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31 Oct

LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Electrical System Failure, Resulted in replacement of alternators/batteries/starter. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 Vehicle Caught Fire, Caused by the electrical system. *ak *jb

LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1991 Vehicle Caught Fire, Caused by the electrical system.please describe. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1991 Electrical System Failure, Causing power seats to no longer function correctly, making difficult for the drivers to adjust the seat for proper driving.
LINCOLN LS 2001 Vehicle Exhibiting Intermittent Electrical Problems, ground wire replaced on 2/28/2001, by dealership.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Windows Will Not Go Up at times or go down at times. also, radio will intermittently work, and other electrical parts
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 When The Electrical Components Got wet in a flood, system malfunctioned. vehicle has power windows and doors. consumer
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2000 While Starting Vehicle dashboard indication lights/ air conditioner/ radio, and power windows worked intermittently due to an electrical short.
LINCOLN LS 2001 Vehicle Had Electrical Problems, gearshift panel lights went out/ back up light were not working. *ak consumer was involved in an accident,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 While Driving Vehicle Will Lose all electrical functions due to a short. dealer had vehicle 3-4 months, but could not determine cause .
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2000 While Driving Electrical System would go down and vehicle would shut down. it would periodically shutdown without advance warning.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 After Parking Vehicle In driveway, 15 minutes later, vehicle was on fire due to possible engine failure. also,the driveway
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Vehicle Parked. Witnesses Noticed smoke & notified owner, who checked. vehicle was on fire. the fire dept was called & put
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Vehicle Was Parked And A fire started wihtin the electrical system. vehicle was burned up. *ak referenced in ea02-025
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Electrical Shortage In The engine, resulted in a vehicle fire. the manufacturer has been notified. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1988 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with electrical system. electrical system constantly goes out, and the consumer has to keep buying
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Pe98055, Under Hood fire; 5 minutes after the vehicle was turned off it started smoking and it caught on fire under
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 While Parked The Vehicle Caught on fire in the engine compartment. cause unknown. *ak consumer states that the local
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 Driving Vehicle About 35mph When everything, clock/radio/locks/windows/ air conditioning & instrument panel stopped working. have taken vehicle to dealer twice, but
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Consumer States After Putting driver side window down the radio will cut off. had vehicle serviced.this is a result of
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1995 Consumer States That There Is an a electrical connector to ride control mechanism, that is exposed to weather conditions. ice or snow can
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 When Driver Side Power Window is activated it causes a short and the radio cuts out. dealer stated there was no remedy for the
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1998 Consumer Stated At 17,000 miles, the engine overheated and failed to continue operating, dealership examined the vehicle and made the necessary repairs
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 Consumer States The Check Dcl light illuminates, accompanied by a beep sound, on the message center, dealer informed consumer not to worry,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Consumer Heard Smoke Detector Go off and discovered the downstairs basement den of the home was filled with smoke, consumer found the cause of
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1994 Tansmission Rear Seal Replaced, continued to slip, then the power steering pump went out air ride system was replaced both left and
LINCOLN MARK VII 1988 Electical And Fuel Injection Component fire under the hood
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1992 The Power Motors For The trunk and gas cap have never worked properly. the dealer would get it to work after two to three
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 Electrical Problem.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1990 Electrical Problems, Causing Vehicle to stall.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2000 Consumer Complains Of An Electrical failure causing the abs brake light, air bag light,check transmission light, and parking brake light to illuminate.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 9999 While Driving The Vehicle Suddenly lost power steering, the instrument panel went blank and there were no turn signals although the vehicles motor continued
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2000 While Driving The Electrical System experienced severe failure which caused the vehicle to loose power brakes, power steering, turn signals and instruments on
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 When The Consumer Pushes The last two buttons on the pad to lock car the head lights and tail lights come on, sometimes they
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Vehicle Had Recall 99v-124 Completed, later consumer was awoken by an explosion, vehicle was in flames, fire possibly caused by recall component
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Consumer Believes Recalled Speed Control deactivation switch caused vehicle fire which totaled the vehicle prior to recall notice 99v-124. nlm referenced in
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Prior To Recall Speed Control deactivation switch failed (99v-12). yh
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Consumers Vehicle Experienced A Underhood fire which totally destoyed vehicle and caused some damage to home also. the speed control deactivation switch was
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Vehicle Recall Not Able To be completed due to dealership problem (99v-124). mjs
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Vehicle Fire Due To Recall component failure prior to recall notice resulting damage to vehicle. (99v-124) (attorney for consumer). mjs
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Possible Malfunction Of The Recall component (99s15) electrical system speed control deactivation switch resulting in vehicle fire prior to recall notice. prior to fire
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Possible Cruise Control/electrical Failure Caused fire. mjs referenced in ea02-025
LINCOLN LINCOLN 1992 The Speed Control Deactivation Switch developed a resistive short in the electrical circuit that resulted in an underhood fire, prior to recall notice (99s15).
