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Sunday 21st of June 2015 10:39:59 PM

LEXUS LS400 1995 Driver's Side Seatbelt Does Not take up the slack. while driving it is not tight.*ak
LEXUS LS400 1990 The Two Front Seat Belts do not retract properly against the body and hang loosely. problem not corrected at this time.
LEXUS LS430 2002 Latch Plate Portion Of Seat belt in rear middle position always slips underneath the seat.*akconsumer feels it needs to have a clip to prevent
LEXUS RX300 2000 Throughout The Life Of Seatbelt on the drivers side, it has loosened 4 to 5 inches during normal driving conditions and sometimes while braking.
LEXUS LS400 1995 Airbags Failed To Deploy During head on collision exceeding 30 mph. dt
LEXUS ES300 1999 Rear Seat Belts Do Not hold child's safety seat firmly. yh
LEXUS LS400 1990 Both Front Seat Belts Do not fully retract.
LEXUS LEXUS 1995 Driver's Seat Belt Failed To restrain driver during accident. (attorney for client) *skd
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 lexus es330. the contact stated that the drivers side seat belt failed to retract. the vehicle was
LEXUS LS400 1994 Both Seat Belts On Driver and passenger side do not retract.
LEXUS RX350 2010 Collision With Another Vehicle. lexus driver's seat belt did not restrain driver and airbag blew open allowing driver to impact steering wheel hard enough
LEXUS IS 2008 The Is 250 And Is 350 have a know issue from lexus concerning the air bag wiring fails and leaves all of the
LEXUS ES350 2012 The Switchable Retractor Was Broken in the center rear seat of this vehicle. when you pulled the shoulder belt out all the way,
LEXUS RX450H 2011 I Drove To A Neighborhood subway for lunch. i was unable to release the seat belt when pushing the seat belt release
LEXUS LS 1994 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1994 lexus ls. the contact stated that the front passenger seat belts would not retract back into position.
LEXUS ES 2003 Driver's Seat Belt Will Not snap into buckle. if i depress the release and push the metal part in at the
LEXUS LS400 1994 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1994 lexus ls400. the contact stated that the front seat belts failed to retract and the seat belts
LEXUS RX300 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 lexus rx300. the contact stated that while traveling 60 mph, the vehicle crashed head on into
LEXUS ES300 2013 Car Has Brake Pedal Characteristic which allows the brake pedal to reach full stop of the end of full mechanical travel (vs. hydraulically limited
LEXUS LS430 2005 I Have Owned Car Since new. all service performed by same dealer on time. all repairs done as suggested by dealer.
LEXUS GS 1999 I Found Out That I couldn't extend the back seat belts (passenger). *tr
LEXUS RX450H 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 lexus rx 450h. the contact stated that another vehicle crashed into the front passenger s side of the
LEXUS ES300 1998 Both Left And Right Rear seat belt buckles have failed. i am unable to insert belts into the buckle. cleaning and lube had
LEXUS ES350 2008 Rear Seat Belt (2) Unable to fasten into buckle.. it is defective. *tr
LEXUS GS300 1999 The Safety Belt For Driver and passenger side are broken. there is no restraint, meaning it doesn't stop therefore wearing a seatbelt is
LEXUS CT 2012 The Seat Belt Buckle Button will jam occasionally causing the seat belt to be difficult to remove or secure into place. *tr
LEXUS LS400 1995 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1995 lexus ls400. the contact stated that the seat belts would not retract and there was abnormal slack in
LEXUS IS250 2006 The Car Was In The garage and the seat belt came part way out and then locked so that i could not fasten it.
