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Lexus Power Train Automatic Transmission Control Module (tcm, Pcm) Reports

27 Jun

LEXUS LS400 1998 Automatic Traction Control Light comes on, there is a beeping sound, and vehicle swerves like it is going into a curve,
LEXUS GS400 1999 Vehicle Experiencing Problem With Traction control while driving on snow covered roads, causing vehicle to fishtail to right. dealer notified.
LEXUS RX300 1999 Ongoing Problem With Erratic Jerking. also, front wheel would commence to spin, and tracking light would come on.
LEXUS ES300 2001 The Problem With The Traction control is that it engages much too easily and for an extended period of time. the traction control
LEXUS LS400 1998 Driving Under Normal Conditions, traction control warning beeper and light would come on, car would swerve as brakes and accellerator would actuate without
LEXUS ES 330 2004 There's A "lag" In The shifting of gears due to something wrong with the transmission in my 2004 lexus es330. i purchased the
LEXUS LS 460 2007 I Have Had A Couple of unsafe situations with my car due to inadequate throttle response when trying to pass a car or merge into
LEXUS RX330 2004 Upon Acelleration, This Vehicle sometimes hesitates and at times almost causing an accident. i have taken this to the lexus dealership and
LEXUS RX 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 10 mph on normal road conditions, the automatic transmission hesitated when making the shift from first to second
LEXUS ES 2005 Throttle Does Not Respond To commands for more rpm and speed. *jb
LEXUS RX330 2004 2004 Lexus Rx-330 Awd. vehicle hesitates when attempting to accelerate. there is a delay, especially when going from a dead stop
LEXUS ES300 2002 Upon Acceleration In Stop-and-go Traffic, severe hesitation with brake-like effect, engine reviving, with driver thrown forward, then lurching into gear.
LEXUS ES 330 2004 I Not Longer Have Confidence in driving my lexus 2004 es330 with 12,500 miles due to 2 main reasons. (a) this car
LEXUS RX330 2004 Our Lexus Rx330 Was Purchased in august of 2003. for the last several months, the vehicle hesitates to shift gears with a lag
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Severe Hesitation When Merging On to a higway at between 20 and 30 mph. dealer service has checked vehicle previously and
LEXUS ES330 2005 There Is A Problem With hesitation with my 2005 lexus es 330. when the accelerator is depressed in certain situations there is a
LEXUS ES300 2002 2002 Lexus Es300 With About 18,000 miles has a problem with hesitation when accelerating after slowing down, especially after completing
LEXUS RX330 2004 1.2004 Rx 330 Transmission slips when accelerating ,passing(most dangerous when going up an incline),and from a dead start(ie: light or stop sign).
LEXUS RX330 2004 2004 Lexus Rx 330 Has intermittant, erratic automatic transmission. dealer says it is a "hesitatiion issue", but rfeuses to confirm in writing
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Transmission Shift Delay. The shifting delay can go as long as 3 - 4 seconds and have caused several life threatening close calls accident.
LEXUS ES 330 2004 My 2004 Lexus Es330has A problem with shifting. when attempting to accelerate the car hesitates significantly before deciding to downshift. this
LEXUS ES 330 2004 2004 Lexus Es330 Hesitates and than lunges on acceleration from 1st to 2nd. ealer unable to correct; manufacturer will not acknowledge that
LEXUS RX330 2004 I Purchased A 2004 Lexus rx330 in january of 2004 and there is a consistent lag of the drivetrain when accelerating from a standing start
LEXUS ES300 2002 2002 Lexus Es300 Exhibits Most of the pecularities mentioned in pe 04021 and dp 04003 in addition to inconsistent 1/2 and 2/3 shifts and major
LEXUS ES300 2003 Since My Acquisiton Of A 2003 lexus es-300, the vehicle has displayed very uneven shifting and hestitation as the transmission upshifts and downshifts,
LEXUS ES300 2002 Dangerous Condition Exists With 2002 lexus es300, where a severe hesitation exists when accelerating at slow roll (< 5mph) at intersection turns, exiting
LEXUS ES300 2002 Transmission Gets Confused When Shifting into and out of the lower gears, then spends too long trying to figure out what gear to be

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