulty Torque Converter, Causing vibration. tt
MAZDA 626 1998 Transmission Locked Up While Driving at 45 mph , vehicle came to a dead stop with engine running. front wheels locked up,

MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1997 Overdrive Light Illuminates, Indicating a malfunction within the system, it is difficult to shift from first to second gears. dealer replaced
MAZDA 626 1997 Torque Converter Clutch Failed Causing a jerk feeling when the transmission shifts. nlm
MAZDA 323 1988 Automatic Transmission And Torque Converter failure. vehicle does not run properly even after repair.
MAZDA 626 1995 Dealership Advised That Transmission Had codes of 628 torque convertor solenoid locked up and code 657 fluid over temp, and that transmisson oil dark
MAZDA 626 1995 Flashing Od Light At 68800mi, transmision began slamming into gear. codes indicated bad torque converter, dealer service would not rebuild due
MAZDA 323 1988 Torque Converter Failed Three Times.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2005 2005 Mazda Tribute S. consumer states that vehicle suddenly started to die at intersections when she slowed down or stopped. mazda service has
MAZDA 626 1997 1997 Mazda 626 Lx L4 2.0l 120,625 had to have a complete transmission rebuild cd4e cost $2,539.00.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 mazda tribute. while driving between 45-65 mph, the vehicle makes a loud vibrating sound as if the
MAZDA 626 1997 1997 626 Mazda Transmission! this transmission will not hold up! i've had it replaced 2 times (over $3400) and the previous owner once.
MAZDA 626 1997 I Have A 1997 Mazda 626 that the o/d light has begun flashing and the engine light has come on. after the o/d
MAZDA MPV 2002 My 2002 Mazda Mpv Had a transmission failure at 42,000 miles. it had continuously slipped to neutral at highway speeds leaving the consumers
MAZDA 626 1996 I Am Having Problems With my automatic transmission in my mazda 626 lx 1996 model. i bought this used car on jan 2006 and
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Shutter Of The Transmission/torque Converter when traveling around 45 mph. problem first reported on the vehicle around 30,000 miles at which time
MAZDA 626 1997 Transmission Failure On 97 Mazda 626 automatic transmission after approx 15000 miles.
MAZDA MAZDA6 2003 Check Engine Light Came On car was hesitating in middle of highway felt like it wanted to shut off made it home next day car
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2002 I've Owned This Vehicle For a little over 2 years and it has been to the dealer for repairs 7 times now. no
MAZDA 626 2001 Automatic Transmission Failure At 41, 000 miles. *ak
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Known Problem In Transmissions Used in ford escapes and mazda tributes. problem with torque converter lock not operating properly. ford issued oasis fix
MAZDA MILLENIA 1995 I Took My Car Into the dealer for front in wobble / noise and engine oil consumption. 3 weeks and $1980 later,
MAZDA 626 1995 Transmission Failed With No Warning while pulling into traffic, near miss, car had to be pushed from road and towed. this
MAZDA 626 1996 Everytime I Drive The Overdrive light comes on and while driving it hesitste on freeyway i check to the mechenic he say its transmission
MAZDA 626 1997 automatic transmissions are defective as noted in similar complaints (formal and informal; see, for example, the lengthy
MAZDA 626 1996 1996 Mazda 2.0 626 lx. overdrive flashes from 4th to 3rd. multiple attempts to fix/find problem to no satisfaction. mazda
MAZDA 626 2001 Hello, I Am writing to inform you of a transmission problem i have with my madza 626. i have taken it to
MAZDA 626 1999 The Catalytic Converter Malfunctioned. also, torque converter became defective, resulting in major transmission problems. *ak
MAZDA 626 1996 My 1996 Mazda 626 Had been experiencing trouble shifting and the o/d off light kept flashing so i took it in to the dealership.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Torque Converter & Transmission On 2001 mazda tribute failed. *ak
MAZDA 626 1994 1994 Mazda 626 Transmission Failure. the mazda/ford 1994 through 1998 cd4e transmission appears to be problematic according to several transmission dealerships.
MAZDA 626 1996 '96 Mazda 626 (bought New) . transmission failed at 83,000+/_ mi. initially took car to a dealer for oil leak (replaced
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2002 While Driving On Freeway @ 65 mph tensioner broke off and serpentine belt to come off causing loss of stearing and power system down.

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