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27 Jun

LEXUS LEXUS 1998 Mirror Malfunctioned. *yc
LEXUS LS400 1997 Rear View Mirror Sensor Creates problems in visibility due to design.
LEXUS RX330 2004 I Was Driving Southbound On the 405 in los angeles. i was beginning to change lanes and was looking into my driver's side
LEXUS IS 350 2010 I Was Driving On The freeway at 65 miles per hour when the side view mirror on the passenger side came loose and was dangling
LEXUS ES350 2010 The Side Right Mirror Melted. when i ask dealer about problem, he declined to fix it. information redacted
LEXUS GS300 2006 Passenger And Driver Rear View mirrors fail to come back to level position after backing up. the occurrence is random, so it
LEXUS IS250 2008 In For Service At Lexus dealer on 6/3/09 - driving w/sunroof and windows opened the rearview mirror vibrates extensively to the point images are totally
LEXUS IS350 2006 Rear View Mirror Vibration Due to open sunroof or radio at 1/5th volume. dealer can not fix due to engineering design flaw.
LEXUS IS350 2006 Rear View Mirror Vibrates So badly on slightly rough roads, with sunroof and windows open and with manufacturer stereo loud that driver cannot see
LEXUS RX330 2004 Back-up Camera (when Gear Is put in reverse) does not display any image.*ak
LEXUS RX300 2003 Major Blind Area In The back of the lexus rx300. mr. the consumer was unable to see small children when backing

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