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Saturday 27th of June 2015 06:50:06 AM

LEXUS RX300 2000 Consumer Took Vehicle To Dealer for brakes. on august 15, 2001 engine check light came on. consumer took
LEXUS RX300 1999 The Displays On The Instrument panel are too dim . the driver has to take eyes off the road for a long
LEXUS LS400 1993 The Instrument Panel Appear Dark intil the vehicle warm up. causing the consumer unable to see. please furnish additional information,
LEXUS ES300 2002 The Consumer States That He cannot view the instrument panel during the daytime. the mfr advised the consumer that the panel is designed
LEXUS ES300 2001 Consumer Is Unable To See digital dash indicator lights in bright sunlight.*ak *jb
LEXUS ES300 2002 Indicator Needle On Instrument Panel are not visible during day light hours. dealer contacted. *ak dealer informed consumer that nothing could be
LEXUS ES300 2002 In Day Light Hours When sun is out consumer can't see dials on speedometer, unable to tell how fast vehicle was going.
LEXUS RX300 1999 Engine Design Is Faulty. while driving vehicle oil becomes very hot and turns into sludge. engine check light illuminates
LEXUS LS400 1994 Failed Lighting System Makes Instruments impossible to see day or night. a common lexus problem and a safety concern. dealers quoted over $1000
LEXUS LS400 1994 The Instrument Panel Computer Apparently goes bad and requires about 10 minutes of time and it will start working again. the dealer tells me
LEXUS ES300 1992 The Lights , Check engine and the temperature gauges i felt do not work properly. the engine was getting hot and overheating,
LEXUS ES300 2002 I Cannot Read The Red dial on the speedometer. during daylight hours, it fades away even though the panel lights are turned
LEXUS ES300 2002 When Driving During Daylight Hours we cannot see the red dial on the speedometer even though the instrument panel light control is turned fully up.
LEXUS LX450 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1995 No Summary
LEXUS LS400 1995 The Display Is Erratic And at night not lit which causes me to take my eyes off the road longer than i should have to
LEXUS RX300 2000 There Is A Rattling Noise on the right side (glove box and/or dashboard) while going over bumps at aroun 5-30mph. also, when
LEXUS LS400 1991 iluminate. see this as a common problem of others at this yahoo lexus chat forum ---
LEXUS LS400 1990 Instrument Gauge Lighting (needles And gauge face) started to fail in nov. now i have no gauge lighting at all! panel is
LEXUS ES300 1993 Have Contacted The Dealer And have been quoted a repair cost of nearly $1500. no safety defect listed in the summary. *ak
LEXUS SC400 1992 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1992 The Instrumentation Cluster On The es300, which includes the speedometer and odometer, uses lighted needles and gauges. the lighting for the
LEXUS SC400 1993 The Illumination For The Instruments on the dash has failed. vehicle speed is not known. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1997 No Summary
LEXUS ES300 1994 Request You Provide Any Information you have available as to whether this vehicle has ever been crashed/wrecked.
LEXUS ES300 1998 The Dashboard Cracked. yh
LEXUS ES300 2000 Consumer Is Complaining Of The invisibility of the red gauge indicator needles. the color of the needles against a black background makes them
LEXUS LS400 1997 Dashboard Indicators Lights Working Improperly, illuminating when no problems are found.
LEXUS LS400 1998 Air Bag Warning Lables Are ugly and cannot be removed.
LEXUS ES300 1992 The Lighted Indicator Needles On the instruments have a number of led's that funtion intermittently.
LEXUS LS400 1996 Cannot Read Clock And Temperature display due to sunshine/potential hazard if driver if concentrating on trying to read display rather than the road.
LEXUS ES300 1993 Driver Can't Read Speedometer when sun shines directly over his shoulder onto dash /instrument panel.
