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Mazda Interior Lighting Reports

Tuesday 25th of August 2015 06:50:26 PM

MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 When Driving Vehicle's Headlights/ panel lights, outside lights go out. *ak
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1997 Dome Light Will Not go off. with the dome light on at night, driver is not able to see outside of
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1998 Door Switch That Controls Interior lights stays on. light interferes with driving and runs down battery. three times the switch has been
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 Brake Caliper Pins Rusted Out due to moisture coming into contact with the pins, and causing the calipers to work erratically. consumer
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2002 The Light On The Instrument panel indicating a door is open comes on by itself anytime it's hot outside. i am unable to keep
MAZDA MPV 2000 Instrument Panel Lights Flicker,increase in brightness,and get dim. this ocurs when the air conditioner or heater is in use at night with
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 Vehicle Stopped & Could Not accelerate. dash panel lights all came on. i was going slightly downhill & also car
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2001 I Had The Same Exact problem with my vehicle for two occurrences. each time i was coming down a hill and then all
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1997 Dome Light Goes Off and on by itself when driving, dealer knows of problem, said it was switches, changed ,
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1996 Interior Light Won't Shut Off door ajar light on even with both door fully closed. *ak
MAZDA 626 1999 I Purchased This Vehicle, new, on april 8, 1999. immediately i noticed problems, the car made an odd noise and
MAZDA PROTEGE 1996 Interior Dome Light Bulb Failed.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1996 Interior Dome Light Failure.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1996 Dash Lights Failed.
MAZDA 626 1993 Logicon Control Unit Replaced Due to heater control light not working.
MAZDA 626 1991 Dome Light Failed 3 Times. *ak
MAZDA MAZDA5 2010 On My 2010 Mazda 5 sport, the instrument panel lights up automatically when it is dark or dim outside. on previous years
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 mazda b4000. the contact stated that the interior lighting in his vehicle would illuminate intermittently. the
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2008 Major Transmission Leak, It kept leaking everywhere even at the dealership it was leaking, but for some reason the car drove normal,
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2000 The Vehicle Has Several Safety issues. 1. the door ajar light on dash repeatedly comes on as
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1995 Dome Light Stays On While driving day or night. it is illegal to drive with the light on at night. the door ajar
MAZDA 626 2000 Actually I Have Lived With this problem since approx. yr.2003 one day i adjusted the lever for the brights or indicator and
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1998 The Interior Light Stays On as a result of reading the door ajar. this will be the third time that i've had to
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1998 The Interior Light Flickered On and off intermittently.*jb interior lights also stay illuminated when the doors are closed.*mr
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1997 Abs Light Comes On Intermittently. vehicle has been taken to several dealers. the dealers can not find a problem with the
MAZDA 626 1999 Automatic Transmission Shifting Problem, irregular rpm's when idling, popping noise in front (suspension?) when driving over bumps at high rates of speed i.

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