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Lexus Seat Belts Front Buckle Assembly Reports

27 Jun

LEXUS ES300 1994 Driver Side Seat Belt Buckle released after being hit in the left side. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1994 Driver Side Seat Belt Buckle released after being hit in the left side. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1995 Both Front Seat Belts Did not lock during accident. tt
LEXUS ES300 1996 Consumer Was Pulling On The strap to restrain the buckle broke off strap. dealer didn't seem to be concerned about the safety.
LEXUS ES300 1998 Vehicle Was Involved In An accident; vehicle was broadsided on passenger's side at approximately 35mph or more. passenger was forced over to driver's
LEXUS LS400 1992 Seat Belt Buckle Releases By itself and will not retract. manufacturer will be notified. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1996 Lexus Es300 Left Road And flipped one time. driver's door came open and buckled seatbelt did not hold driver in car.
LEXUS ES300 1993 Driver's Side Seat Belt Unlatches at times.additionally, the passenger side seat belt plastic retainer has broken and has a sharp protruding edge which
LEXUS ES300 1994 The Driver's Side Seatbelt Would arbitrarily unbuckle. it would happen while the car was stationery or moving. it did not seem
LEXUS ES300 1998 After Unbuckling Belt, Seatbelt retractor fails to operate or operates so slowly that belt latch interferes with closing of door. door closes on
LEXUS ES 1999 On Or About October 22, 2007 the driver's seat belt on 1999 lexus es300 would not buckle as the female(console side)part of the seat
LEXUS ES300 1994 Driver's Seatbelt Assembly Repeatedly Unlatches arbitrarily posing serious safety concern. has occurred while vehicle is stationary and in motion. flow lexus
LEXUS GS400 1998 While Driving 7 Mph Vehicle accelerated uncontrollably. consumer was not able to maintain control of the vehicle, and it crashed into a cement
LEXUS ES300 1994 Front Seat Belt May Not latch properly and can un-latch itself. has occurred occasionally without warning since the original incident date.
LEXUS ES300 1994 Passenger's Side Seat Belt Will extend outward, but will not retract back in place. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer,
LEXUS LS400 1993 The Front Seat Belt Became unbuckled without pushing the release button. also, fronto seat belt got stuck in the locked position.

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