LEXUS RX330 2006 Child Was Restrained In Carseat using latches. she grabbed the nearby seatbelt while seated in the rear seat drivers's side. she was not
LEXUS LS400 1994 Both Driver And Passenger Side seat belt does not retract. *tr
LEXUS RX300 1999 The Passenger Side, Rear seatbelt is not working correctly. it keeps getting stuck in the track. *tr
LEXUS LS400 1995 Seat Belt Retract Assembly Failed. seatbelt retract assembly, is covered under the federal motor vehicle safety standards, part 571.209,
LEXUS RX300 1999 Seat Belt Does Not Retract properly. i changed back seats, but driver's one is not working either. help! *kb
LEXUS ES 330 2004 The Flange Nut That Holds the seatbelt receiver to the front passenger seat bolt came off, allowing the seatbelt receiver to completely disengage from
LEXUS ES300 1998 Seat Belt Retraction Failure. the seat belt on my 1998 lexus had been slow to retract, sometimes not retract at all. it
LEXUS LX570 2009 My 9 Year Old Son nearly strangled in front of his sister and twin siblings (5 years old) when the middle seat belt of the
LEXUS GS300 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 lexus gs300. while driving approximately 65 mph she noticed that the drivers side and passenger side seat belt were
LEXUS RX300 2000 My Son (2.5-year-old, 32lbs) was sitting in his child seat which was on right rear seat. the child seat was secured with
LEXUS RX350 2007 2007 Rx 350. Consumer states problems with installation of running boards on vehicle *tgw the dealer was unable to produce the running boards
LEXUS RX330 2004 We Own A 2004 Lexus 330. on a trip july 1, 2010, our 6-year old daughter fell asleep in her booster seat
LEXUS IS250 2007 I Bought My Car Since 2007 on feb, have no idea why the passenger seat belt always off when my girlfriend sitting in my
LEXUS RX330 2005 Lexus Rear Seat Over Shoulder belt would not release. belt had somehow wrapped around 11 year old boy that was trying to lie down
LEXUS LS460L 2007 On Febuary 9th At Approxmately 10am i experienced a sudden acceleration problem on my 2007 lexxus 460l car.the car acclerated out of my
LEXUS GS300 2006 I Had A 2006 Lexus gs 300, leased, for 3 years, my third lexus lease. the seatbelts in the front wouldn't
LEXUS RX300 1999 The Seatbelts In My Lexus rx300 do not retract all the way. toyota made a feeble attempt to fix this by placing teflon tape
LEXUS RX300 1999 Driver's Seat Belt Does Not properly retract after being extended. was replaced once by the local dealer about five years ago even though
LEXUS IS250 2008 Three Days Ago, My 7 year old daughter could not unbuckle her seat belt. it is the middle of the rear seat.
LEXUS LS400 1995 The Front Seat Belt Retractor in my 1995 lexus ls-400 will not retract the seatbelt. everyday when i pull it out and buckle it
LEXUS LS400 1995 Front Seat Belts Become Loose and do not hug close to your chest once the car is started. i have checked lexus forums and
LEXUS ES300 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 lexus es300. the contact stated that the seat belt has been unable to retract ever since the vehicle
LEXUS LS400 1991 1 - Seat Belts To not fully automatically retract by themselves in cool weather. *tr
LEXUS RX350 2009 My Wife Was Driving Car after picking kids up from school. during driving my 8y/o daughter disconnected rear seat belt to reach down
LEXUS LS400 1999 The Seat Belts On My car do not retract or stay tight on me anymore. they continue to loosen as i drive.
LEXUS IS250 2006 This Complaint Is For Lexus dealership in roseville california. i took my 2006 is 250 in due to i received a safety recall notice
LEXUS ES300 2002 Dt*: The Consumer Stated while driving at 30 mph, in wet conditions a vehicle turned in front of him without warning.
LEXUS LS400 1995 Both Of The Front seat belts were inoperative. they failed to retract back into the holster. the dealership told the
LEXUS LS430 2003 Consumer States 4 1/2 Year old child unlocked the seat belt while getting out. the seat belt had tighten around the child's neck,
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Owned A Lexus 1994 ls400 car. i had a safety complaint against lexus for producing faulty seat belts. my front passenger seat

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