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27 Jun

LEXUS ES300 1999 At Start Up And Acceleration blue smoke comes from tail pipe.also, there is excessive use of oil, and pcv
LEXUS ES300 1992 Was Driving Vehicle & Noticed temperature gauge indicating hot. took vehicle in for service. had no indication a problem with engine head gaskets.
LEXUS ES300 1993 Need To Replace The Valve stem heads. was told by independent lexus service center that this is a common problem with 93/94 es300
LEXUS LS400 1996 Timing Belt Off On Tooth causing poor performance (hard starts).
LEXUS LS400 1995 Main Bearing Replaced Due To knocking noise.
LEXUS ES250 1991 Oil Leak In Spark Plug wells.
LEXUS ES 2011 At About 2:00 Pm On dec 26, 2011, while parking in a public covered garage, i turned into the parking space,
LEXUS ES300 2000 I Was Driving On A busy road, and my 2000 lexus es300 rpm went down to 0 and shut off in the middle of
LEXUS RX300 2001 I Purchased A 2001 Lexus rx 300 from a private party in february of this year. within days of the purchase the transmission
LEXUS ES350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus es350. the contact stated that when the vehicle was cold there would be a rattling noise in the
LEXUS RX300 1999 While Driving On A 2 lane mountain road the engine on my 1999 lexus rx 300 started knocking loudly and failed. i was
LEXUS GS450H 2007 Car: 2007 Lexus Gs450h, factory certified. had a serious issue which warrants a recall of all affected cars, which may not be
LEXUS LS460 2008 2008 Lexus Ls400. Consumer states vehicle does not always accelerate properly and has been unable to start on two occasions after long trips.
LEXUS LS 460 2007 2007 Lexus Ls460. Consumer received a recall notice stating that the engine could fail which could lead to a crash. *kb
LEXUS GX470 2006 Unintended Acceleration Of A 2006 lexus gx470 when shifting from park to drive. this is the first known occurrence of this abnormal activity
LEXUS IS350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 lexus 350 is. the contact stated that when starting the vehicle, the vehicle would exhibit abnormal
LEXUS LS460L 2007 I Have A Lexus Ls 460l and have received a safety recall notice from lexus regarding valve spring replacement. the dealer cannot take
LEXUS RX300 1999 Oil Gel. *tr
LEXUS ES350 2010 The Car Intermittently Does Not start. occurred four times in less than five months. car bought new from dealer late 4/2010. after
LEXUS IS250 2007 We Have Returned 2007 Lexus is 250 4 times to dealer for stalling while on highway. dangerous scenario. each time the service center
LEXUS IS350 2006 I Experienced A Problem That may be the same problem as the lexus valve spring problem, or related to it. the mechanic said
LEXUS RX350 2008 2008 Lexus Rx350 Engine Noise started making noise at about 23,000 miles. the dealer said it was normal. took it back in
LEXUS ES330 2006 I Have Noticed A Problem with my lexus car since i purchased about 5 years ago. i could never reproduce the problem hence
LEXUS RX350 2008 2008 Lexus Rx350 Motor Started making loud "rapping" noise at 10,000 miles, after many complaints to the dealer lexus field rep. admitted
LEXUS RX300 1999 My 1999 -- Lexus Rx300 has about 140k miles on it. the car is now parked so i don't kill myself or my family
LEXUS RX350 2010 As I Reverse Out Of my driveway, which is on an incline, onto a flat main roadway, the vehicle stalls (while still
LEXUS ES300 2003 On March 26, 2010 my husband and i were stopped at a traffic signal, (with my foot on the brake as you would
LEXUS RX300 2001 2001 Lexus 300rx With The possibility of sludge in the motor from oil. also consumer states that the battery will die if the
LEXUS LS460 2008 Continuous Acceleration With Foot Off accelerator pedal currently as of 3/21/10. vehicle will not slow down with foot off accelerator maintains speeds of 20-24
LEXUS ES350 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 lexus es350. while the contact was driving approximately 40 mph the engine stalled without warning. the engine
LEXUS ES330 2006 On 9/27/2007, My Car (lexus es330) went out of control due to sudden acceleration in a parking lot of a shopping center in glenview,
LEXUS IS250 2008 About 1 Month After Taking delivery of this new lexus, the driver slowed and began breaking for a red light. suddenly the engine
LEXUS ES330 2006 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) vin no.# [xxx]1 engine
LEXUS RX300 2001 Lexus 2001 Lx300 Sensors Are defective. *tr
LEXUS GS300 1999 When I Placed My Car in cruise control, the engine sped up from 60 mph to 90 mph. the engine alternated between 60
LEXUS RX300 1999 I Want You To Know during this time of toyota problems and coverup, that we leased new a 1999 lexus rx300, it was
LEXUS RX300 2001 Engine Stalled Suddenly While Driving on roads. engine would not restart under any conditions and had to be replaced. mechanics looking
LEXUS IS250 2007 Sudden Acceleration With 2007 Lexus is 250. *tr
LEXUS RX300 2001 Oil Sludge Cause Engine Failure in lexus rx300. need to replace short block, overhead gasket set, valve covers,heads and cams
LEXUS ES330 2005 Engine Failure Due To Presence of oil sludge despite proper maintenance. *tr
LEXUS RX330 2004 Dear Sir/madam: i am writing you because i am being ignored by a large product manufacturer. lexus/toyota is
LEXUS RX330 2004 2004 Lexus Rx 330: I was a victim of sudden unattended acceleration. this occurred on drive pavement on a street with an uphill grade.