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 A Possible Resistive Short In the electrical circuit failed, resulting in fire, prior to recall notice (99v-124). *yc
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Electrical Failure Causing Vehicle To stall.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Electrical Short In The Horn pad switch and wiper switch, while in for repair vehicle fire due to electrical failure.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 Electronic Component On Drivers Side fender well of engine compartment catch fire.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1995 Light Went Out Than The dash lights starting to flicker, removed to relays to stop them from clicking, replace shorted multi function switch
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1989 Electrical Fire.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Electrical Problems, Causing Radio/power windows/air conditioner and power locks to fail.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1988 Electrical Fire.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1987 Electrical Problem. (attorney For client)
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1989 Electrical Burning Odor. *sd
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1990 Electrical Problems. (attorney For client)*sd
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1987 Electrical Problems. (attorney For client)*sd
LINCOLN MARK 1993 Electrical System Failure, Causing power windows/air conditioner/door locks to fail. *aw
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1988 Electrical System Shorted Due To vehicle being in water.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2007 Tl- The Contact Owns A 2007 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that she attempted to start the engine but the engine would not start.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2008 Motors In Side Step Boards stop working. button to control trunk don't work. back rear gate keeps closing has hit the kids and
LINCOLN MKZ 2011 Display In Dashboard Displayed "blindspot not available". simultaneously, the blind spot warning light on passenger (right) side came on and would not go
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that while decelerating to a stop, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle
LINCOLN MARK 1996 The Headlight Assembly Reflective Coating has all clouded and flaked off causing highly unsafe night time driving conditions. this is an extremely common issue
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 Car Was Parked In The driveway. had not been running or started in over a week. spontaneously caught fire and burned
LINCOLN LS 2005 It Was Driving Fine One day until i went to start it. it said etc engine fail safe mode, check parking brake and
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 The Cruise Control Module Stopped working on my vehicle and now i'm told it can't be replaced. subsequently, the radio & a/c stopped
LINCOLN MKX 2011 Original Screen Was Cracked-unit Would not work - lincoln replaced unit. approximately 3 weeks ago after last update from ford, the unit
LINCOLN MKX 2007 I Was Driving Out Of the parking lot suddenly anxious about the gas pedal because however hard i pressed it, the car wouldn't move
LINCOLN MKX 2008 This Vehicle After 5 Miles of driving suddenly lost power and entered what they call limp home mode dropping the speed to 40 mph
LINCOLN MKZ 2010 I Took My 2010 Lincoln in to a local garage for annual state inspection. i was told that it would not pass inspection
LINCOLN MKS 2012 I Stopped The Car In my garage and pushed the keyless ignition button, but did not put the car in park. i
LINCOLN LS 2001 My 01 Lincoln Ls 3. 9 v8 caught fire while it was sitting in my driveway at 11:30 pm. by the time it was
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 lincoln zephyr. the contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph, all of the instrument panel warning
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 I Was Driving My Daughter to school when i noticed the inside of my car started sparking near the dashboard then a few mins later
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that while parked and unoccupied, the vehicle spontaneously combusted. the fire
LINCOLN MKX 2012 Vehicle Power & Computer Failed (shut off) while driving at 40 mph in clear weather. *tr
LINCOLN MKZ 2009 I Own A 2009 Lincoln mkz with only 22,067 miles on it and the electric cooling fan module went out. i was going
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 In November Of 2011, the car began to stutter and stall without warning. the engine light came on and the car instantly
