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Sunday 27th of September 2015 05:16:53 PM

LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Engine Check Light Remains Illuminated, indicating a malfunction within the system, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the probelm.*
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 When Driving Gas Pedal would stick intermittently. contacted dealer, and he indicated that it was not a warranty problem, but
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 When Driving On The highway car shakes or vibrates very badly, and the engine checklight stays on all the time.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Led Displays On Dashboard Not legible when driving in the sun, especially thespeedometer display. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 While Driving Along Highway Engine check light came on, and the vehicle started accelerating up to 80mph. this happened with the cruise
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 The Instrument Panel Unit Has to be replaced due to poor visibility. also, the odometer mileage in incorrect. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Engine Check Light Kept Coming on& going off. would not stay on/off. has taken vehicle back & forth to dealer to b echecked
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1995 While Driving At 10mph And the engine check light came on/off. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1988 Engine Check Light Kept Coming on. took back to be used. dealer replaced alternator. problem still exists, later.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 When Driving And The Sun is shining consumer can't determine how fast he is traveling due to the blinding of everything on the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Light In Dash/ Indicates That air is leaking from somewhere. mechanic showed two rubber pieces, no leverage in the rear end air suspension.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Intrumental Panel Is Not Visible when driving in daytime. unable to check speed/ gas,etc.*ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Instrumental Panel Is Not Legible in the day time. unable to see how fast vehicle is going, and how full gas tank is.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1985 Consumer Is Having The same issues as mentioned in recall 90 v 000 000 equipment: certification label. but,
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1992 On 12/14/2001, My Wife terez kadar heard the smoke detector in our home go off. she discovered the downstairs basement den of
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 It Appears To Me That the 1992 lincoln continental executive series has many problems. i could not even sell it to a used
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1989 The Paint System Over The hood, roof and trunk are all failing. the top color coat is flaking off which is a
LINCOLN LINCOLN 2000 Engine Warning Lamp Lit In instrumentation cluster. engine noisy,runs rough. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 At 40,217 Miles On my 1993 lincoln continental my " engine check light" come on. i immediately took my car in for
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1987 Please Send Signature Form To send to manufacturer
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 When I Bought Car, i noticed 2 areas (each about 4 in. diameter) of slight paint degradation on roof at rear. now,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1986 No Summary
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 Feel Like Dealer Sold Vehicle without checking it out for consumer safety. no safety defects mentione din the summary. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 Message Cluster (mc): Check dcl warning light activated intermittently. the lc'92 handbook indicated the vehicle was driveable and warning light did not
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Noticed Paint Starting To Fade and haze in small area which has now appeared in other areas and continues to spread and deteriorate paint.
LINCOLN MARK 1993 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1986 My Car Began Having A problem with surging (feeling like someone is repeatedly mashing on and then letting up on the accelerater) several years ago.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 I Would Like To Have the seat belt latch replaced or repaired
LINCOLN MARK 1995 Problem With Weather Stripping. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 The Consumer Has Had Many components replaced (headlight switch and 2 digital dash assemblies) while trying the find the cause of the poor visibility of
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Instrument Panel Is Not Readable in sunlight. yh
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 Instrument Cluster Malfunctions. yh
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Vehicle Recall Not Able To be completed due to dealership problem (99v-124). mjs
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 No Information To Report.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1983 School Buses Need Seat Belts.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 Engine Light Failure.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 Keyless Entry Keypad Failed.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Dashboard Is Impossible To Read in sunlight.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Instrument Panel Readings Obscured By light intensity.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Other: Air Bag Warning Light came on.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Difficulty Reading Dashboard Indicators During daylight hours. *aw
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1988 Check Oil Light Stays On. *skd
LINCOLN LINCOLN 2000 2000 Lincoln Navigator. I have had it to the dealership and left it with the manager for weeks at a time to figure out
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2001 Tl*the Contact Owned A 2001 lincoln town car. while driving 5 mph, the vehicle automatically accelerated while entering the contact's parking garage.
LINCOLN LS 2000 The Window Safety Lock Does not operate, and i am unable to control the left rear window from the driver's control panel
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2006 crash test rating for rear crashes. in lincoln's town car web site:
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated while turning on the air conditioner, the heater came on instead and would not turn off and there was
LINCOLN LS 2001 P0171-bank 1- System To Lean p0174-bank 2-system to lean this is a design defect, rubber will rot under the extreme heat.
LINCOLN LS 2000 Purchased My 2000 Ls In october of that year. in 2001 had to have regulator on back passenger window replaced. since
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2001 Concerned About Fires Identifed As being caused by the hot wired cruise control switch as recently reported on twice on television. i am
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1998 The Front Suspension Sinks Down on the vehicle, causing the front to scrape on the ground. this is making the ability to drive
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2003 Multiple Failures In 2003 Lincoln aviator. difficulty turning , starting, jerk in steering wheel, vibration in tires, gear changer loose
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 I Had Just Bought This car from a private owner for my sister to drive to work. well not even before we got home
LINCOLN MARK VII 1992 I Own A 1992 Lincoln mark vii lsc. i have 86,000 original miles. the car is very well taken care of.
LINCOLN MARK 1993 When The Problem First Started to occur i noticed the power windows were goin up little slower...a few months pasted...
LINCOLN MARK 1988 I Bought The Car From a individual. it is a used car dealer in mayfield ky. the abs brake stays on, now.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 I Blew A Head Gasket & the dcl went out. lincoln says that they cant replace this part (dcl)
LINCOLN MARK 1993 Auto Theft Alarm Goes Off interrmit
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 Paint Is Peeling From Car in various areas including hood, roof, door panels, and trunk lid.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Peeling Paint And Head Gaskets failed possibly a cracked head
LINCOLN MARK 1997 Horns- One Corroded So Much that it wont blow at all. the other is also corroded but does make a slight squeal. problem
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Car Caught Fire By Itself 5 hours after parked. *la
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2002 No Summary. Information On odi #768869.
LINCOLN LINCOLN 2000 The Floor Mats Became Tangled in the brake and accelerator pedals, which caused consumer to lose control of the vehicle.*jb
LINCOLN MARK VII 1998 Consumer Stated When Driving E at any speed, the vehicle traction control light would come on, and then the vehicle would shut off.

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