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Lexus Exterior Lighting Headlights Reports

Monday 5th of October 2015 06:34:02 PM

LEXUS LS400 1996 Low Beams Are Incorrectly Adjusted. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1992 404-634-2414 Ext 24, Sealed unit in the head light assembly, has moisture causing the bulb blow out, lost candle power.
LEXUS LS430 2001 The Headhight Only Shines About 40 to 60 feet in front of the left headlight when on low beam, then it is completely dark
LEXUS ES300 2001 We Have Had Problem With our range of forward vision while using high intensity discharge headlights in low beam at night. the first
LEXUS ES300 2000 The Visibility In This Car is beyond unsafe. i cannot see using the regular headlights. they don't meet the standard. i guarantee
LEXUS LEXUS 2002 All Xenon Headlights Should Be banned. they blind oncoming drivers !!!
LEXUS LEXUS 2002 Complaining Of The New Bright headlights on some cars. i had one behind me at night and it really was hard for me
LEXUS LS400 1992 I Am Blinded By The headlights of suvs and small pick-up trucks. can't the lights be lowered?*ak
LEXUS GS300 1998 The Pattern Of The Low beam does not project well and do not have a sharp cut-off. too much light projects "up" in poor
LEXUS ES300 1994 The Plastic Lens Covers Are so opague as to make seeing at night difficult and no other japaneses car has that problem, at leat
LEXUS SC400 1992 Cd Changer Has Been Replaced twice, for the same problem of errors and the bad part is that there is no solution for adapters
LEXUS RX300 1999 This Car Is A Severe safety hazard. headlights dim to daytime running lights at night, transmission lurches between 2nd and 3rd gear
LEXUS SC400 1992 Moisture Accumulation In Both Low beam assemblies has reduced light output to unsafe level.
LEXUS SC400 1992 Low Beam Headlights Condense Large amounts of moisture,making low beam lumination inadequate. *ak
LEXUS GS300 1998 1) Headlights Left "on" - car was stopped and keys removed from ignition, headlight switch in auto and all doors closed. headlights should
LEXUS GS300 1998 Headlight Sensor Failed. *yc
LEXUS GS300 1996 Halogen Headlamps Only Shine Downward and are not effective in the dark rural roads. *ak
LEXUS ES300 1993 Headlights Provide Poor Visibility. *sd
LEXUS RX350 2007 2007 Lexus Rx 350. consumer writes in regards to defective headlight assembly in vehicle. *smd the consumer stated a class
LEXUS RX350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 lexus rx350. the contact stated that the passenger side headlight failed. the headlight had water condensation that
LEXUS ES350 2007 While Driving At Night The headlights went out. they began to work intermittently. the dealer replace both headlight bulbs.
LEXUS RX330 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 lexus rx330. the contact stated that upon starting the vehicle, he noticed that the front passengers low
LEXUS RX330 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 lexus rx330. the contact stated that in the past six months that the front headlights have burned out because
LEXUS GS350 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 lexus gs350. the headlights are shining too low to the ground. the farthest they shine is 15 feet
LEXUS RX330 2005 We Own A 2005 Lexus rx330. moisture accumulated in one of our headlights causing it to fail. cost of replacement was
LEXUS RX330 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 lexus rx330. water enters through the head-lights. the vehicle was taken to the dealer and he
LEXUS ES350 2007 Hello, I Bought A 2007 lexus es 350, september 2009, and drove it a few nights since then. the car has
LEXUS RX330 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 lexus rx330. he stated that there was a massive amount of condensation in the driver side head lamp
LEXUS LS 2006 When First Driving The Car after delivery may 22, 2006, it was noted that the low beam head lights were set dangerously low
LEXUS LX 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 lexus lx 470. while inspecting the vehicle, the mechanic shifted the gears and the vehicle caught fire.
LEXUS ES 2002 My 2002 Es 300 Has headlight sensors which make it go up and down depending on what angle the car is parked/moving at. so
LEXUS ES350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus es350. the contact stated that his headlights were beaming too low and caused poor visibility when driving
LEXUS LX470 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 lexus lx470. he received a recall notice for the exterior lighting (nhtsa campaign id# 04v434000). he
LEXUS IS 2002 Vehicle Stalls, Bucks And sways onto other drivers not an alignment problem when braking the vehicle sways left or right. it is missing