LINCOLN MKZ 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 lincoln mkz. the contact stated that while traveling at unknown speeds, the vehicle suddenly stalled. the
LINCOLN MKT 2010 Initial Incident And Failure Mileage probably earlier. the 15-20 stalls experienced have occurred intermittently when starting from a stop or accelerating from a stop
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 2 Occasions Where Ball Joint snapped and vehicle was moving and fell to ground .while my child was inside . major
LINCOLN MKX 2013 Vehicle Stopped Receiving Traffic Info on navigation screen. all other data received via "sync" system from sirius operating correctly. dealer replaced computer module
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2007 When Key Is Inserted In ignition, the seat slams forward into the steering wheel and then reverses slamming to extreme back position and then
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 lincoln navigator. the contact stated while driving 60 mph, the panel lighting failed. the vehicle was
LINCOLN MKS 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 lincoln mks. the contact stated that the my-touch system enabled the my-key system automatically. as a result,
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2003 I Had Just Got Home with my vehicle from the repair shop, had a vacuum hose replaced. i could not get my key
LINCOLN MKX 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 lincoln mkx. the contact stated that while turning at unknown speeds, the vehicle stalled without warning.
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 Driving Down Interstate And Check engine light started flashing and car lost power. called dealer and they said the light was an engine
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2004 Rear Window Wiper Power door locks gear shifter all went out. *tr
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 I Purchased My Truck Used in december 2011 and it has been nothing but constant problems. first, the door locks would
LINCOLN MKX 2013 While Driving On The Highway at about 65mph, the sync system screen went black, after about 5 minutes, the system came back
LINCOLN MKX 2013 While Driving The Highway To my home, the blind spot and cross traffic sensors faulted. the warning messages came on and i
LINCOLN LS 2006 Started The Car Up At 8 am. on march 22, 2013 and it began to shake harshly. on the dash board it
LINCOLN LS 2005 While Traveling On A Divided highway at approximately 65 mph my car abruptly slowed to about 10 mph causing vehicles behind me to brake and/or
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Consumer States After Putting Driver side window down the radio will cut off. had vehicle serviced.this is a result of an electrical shortage.
LINCOLN MKZ 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 lincoln mkz. the contact stated that while at a complete stop, the vehicle shook and went into
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 Spark Plug Blew Out At 45 mph w/o warning. took to dealership and got back next day. 2 days later, engine light
LINCOLN LS 2005 As Soon As The Warranty expired the vehicle began to have intermittent error messages about the parking brake needing service and the climate control began
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph, the contact horn failed to respond
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2008 Side Step Boards Don't Work. windows stop working due to the design of vehicle and water getting in. power heating and cooling seats
LINCOLN MKT 2012 Power Liftgate Opened Without Command while being driven on highway without command and would not respond to interior control or keyfob to close and had
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. Consumer writes in regards to vehicle smells of fumes while driving *tgw the consumer also stated there was a smell
LINCOLN LS 2005 Since Purchasing This Car, its been nothing but problems. the problems i've experienced aren't any different from all the other ls owners.
LINCOLN MKZ 2010 Excessive Heating Of Heated/cooled Front seats at approx. 40,000 miles. temperature too high to touch. at 50,600 miles, dcsm
LINCOLN LS 2004 Driving Down The Side Street and my car goes into limp mode. reads etc .start up will move about 1/4 of the block
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2006 During Normal Driving Conditions, the car gave in rapid succession a number of warnings and the car began to run rough and shift erratically.
LINCOLN MKX 2011 Radio And Ac Settings Change every time the car is restarted. can not make a call using the voice command system.
