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Lincoln Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Hoses, Lines/piping, And Fittings Reports

26 Jun

LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 During Inspection, A Repair shop determined that brake line had been rubbing against chassis, causing brake line to rupture. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 A Solid Metal Brake Line was being rubbed by front control, and lost all brake fluid. also, did not have any
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 When Brakes Were Applied pedal went to floor, resulting in extended stopping distance. dealer has inspected vehicle.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Clamp That Is Attached To brake fluid line casues brake fluid to leak out, resulting in loss of brakes which caused a collision.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 The Brake Lines Rusted Trhough, causing brake failure. dealer has inspected and repaired vehicle. *ak referenced in rq03-004
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Lower Control Arm Broke, dropping vehicle to the ground, and consumer lost power steering. also, while applying the brakes,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Vehicle Was Parked And Suddenly burst into flames due to a brake line leak that was leaking fluid onto exhaust. dealer has been contacted.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Recall 98i0001000. Brake Line wear; when driving the brake light came on, and the pedal went all the way to
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 When Applying Normal Brake Pressure defective left front brake line is causing vehicle to pull to right then dart back to left.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 When Brakes Was Applied The vehicle failed to stop. the owner had the brakes checked out which informed him the brake line had
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Owner Attempted To Pull Out onto a major road and brake pedal descended to floor. owner noticed that all fluid had run out
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1986 While Driving Vehicle Was Lurching, then consumer noticed smoke coming from the tires. dealer determined that right front brake was locked up,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 Consumer Found A Constant Leak under vehicle. took vehicle in for repair, and dealer found out that fuel line was corroded/ rusted and
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 After Putting Vehicle In Park, consumer noticed that there was a trail of fuel leading up the driveway coming from the vehicle.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 While Driving, Consumer Went to apply brakes to stop and brake pedal went to the floor, took vehicle to dealer and was informed
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 I Came To A Stop light and the car had just enough brakes to stop with, i pulled into a parking lot and notice
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 The Brake Line Was Rusted through below the driver seat and ruptured. the driver could not stop the vehicle in time and
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Steel Brake / Fuel Line assembly failure. heavily rotted due to positioning on frame rail, trapps dirt/ moisture or could just be infirior
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1999 Brake Line Ruptured And The brakes failed.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1988 Fuel Line From Gas Tank to engine is leaking at right door pillar undrbody. inspection reveals the gas line to be plastic of some
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Consumer Had Front Brake Pads replaced and front brake rotors machined, 4 months later while driving, brakes failed, dealer states brake lines
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 The Brakes Occasionally Fail Causing the car to pull to the left when the brakes are applied. dealer traced cause to collapsed brake lines.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 Brakes Failed, Due To a brake fluid leak from a hole in the brake line caused by rubbing against the body of car,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Metallic Brake Lines Heavily Rusted. *dsh
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 I Own A 1996 Lincoln towncar vin [xxx]. on saturday 7/9/2011 my brake lines broke and my brakes failed in rockwood, tn.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 lincoln mark viii. while driving 50 mph the brake line erupted. he continued to pump the brakes as
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Ford Lincoln -- town car, year model 1997. brake line (tubing) between point of distribution from master
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 I Own 2 1992 Lincoln town cars. in the first week of oct.,2007, the brakes on both cars failed. the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 lincoln town car. while driving 50 mph, the front passenger side of the vehicle jumped when the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Brake Pedal To The Floor while driving in mall parking lot. brake fluid flowing from leak in rusted brake line under body of
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 lincoln town car. the contact stated that the brakes feel spongy and the vehicle feels as if it
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Brake Failure Due To Corroded and rusted brake lines. had to replace all lines. can't understand why this occurred as i
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated the brake light illuminated constantly. when the brake pedal was depressed, white smoke was observed coming from
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1994 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 35 mph on normal city road conditions there was complete brake failure which almost caused the vehicle
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated There are nhtsa recalls, # 98i001000 and 01v318000, regarding the service brakes: hydraulic :foundation components: hoses, lines/piping,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Total Sudden Brake Failure On lincoln town car due to rust/corrosion of brake lines. own two other lincoln town cars whose brake lines are
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 I Have A 1997 Lincoln town car the two brake lines that run to the back brakes rusted out, and i lost my stopping
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Brake Line Failure Due To corroded brake line.
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1996 Driving My 1996 Lincoln Town car vehicle id #[xxx] to work when the brake light appeared in my dash and i lost most of my
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Consumer Complained About A brake line problem. there is insufficient clearance between the brake line and the underbody front floor
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 On Four Separate Occasions The consumer experienced a loss of braking due to four different sections of the metal brake line due to exterior
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1997 Brake Lines Were So Corroded that they failed, leaving me without brakes. my mechanic contacted ford to get replacement brake lines and
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 1997 Linclon Town Car Rear brake line failure due to corrosion. vehicle is now in repair shop.*ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 A Cell Phone Using Driver cut into my lane and i had to hit the brakes hard. there was a sudden loss of braking
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1994 Defective Brake Lines On 1994 lincoln town car.*mr both brakes lines burst leaving the consumer with no brakes. upon further inspection
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 The Fuel Line Rusted And ruptured on my town car on september 9, 2004. i called lincoln and they will not even
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1994 While Coming To A Stop sign consumer depressed the brake pedal. consumer checked under the hood and found that the brake fluid level
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 The Hydraulic Brake Line Rusted and as a result the brakes failed. *nm *sc *jb
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Consumer Had Picked Up Vehicle from dealership after brake line was replaced. owner drove the vehicle about 5 miles and front driver side
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 The Rear Brake Lines Have rusted all the way through. there is a recall for this particular vehicle. the manufacturer is
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Vehicle Lost Brake Power While driving 5 to 10 mph. the brake line was corroded. dealer recommended replacing all lines. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 The Vehicle Experienced Sudden Brake failure due to significant corrosion of the brake line across the rear. the consumer still
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Ltr Fm Edward F. harrigan (nj) asking nhtsa to look into a brake line corrosion problem on his 1996 lincoln town car.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 1996 Lincoln Town Car Brake line failure. *mr the consumer found braking fluid all over the rear housing as a result of
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 While Driving On Sunday, went to apply the brakes and the pedal went to the floor - also noticed the brake light came on.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 While Driving The Vehicle's Brake line failed which resulted in the consumer vehicle rear ending another vehicle. the dealer was notified.

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