LEXUS ES350 2007 I Bought A Lexus Es 350, 2007, on jan. 12, 2007, and drove it at night for the first
LEXUS RX330 2006 Those Focused Headlights, Often with a blue tint, are dangerous to drivers who can be temporarily blinded by their extreme brightness. the
LEXUS LX 2006 The Hid Headlights On New cars and trucks are too bright. *nm
LEXUS LX 2006 Blue Headlights Need To Be banned. these lights are blinding. one article mentioned road rage and i can understand that.
LEXUS SC400 1993 Part Fauilure. *jb
LEXUS ES330 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds at night, there was a limited range of the headlight beams. the vehicle was
LEXUS GS300 2006 I Bought A 2006 Lexus gs300. at nights the low-beam hd lights does not project far enough, i have a hard time seeing
LEXUS RX330 2005 I Have A Lexus Rx330 awd (2005) with hids in nj. the vehicle is really good and so is the headlights.
LEXUS ES330 2005 2005 Lexus Es 330 Developed problems with the high density discharge headlamps.*mr the headlights did not provide adequate illumination especially on sand or
LEXUS ES 2005 High Density Discharge With auto leveling system.low beams do not provide adequate lighting to drive safely on unlit says the lights
LEXUS GS300 2006 The Hid Lighting System On the vehicle is aimed considerably low providing for extremely poor front illumination. the dealer claims that the lights
LEXUS ES300 2003 Dt: Consumer States That at night there was a time delay in the headlights when being shut off. if the trunk was
LEXUS RX330 2004 Consumer Has 3 Major Complaints on the 2004 lexus rx 330: sun glare from the dashboard obstructing visibility. the high intensity lights do
LEXUS RX330 2005 Lexus Rx 330 Stolen Headlights, this has happened twice. *bf *nm
LEXUS RX330 2004 The High Intesity Lights (hil) do not illuminate enough down the road for the consumer to see safely. *bf most of the
LEXUS RX330 2004 The Headlights On A 2004 rx330 have cost me a lawsuit against dealer. drove car second night, 3 miles, on country roads.
LEXUS RX330 2005 I Leased A Lexus 2005 rx 330 on november 30, 2004. since i have had the car the car has been vandalized
LEXUS SC400 1993 Condensation Developed Over The Right headlight. consumer contacted the dealer, who stated they didn't know why this was happening . *ak
LEXUS RX330 2004 Car Is A 2004 Lexus rx330. it has hid headlights. these are the worst headlights i have ever had on a car.
LEXUS RX330 2005 While Driving At Night, the consumer noticed that the headlights did not illuminate normal at low beam. please provide further details.
LEXUS RX330 2004 The Headlights Have High Intensity beams. consumer can't see the turns coming up or the road. the road illumination is 35
LEXUS LS 430 2004 I Would Like To Complain about the new "blue" hid headlights on some cars. the glare i experience from this is terrible.
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Had A 1994 Ls400. every morning, upon a cold start first time, my instrument cluster does not light up immediately.
LEXUS ES300 2001 Vehicle Is Having A Problem with light deception. light visibility is only 15 to 20 feet ahead. driver must use high beams to
LEXUS SC400 1992 Front Headlamps Fill With Moisture reducing night visability to next to nothing. all years of this sc400 model have the same problem.
LEXUS ES300 2002 My 2002 Lexus Es 300, when driven at highway speed at night time, the headlights (hid's) keep coming closer and closer to the
LEXUS LS400 1993 To Whom It May Concern: i have a '93 lexus ls400. apparently, 80% of these cars in this year have faulty instument
LEXUS RX330 2004 The Headlights Are My New rx330 have such limited sight distance that i'm afraid with the deer population in my area, there is not
LEXUS ES300 9999 Hid Headlamps Impose A Serious problem for oncoming drivers. recently, i was driving home and encountered an oncoming vehicle with hid headlamps coming
LEXUS LEXUS 9999 I Would Like To See those new, painfully-bright xenon headlights banned. they might be ok if there were a way to dim
LEXUS RX330 2004 High-intensity Headlights On 2004 Lexus rx 330 do not provide adequate night vision yet are set according to factory specifications according to manufacturer.
LEXUS LEXUS 2002 Suv Behind Us At A light with highly irritating bright lights that even our special rear view mirror didn't reduce very much. these
LEXUS RX330 2004 The Head Lights On My 2004 lexus rx330 are so concentrated with little or no diffusion of light that when the road is not flat
LEXUS SC400 1992 Headlamp Lens Fog Up, reducing illumination dramatically and causing a saftey hazard when driving at night. have noted much newer models

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