LINCOLN MKS 2013 The Vehicle Lost All Ability to accelerate while operating at approximately 65 mph on an interstate highway. this forced the operator to coast
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2006 On The Previous Day I had replaced the left side low beam headlight bulb twice which did not fix the problem. thought it would
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 Im Filing This Complaint Due to having issues with my 06 lincoln zephyr. while driving my passenger side air bag light turned on and
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 lincoln aviator. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph, the engine warning light illuminated as the
LINCOLN LS 2000 The Engine Failures Began On july 28, 2005 and have continued through this date. this engine should have been recalled.
LINCOLN MKS 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 lincoln mkx. while driving approximately 65 mph, a message illuminated on the instrument panel asking to perform
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2006 The Passive Restraint Indicator Light (shows an airbag and seatbelt), also called seatbelt retractor, came on and remained on with an audible alarm
LINCOLN MKZ 2010 Backed Crookedly Into Parking Slot in public parking lot. tried to straighten car in slot by slowly moving forward. car on its own
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2006 The Passive Restraint Indicator Light (shows an airbag and seatbelt), also called seatbelt retractor, came on and remained on with an audible alarm
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1995 Headlights Do Not Illuminate View of the road while driving at night. most of the time i cannot even tell if my headlights are
LINCOLN LS 2006 When Driving The Car Stall and i get this message on th car etc engine failsafe mode. *tr
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Loss Of Brake Fluid, leaked through to cruise deactivation switch into cruise systems and electrical components causing corrosion which caused a short.
LINCOLN LS 2005 Multiple Problems-probably Some How Related : in speed up lane to interstate - at 55mph car bucks/hesitates while trying to gain speed onto the
LINCOLN MKZ 2010 Driving At 35 Mph, tried to slow down for a stop light. car would not slow, brakes were ineffective against the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1998 lincoln town car. the contact stated that the vehicle would not start and the battery warning light was
LINCOLN LS 2004 I Should Have Done My homework prior to purchasing this car used. 2 months after purchase, car started shaking, and jumping,
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2004 Shifter Assembly Breaks And Makes it impossible to remove the key from the vehicle which could result in theft. power liftgate will not
LINCOLN LS 2004 Going From A Stop Or accelerating on the high way the car will throw a etc check engine light and wont move over 3-4 miles
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 On 12/03/11 When My Husband started our 2002 lincoln navigator a loud bang happened, my seat belt tightened across my chest so tight it
LINCOLN MKX 2012 The Rear Passenger Door Latch mechanism closed without the door actually being closed. this caused a false positive condition for the "door ajar" warning
LINCOLN MKX 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 lincoln mkx. the contact stated that the vehicle sync program was defective. the contact mentioned that once
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Headlights And Dash Panel Cut off intermittently while driving on smooth pavement for past 10 years. i have had dealership experience this but
LINCOLN MKX 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 lincoln mkx. the contact stated the vehicle was experiencing multiple failures. the first failure was both the
LINCOLN LS 2004 The Car Loses Power And goes into fail safe mode, at 65 and lots of traffic getting over is not safe! ive spent thousands
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 The Car Had Been Driven like every other day.the car had been parked in my drive way for about 3 to 4 hours.i
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 lincoln navigator. the contact stated while driving 35 mph the vehicle shut off without warning. the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2007 2007 Lincoln Town Car. consumer states unintended acceleration *tgw the consumer stated the dealer kept the vehicle for a couple of days
LINCOLN MKX 2011 When Driving Down The Highway, the sync screen goes completely blank. at this point i have no access to heat, a/c,
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2003 Transmission Shifter Breaks And Locks in place. the result is to leave the vehicle occupants stranded in a dangerous neighborhood where their personal safety
LINCOLN MKX 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 lincoln mkx. the contact stated that when activating the turn signals, the radio volume would independently increase.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1998 The Brakes Can Quit Working after the automatic parking brake release solenoid fails to release the rear brakes when the transmission lever is moved out
LINCOLN MKS 2011 Dealers Pamphlets And Owners Manual lists perimeter lights as a feature on 2011 lincoln mkz but the vehicles do not have them (headlights coming on
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Took My 1995 Lincoln Town car in for recall and it was not performed as stated in the recall... a fused wiring
LINCOLN LS 2005 2005 Lincoln Ls - Took the car out. as i began to accelerate, the car slowed way down and an indicator light
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 My 2003 Lincoln Navigator Has shut down completely three times in the last 6 weeks. two of the occasions happened on the interstate while
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 I Purchased A Used 1993 lincoln town car on dec 17. on december 19 the vehicle caught fire in the garage. it had
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, she turned on the ignition but the
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1999 1999 Lincoln Navigator-spark Plug blow out. *tr
LINCOLN LS 2005 The Transmission Shift Abruptly And very hard gear shifts at times. i also had the car loose complete power while driving at low speeds.