LEXUS GS350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus gs350. whenever the contact drove the vehicle before it had time to warm up after a cold start
LEXUS IS250 2007 Unintended Sudden Acceleration While Braking for a stop sign in a residential area. this was the only time of the occurrence, was
LEXUS RX300 2001 I Own A 2001 Lexus rx300 and the transmission went out but lexus refused to cover it with my 100.000 warranty.they were very
LEXUS IS250 2006 I Was Operating My 2006 lexus is250 awd at very low speed in a parking lot when the engine began to surge. i could
LEXUS RX350 2007 The Engine In My 2007 lexus rx-350 began making a loud noise and eventually stopped. fortunately, i was able to maintain control
LEXUS ES350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus es350. the contact stated that the vehicle accelerates without warning. she stated that the engine
LEXUS ES300 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 lexus es300. while driving at an unknown speed, the contact noticed smoke underneath the hood.
LEXUS RX350 2007 I Purchased My Lexus Rx 350 dec 2006. i have 35, 500 miles on my car. my car is used for
LEXUS RX330 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 lexus rx330. while driving at an unknown speed, the contact heard a noise from the engine and
LEXUS ES300 2002 I Recently Purchased A 2002 lexus es 300 and not much to complain about the inside etc. the acceleration and throttle though are a
LEXUS RX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 lexus rx330. the contact stated that the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard two days after the
LEXUS RX300 2003 2003 Lexus Rx300 Vehicle Stalled. replace idle air control valve twice**cw** the consumer also referenced a toyota highlander that had the same stalling
LEXUS IS 300 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 lexus is 300. while driving 50 mph, the contact noticed smoke rising from under the hood,
LEXUS IS 2007 Vsc Warning Light Came With check engine light. pulled in a local dealership, was told car was ok to continue driving but make
LEXUS ES350 2007 Driver Was Injured When Driving her new (six weeks old) lexus es350 with approximately 700 miles on the odometer. due to a defect with
LEXUS GS300 1998 The "vsc" And The "vsc off" lights both turn on at the same time, and the engine suddenly come to idle and the car
LEXUS RX 1999 Lexus Rx 300 Engine Died at 90k with no warning. was stranded on dark highway. paid 4k to replace engine. very disappointing
LEXUS RX 1999 The Transmission On My 1999 lexus rx 300 needed to be replaced with only 70,000 miles on the car. i have also had
LEXUS RX300 1999 Lexus 1999 Rx 300 Had oil sludge in 2000 and i was originally charged by lexus pembroke pines then about 1 year later reimbursed as
LEXUS ES300 1998 I Have A 1998 Lexus es300. in november 2003, my car was serviced under lexus' spa program due to engine oil gelling/sludge.
