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Lincoln Exterior Lighting Headlights Switch Reports

26 Jun

LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Headlights Flash On And Off while driving at night, consumer changed circuit breaker and found that harness was damaged, vehicle has not had
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 While Traveling At Night Consumer tried to turn headlights on ,and they would not come on. consumer has yet to contact dealer.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Intermittently Head Lights Will flicker on and off causing poor visibility. dealer has repaired headlights under recall in april
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 Vehicle Experienced Several Engine Problems, engine has been replaced 2 times, head gasket blew at 53419 miles and again at 68564 miles,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Intermittently After Driving About Two hours headlights go out. sometimes lights come back on right away, and sometimes driver has to turn
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 Headlights Operate Erratically. headlights flash on and off as described in the nhtsa recall campaign 98v009000, but this vehicle was
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 Consumer Took In For Recall involving the headlights, vehicle was repaired but problem reoccurred. headlight switch was replaced, but connector was not.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Nhtsa Recall 98v009000, Manufacturer's recall 98s01, headlights. vehicle was taken to the dealer for repairs. after making an
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 The Headlights Overheat And Cut on and off every other minute. dealer says not included in recall. *ak
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Driving At Various Speeds And using high beam lights for 20 seconds all lights will become inoperative. will come back on when
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 The Recall Component Failed Two times within a two year period, the second incident resulted in the vehicle running off the road due to
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 After Recall Work Completed On the head light switch (98v-009) the auto light function failed. mjs
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1988 Headlamp Control Switch Failed, recall on component however vehicle is not included due to year and model.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Headlamp Switch And Wiring Harness failed causing the entire lighting system to shut down.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1993 Head Lamp Switch And Connector failed, causing temporary light failure, resulting in poor visibility.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1995 Short In Headlight/multifunction Switch Caused exterior lights to go out/dash lights to flicker, short caused wiring and switches to overheat.
LINCOLN MARK 1993 Headlights Failed Due To Faulty switch.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 lincoln navigator. when engaging the high beam switch for the headlights the lights will not activate. when
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Dt*: The Contact Stated The headlights intermittently shut off for at least one minute. an nhtsa recall, #98v009000 was performed on the
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Dt*: The Contact Stated The headlights flash intermittently as a result of a circuit breaker opening. there is an nhtsa recall, #
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1993 Dt: The Contact Owns a 1993 lincoln mark eight. the contact stated that while driving at night the headlights went out,
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 Headlights Remained On While vehicle was turned off. consumer unhooked the battery to keep the battery charged and a buzzing noise
LINCOLN MARK VII 1989 Headlights Suddenly Failed. all lights shut off. car has feature that turns on lights @ dark etc. happened
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Headlights Continuously Fail While driving. this is caused by the switch going out.*ak

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