LINCOLN LS 2005 2005 Lincoln Ls V8 etc failsafe error -- mainly happens after heavy rain. car will not shift correctly then loses power.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 I Own A 2001 Lincoln navigator with a 5.4l engine. i was on my way to work and was going approx. 15
LINCOLN LS 2005 Safety Problem Car Still in warranty time after time had concerns about my problems now have my car at crown ford nashville tn.
LINCOLN LS 2004 My 2004 Lincoln Ls Goes into "etc engine failsafe mode" which doesn't allow the car to accelerate anymore and causes the car to slowly slow
LINCOLN LS 2002 My Car Has Numerous Parts that tear up repeatedly, within a 6 months time. valve cover gasket had replaced twice within a
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1995 I Bought The Car On 08/28/2010 and only drove it that day. since it was a saturday and they closed early, i had
LINCOLN LS 2005 2005 V8 Lincoln Ls With 78 k miles started giving me an error message ecl engine fail safe mode came on in my car and
LINCOLN LS 2005 When I Drive My 2005 lincoln ls it loses power and begins to shake and sputter. when it does this can only drive
LINCOLN LS 2003 Car Starts And Runs Rough, then surges forward. have to hold the brake hard. car then stalls and gives "etc
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 lincoln navigator. whenever the brake were applied the vehicle would vibrate and shake excessively. there were several electrical
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 This Is The 3rd Time that my 2004 lincoln aviator has shut down while driving it... with kids in the car.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2004 Driver Power Seat, Pedal adjustment and mirror/folding mirrors not working due to faulty wiring. wiring harness melts down to fuse box. unable
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 2001 Lincoln Navigator Spontaneously Ignited resulting in destruction of vehicle, adjacent vehicle and home. *tr
LINCOLN LS 2004 Vehicle Runs Very Rough. will not accelerate over 2800 rpm and shakes badly. check engine light is flashing. checked codes p0304 and
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 My 2002 Lincoln Navigator Caught fire, the entire engine and front half of the car is charred and the interior has significant burn damage,
LINCOLN LS 2003 2003 Lincoln Ls V8 Etc engine failsafe mode. *tr
LINCOLN LS 2005 Driving Down The Road And looses all power and the wrench light comes on and the check engine light also so i took it to
LINCOLN MKS 2010 Lincoln 2009/2010 Throttles Down When a/c engages. after 1 year of replacement of parts. including a/c compressor. mass air flow sensor.