LEXUS ES330 2005 Hesitation Has Almost Caused Accidents. *nm
LEXUS ES300 1998 Consumer 1998 Lexus 300 Es check engine light illuminated knocked and died while pulling to the side of the road. *ts ***nar***
LEXUS ES 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated that the vehicle was stalling. it stalled during start up and backing out as well as during cruising
LEXUS GS300 2006 On February 9, 2006, the fourth occurrence occurred. each time, there was a strong smell of sulfur in the car with
LEXUS IS250 2006 I Purchased A 2006 Is 250 in october, 2005. the vehicle has been driven for 2,500 miles. after
LEXUS RX300 2003 While Traveling Out To Denver from omaha, received low oil pressure light on my 2003 lexus rx300. pulled over immediately, had car
LEXUS RX300 2001 Consumer Complaint Referencing 2001 Lexus rx 300. the consumer's vehicle had developed sludge in the engine. according to the dealer she
LEXUS LS 430 2004 Unexplained Random Surges Speed On the 2004 lexus ls 430.*mr the consumer noticed that the vehicle rmps' were high when the vehicle was
LEXUS ES300 1996 1996 Lexus Es300; Sludge build-up; excessive oil consumption; white smoke on start-up; dealer says the engine needs to be rebuilt
LEXUS ES300 2002 Upon Acceleration In Stop-and-go Traffic, severe hesitation with brake-like effect, engine reviving, with driver thrown forward, then lurching into gear.
LEXUS RX300 2000 I Purchased A 2000 Toyota suv. and subsequently had the vehicle go into sudden complete irreperable engine failure while driving on a busy
LEXUS GS400 1998 While Driving 65 Mph Vehicle stalled. consumer was able to get off the road and restarted the vehicle. *ak
LEXUS ES 330 2004 When Applying The Accelerator Pedal vehicle hesitated then surged forward. consumer is concerned that this condition will result in an accident.*ak *nm
LEXUS RX330 2004 My Lexus Rx 330 Has had repeated transmission and throttle problems. the automatic transmission hesitates, hunts, shifts inconsistently, hangs in
LEXUS RX330 2004 Vehicle Hesitates And Accelerates Erractically causing a hazard when entering traffic. dealer tech states vehicle is performing as designed". *jb
LEXUS ES300 2003 Vehicle Lurches Forward When Brakes are applied.*mr this caused consumer to hit a sign. dealership checked brake system and found no
LEXUS ES300 1999 I Own A 1999 Lexus es-300 automobile that was purchased used in 2002. the engine stopped running as i was driving home from
LEXUS ES300 1999 While Driving At Any Speed engine check light came on and stayed on. consumer could take the battery out and replace
LEXUS ES300 1997 While Driving 65 Mph engine check light appeared on the dashboard and remained on. consumer noticed blue smoke coming from the
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Ever Since I Purchased By 2004 ls430, i have noticed an unacceptable engine vibration. this is noticeable during idle/first start-up. the engine
LEXUS ES300 1993 I Have Experienced The "surging" that was discussed in the media on my 1993 lexus es300 many times. i have owned the car
LEXUS ES300 1995 Low Oil Pressure - Engine damage. *la
LEXUS ES300 1997 Consumer Stated That He Was having a problem with trying to get vehicle repaired properly. engine continued knocking, and had been
LEXUS ES300 2003 Intermittently When Pulling From A stop or turning a corner from a stop, the vehicle would hesitate for several seconds before accelerating.
LEXUS GS400 1998 Product Defect When The Lexus gs400 hit head on a concrete anti-terrorist restrain t between 40-50 miles a hr. speed could have been faster
LEXUS RX300 2000 Traveling 60 Mph On Merit pky connecticut, the fluid leaked out of a blown gasket in the transfer box to the rear wheel drive.
LEXUS ES300 1998 The Consumer Was Told That the engine may experience engine problems. the consumer would like to participate in the national call back.
LEXUS LS400 1993 1993 Lexus Ls 400- Dash illumination fails, preventing driver from seeing speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, engine warning lights and gear indicator.
LEXUS ES300 1996 Engine Check Light Intermittently On, blue exhaust in engine smoke, abnormal oil consumption, gelled oil or sludge present inside valve cover below
LEXUS ES300 2003 The Vehicle Had Problems Picking up speed, when the accelerator was pressed the vehicle did not respond, it sounded as though something was
LEXUS RX300 1999 I Own A 1999 Lexus rx300 and have had an engine sludge problem which was repaired by the dealer with the valve seal replacement being
LEXUS RX300 1999 I Own 1999 Lexus Rx300, since february of the last year, i had numerous problems with the car's engine (it has sludge),
LEXUS RX300 2000 My Wife Noticed A Check engine light on as she was driving to work. she called me on the cell phone and we took
LEXUS ES300 1993 A Cloud Of Blue Smoke comes out when i first start my car in the morning. i was told by the dealer that the

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