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17 Mar

MAZDA HOOD 9999 Mazda Rx 8 Clutch Pedal assembly gone bad but warrenty is expired but it has a recall on it and mazda still does not want
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Throttle Surge Upon Breaking Caused an accident driving into wood pile damaging and ripping off ground effects right front rim and damaged valve stem also

MAZDA HOOD 9999 Both Driver And Passenger Seatbelt receptacles have failed and need to be replaced. vehicle has only 78,000k. *tr
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Fedex Shipped A 5th Wheel hitch but a missing part was missing? might be that the fedex shipping did not make a proper packaging and
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) model-98480 tachometer? **********
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Veh.was Just Fixed By mazda 3 weeks earlier for throttle damage cable damage/ iac valve def. &wide open "see ref #10289784 10/26/09" when
MAZDA HOOD 9999 My Wife And I Purchased a 2007 mazda cx-7 a few years ago, and over the last three months it has been in the
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Have A Mazda Rx8 2005. it repeatedly stalls and has needed a new engine twice in less than a year. mazda covered
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Own Two 1998 Mazda 626s. the transmission went out in the first one. i bought a replacement and installed it.
MAZDA HOOD 9999 1998 Mazda 626 Automatic Transmission car will not go into gear, forward or reverse. the problem just started while driving at about 45
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Mazda Tribute Suv - 2000 - - recall/replace 2004 o2 sensor, began problems after this. incident: after driving and engine
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmissions Were A Very Big problem. *tr
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Installed The Aftermarket Mazdaspeed lowering springs on my mazdaspeed3, carefully following the supplied instructions. the instructions require removing the bump stops
MAZDA HOOD 9999 1997 Mazda 626lx 2.0l. had the o/d light come on twice. then about a year later the vehicle started to shift hard/slip.
MAZDA HOOD 9999 My Transmission On Mpv mazda van just stopped working , once on the expressway. once on a trip. both cost
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmission Went Out Without Warning on my 2000 mazda 626 and also a few month later the motor went out too, i
MAZDA HOOD 9999 At 38,800 Miles, i had to replace my brakes pad and rotors, now at 49,785 i will need to replaced my
MAZDA HOOD 9999 First Incident: 9/2/04: Had To have transmission completely rebuilt after it failed on @ 61,360 miles. replaced master o/h kit, torque converter,
MAZDA HOOD 9999 At 50,089 Miles, my transmission failed; more specifically, the torque converter malfunctioned resulting in total transmission failure. i have had
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Had An Oil Change a month ago and i am now getting a leak underneath the front right side of my car underneath
MAZDA HOOD 9999 1). Three Recalls On my vehicle: 1st - power train control module re-calibration recall 1904d. 2nd - b4000 dpfe sensor warranty
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Have Had My 2001 mazda 626 for 3 years. there is only 69,000 miles on this car, and now my transmission
MAZDA HOOD 9999 After The 1st Tune Up the idling is un-staedy everytime when ac is on or headlights is on with the brake apply. the
MAZDA HOOD 9999 My 2001 Mazda 626 Automatic transmission has burnt-up twice with a total of 90k miles. the problem seems to be well documented with
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Had Several Emmision Repairs done within 60 highway miles on my mazda tribute 2002. now have a complete transmission failure needa new
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Well This Is The Second time i have had to replace my transmission due to poor design. this is a dangerous problem and very
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Approximately A Week And A half after having the throttle cable serviced on a recall, was travel at 75 mph when the vehciles rpms
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Just Bought A Used 96 mazda 626lx. very well taken care of and had been checked out by a mechanic throughly. a day
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmission Failure At 31,000 miles, car just passed warranty date by 2 months, dealer charged $600+ for labor, transmission was provided
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Purchased My 1998 Mazda 626lx in december 2000 with 65,000 miles on it. in july 2002 the transmission went out completely
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmission Seized Abrubtly During A highway drive at 45 mi./ hr. locked up no reverse on my 1998 mazda 626. near
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmission On My 2002 Mazda 626. it will not go forward. my mechanic has informed me that mazda is aware of
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Motor Mounts Were Changed With less than 40,000 miles without having any front end damages. covered by extended warranty. despite
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Mazda Tribute 2002, Had lower engine replaced after 4000 as it totally died on the highway. 20 months later i am having
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Own A 1993 Mazda mx6, i have had to replace ball joints on one side of the vehicle twice and once on the
MAZDA HOOD 9999 Transmission Failure Had To Be replaced, overdrive light constantly flashing, dealers stated was oxygen sensor replaced both sensors, problem not solved,
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Have A 2001 Mazda 626. the over drive light began to flash, within 15 minutes i was at the dealer.
MAZDA HOOD 9999 I Purchased A Car In april 2001 (a used car) and have an extended warranty for it. car started giving me problems in
MAZDA HOOD 9999 At 59,000 Miles I paid for a needed, new transmission at a mazda dealer. now @ 106,000 miles it is

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