LINCOLN LS 2004 I Have A 2004 Lincoln ls that started to run rough so i replaced the air filter. this did not help so next i
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2008 We Had A Sudden Unintended acceleration of our car. we were traveling west on the new york state thruway (i-90) towards niagara falls.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2006 Whenever The Car Is Washed or if it snows or rains the car experiences spontaneous electrical activity when no key or person is present using
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 Fuse/relay Fuses Get Burned Once every two days the suv turns off while in motion. almost caused an accident in a heavy traffic
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 Leaky Winshield Causing Faulty Wireing and car shutting off while moving wipers stop working among other things ford noes of this issue and is not
LINCOLN MKX 2009 2009 Lincoln Mkx Vehicle Has driver power seat that is unstable and rocks while driving. this causes an unsafe driving condition that makes
LINCOLN LS 2005 Nothing Lead Up To This event... i was driving on i-95 in rush hour traffic hit the gas and the car threw
LINCOLN MKZ 2007 2007 Lincoln Mkz W/ 40k miles well-maintained. on four separate occasions approx 3 months apart, when engine still somewhat cool and within
LINCOLN LS 2004 2004 Lincoln Ls V8 Throttle body failures result in reduced rpm until the car is restarted. on occasion car will stall. safety issue
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 Water Leakage And Electrical Problem. *tr
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 I Have A Water Leakage and it is affecting the electronics of the car..when it rains, electrical problem occurs..sometimes the
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2004 Faulty Wiring That Goes From the back of the vehicle to the fuse box. all the electrical stuff quit working in one moment.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1999 Rear Taillights Would Not Work and headlights would not go off at times door ajar would come on and all doors were closed at times
LINCOLN MARK VII 1991 The Mirror Switch Doesn't Move the mirror to the right position desired and it smell like switch is on fire. *tr
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Vehicle Was Purchased At Marshall bros in new orleans, vehicle was sold as a certified vehicle. vehicle had to have a new transmission
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Dash Control Module That Controls vehicle speedometer and odometer causes all the digital dash the flash like strobe lights. driver can determine speed of
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2002 While Sitting In A Drive thru my 2002 lincoln towncar caught a blaze under the hood. *tr
LINCOLN LS 2004 I Am Currently Experiencing The problem and the ford dealership cannot determine how to fix it. while driving, the car will stall.
LINCOLN LS 2000 2000 Lincoln Ls-coils Go Out and the car stalls while driving on interstate and at red lights. *tr
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 Early This Morning Was Driving on the freeway in our 2004 lincoln aviator. there was a moderate rain fall and zero natural light
LINCOLN LS 2002 My 2002 Lincoln Ls V8 has broken down in numerous ways. all ignition coils have had to be replaced, two window motors,
LINCOLN LS 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 lincoln ls. while driving at an unknown speed, the emergency light illuminated on the instrument panel.
LINCOLN LS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 lincoln ls. while driving at an unknown speed, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle was towed
LINCOLN LS 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 lincoln ls. the contact stated that the vehicle would not start after several attempts. in addition,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1993 lincoln town car. after parking the vehicle, the contact heard a popping noise and noticed flames shooting
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2005 My 2005 Lincoln Navigator Has suddenly stopped on several occasions. it only has 43k miles. the computer stated to check electronic
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 lincoln town car. the contact stated that the battery drains so frequently that the vehicle cannot be driven
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1998 I Keep Getting This Message. from: date: 3/18/2009 4:02:15 pm to: subject: unknown footprints incoming mail
LINCOLN LS 2004 Recall 2004 Lincoln Ls had ignition coil plm and happen again , throttlebody repair, traction controls, and i knew
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 lincoln town car. while driving approximately 25 mph on normal road conditions, the instrument panel failed to
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Bought A 2003 Navigator Used in january of 2007. ever since then, the vehicle has been experiencing electrical problems as in windows
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Had Smoke In Passenger Area of car. dealership states it was instrument cluster, but has been unable to find an instrument cluster for
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2002 When Brake Pedal Is Applied for a long traffic light stop, i could smell burning plastic. after several weeks of this my car
LINCOLN LS 2000 I Believe My 2000 Lincoln ls is unsafe to drive do to the fact that the shifting is erratic. this car has actually cut
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 lincoln mark viii. the contact stated that the blinder door was inoperative which will not allow heat to
LINCOLN LS 2000 Check Advanctrak Light, Brake light and traction control light display illuminate and mileage displays lines. *tr
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2005 While Driving On The Highway full speed, the vehicle (2005 lincoln navigator) stopped and i then coasted into the emergency lane where i was

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