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Lincoln Suspension Rear Shock Absorber Reports

26 Jun

LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Rear Suspension Failure, Rear suspension shocks had to be replaced. tt
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 The Front And Rear Strut/shock went out, the head gasket was leaking and the ball joint , the alternator. tt
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1985 The Front And Rear Shock when car is park shock are down when driving come back up. tt
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 While Driving Struts/ Shocks Went out, causing levelers not to work properly. vehicle would pull to the right, and steering
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 When Driving And Pulling Up and putting the vehicle into park, the back of the vehicle will go down to the ground due to
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 While Driving Vehicle At 65 mph left rear shock blew out, causing vehicle to drop to ground level . problem has been
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 The Rear Shocks On The vehicle need to be replaced, causing the rear suspension to drop when driving at a hight speed,
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 Sensor On Rear Air Ride suspension system apparently failed, calling for increased pressure. the air shocks pumped until they exploded, producing
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 The Air Shocks Do Not work properly. *ak
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1991 Two (2) Rear Air Shocks failed.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Right Rear Shock Blew Out.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1997 Dealer Replaced The Rear Right and left air shocks, consumer states they made a noise that sounded like a basket ball bouncing up and
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1996 Rear Shocks Failed. nlm
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 Rear Shock Absorber Failed. yh
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Front And Rear Air Shocks and struts failed.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 Rear Suspension Failed, Vehicle sags. also, rear air suspension system/shock absorers and rear leaf spring assembly failed. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 Rear Struts Failed Resulting In leakage. mjs
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Rear Shock Absorbers Fell Off while driving on freeway.
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1990 Rear Struts Failed.
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1990 Struts Failed Several Times.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Rear Shocks Replaced.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Struts Replaced. *sd
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Rear Struts Replaced.

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