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Lexus Fuel System, Gasoline Storage Tank Assembly Reports

27 Jun

LEXUS ES300 1999 While Riding On The Highway a piece of metal or steel punctured the gas tank. according to consumer, there was no protection for
LEXUS LS400 1996 There Was A Strong Fuel smell inside vehicle. vehicle was inspected by dealer 5 times before fuel tank was replaced.*ak
LEXUS SC300 1992 Gas Fumes Detected In Car and truck. took to lexus of annapolis, md. in july 2001. they replaced the gas
LEXUS RX300 1999 Engine Stalls At Idle, dealer claims from high oil viscosity despite oil being changed every 5000 miles. dealer says that because of the
LEXUS GS300 1993 asp?si=0&k=fuel%20tank" onmouseover="window.status='
LEXUS LS430 2003 The Gas Tank On The 2003 lexus ls430 can be easily damaged by careless placement of the jack at the rear mounting point. my
LEXUS RX300 2001 While Driving, Consumer Hit a piece of rubber tire that had flew off a truck, minutes later the consumer was informed by another

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All of this stuff is starting to make. My husband was driving a 2001 lexus gs
430 and lost control somehow there still not sure how crashed into a tree and the car exploded a couple times i was just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with

Lexus GS300 

have an issue with the car dying while in idle. For instance I was in a
drive-thru and the car started shaking (sputtering like lost fuel possibly)
then all the dash lights went on and the car died. I immedia

Im still trying to figure this one out myself. Bucking when flooring gas pedal. Its extremely annoying and im running out of culprits,will test fuel pressure today.

the guage shows the amount of fuel but no light on the indicator needle . It is 1993 lexus ES300

I have a GS300 that has a rough idle and a jerk, brought it in becuase I received a recall notice was told the RPM were real low and they wanted me to change the spark plugs, the air-filter and fuel injector flush. I did all of that and the RPMs

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