LEXUS LEXUS 1994 Problems With Leather Seat Cushions. *ak
LEXUS GS450H 2007 2007 Lexus Gs450h With Hybrid electronics located next to the transmission. customer states that this vehicle needs to have further study done on because
LEXUS ES330 2006 2006 Lexus 330 Floor Mat got lodged under the accelerator pedal. customer states the floor mat got stuck under the accelerator pedal
LEXUS ES350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus es350. the contact stated that the vehicle accelerated from zero to 60 mph when the accelerator pedal
LEXUS GS350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus gs350. the contact stated that the floor mat became stuck on the accelerator pedal and caused unwanted
LEXUS IS 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus is 250. the contact stated that this is her second vehicle of the same year, make,
LEXUS IS 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus is 250. the contact stated that this is her second vehicle of the same year, make,
LEXUS ES350 2007 I Was Driving At 9:30am to work along with my wife on i-696 near detroit in the left lane vehicle began to accelerate,
LEXUS ES 2004 The Vehicle Skid Control (vsc) on my 2004 es 330 engages on normal road conditions making the vehicle unpredictable and unsafe.
LEXUS IS250 2006 Wife Was Driving On The interstate with the cruise on doing about 65 mph, and she decided to pass a truck. she
LEXUS LX470 2000 Paint Defect On 1999 And 2000 lexus lx 470. exceedingly bad fading paint on many panels of the car. *jb
LEXUS ES 2002 The Plastic Key To My 2002 lexus es300 cracked due to faulty product design and the microchip that controls the car fell out. i
LEXUS GS300 2006 I Was Driving West On the interstate from albuquerque to grant, nm at 75 mph in the left lane passing many trucks on the
LEXUS IS 300 2002 My 2002, Lexus Is300 had a case of sudden unintended acceleration that led to a crash causing over $10,000 worth of damages to
LEXUS ES 2005 The Car Had Just Completed it 5000 miles service. after leaving the dealership i drove about 5 miles and was stopped at a
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Consumer Complaint Regarding Auto Safety. *mr the consumer is complaining abut an insurance company who wants to use a pre-owned safety bar to fix
LEXUS LS 2005 Paint Flaking On Band New lexus ls 430 with only 1800 miles. 8jb
LEXUS ES300 2003 I Was Driving To Work which is approximately 15 miles from my home. upon entering the parking lot, i had to yeild
LEXUS LS400 1998 The Vehicle Was Damaged With altered paper and the rear passenger panel was scraped behind the tire. it appeared as though this damage
LEXUS LEXUS 9999 Letter Concerning News Article Concerning childring and vehicles. *mr *sc *jb
LEXUS GS300 1998 Notice Of Claims Regarding Texas deceptive trade practices act breach of contract. *mr the trunk button would unlock with the
LEXUS SC400 1992 Front Headlamps Fill With Moisture reducing night visability to next to nothing. all years of this sc400 model have the same problem.
LEXUS ES300 2003 I Realize That My Problem, with a bad radio is not a mechanical one. however, i am sending this for your
LEXUS ES300 1998 I Have Had My 1998 es300 in with tom wood lexus of indianapolis well over a dozen times since december of 2002 for the same
LEXUS SC430 2003 The Car Failed To Start six times in the first five months. it seems they have found the cause of that problem.
LEXUS ES300 1999 The Lexus Specialist At The repair shop informed me that he has seen similar problems with other es 300 models as well as the rl
LEXUS GX470 2003 I Have Owned 2 Gx470's and both have had a "knocking" when you stop the vehicle. it feels as though someone has tapped
LEXUS GX470 2003 When Driving With The Air condition on, a sulfur like odor entered through the a/c vent. the condition caused headaches and nausea.
LEXUS GS300 9999 I Have Lexus Gs 300, 1999 it accelerates at stop sign or at the time of parking. today it went through the
LEXUS SC300 1992 The Vehicles Gauges Were Hard to see during the day. the dealer was notified. *nlm *ts
LEXUS RX300 2003 The Vehicle Did Not Come equipped with automatic door locks mr. *ak. *jb
LEXUS ES300 2002 The Vehicle Intermittently Experienced A hesitation when accelerating, the dealership was unable to duplicate the problem. *jb
LEXUS LEXUS 2001 Defective Override Switch.
LEXUS SC430 2002 While The Consumer Rinsed The vehicle at a car wash he noticed that the paint finish began to peel away from the body of the
LEXUS SC400 1992 Headlamp Lens Fog Up, reducing illumination dramatically and causing a saftey hazard when driving at night. have noted much newer models

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