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27 Jun

LEXUS RX400H 2007 Vsc System Warning Light Came on. parked the car as it shut off. car won't start. warning light says check hybrid system.
LEXUS IS 250 2007 Check Engine, Vsc, traction lights comes on as vehicle comes to a stop with a rough idle, and at times exhibits a
LEXUS GX470 2003 When I Was Driving My lexus gx470 (2003) with my family on a local street at around 35 mph, my vehicle suddenly stopped by
LEXUS RX330 2006 At Approximately 4 In Afternoon, i had come to a complete stop in front of my townhouse. my foot was still on
LEXUS LS460L 2008 We Had Lack Of Power engine and steering problems in the past with this vehicle. we filed a lemon law and supposedly they fixed
LEXUS CT 2012 There Is A Well Known flaw with toyota hybrids that toyota needs to address and fix. when you brake to come to a
LEXUS CT 2012 I Purchased My Two New 2012 lexus ct200hs in december 2012 with 23 miles on it. one of them has been totally fine.
LEXUS IS 250 2006 I Took My Vehicle In to a lexus dealership on march 15, 2013 because the engine has powered down while driving & the check
LEXUS RX300 1999 My Check Engine Light Came on. i had the oil changed for the second time within 30 days because i thought it was an
LEXUS GX 2012 A Buzzy/ Squeeze Noise Heard when apply brake pedal elec. stability control is hard to use propulsion makes up a large noise
LEXUS GS300 2006 Car Max, Inc. sold [xxx] a defective automobile. defective automobile; 2006 lexus gs 300 vin# [xxx] mileage 100,249 carmax stock
LEXUS IS 250 2011 Drove Over Gravel On Road, then steering column froze up. when brought to lexus they said all the electrical steering components are broke.
LEXUS ES300 2000 My 2000 Lexus Es300 Was having issues with the rpm ramping up high when the engine is warm up especially when i accelerate at
LEXUS GS300 2006 When Making Right Hand Turns and applying heavy throttle, engine braking or torque management engages causing the car to forcefully resist acceleration. happens
LEXUS IS250 2010 I Was Driving Home From a mountain community while it was snowing. i activated my ect snow button on my vehicle and proceeded
LEXUS RX 2010 I Was Driving My New lexus 450h (2,000 miles) in a fresh light snow (1.5 to 2 inches) in incline village nv at
LEXUS GX470 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 lexus gx470. he experienced a recurring failure in which the brakes would engage while driving at any speed and
LEXUS ES350 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 lexus 350. while driving 5 mph and making a left turn the anti-skid system failed, it disengaged the
LEXUS GS350 2007 I Own A 2007 Gs350 rwd, and it will not stop on wet pavement, dry pavement with wet tires, or in the
LEXUS GX470 2003 I Was Driving My 2003 lexus gx470 on my way to the hospital with my three year old son who was experiencing breathing problems.
LEXUS GX470 2004 Problem With Vsc On My 2004 lexus gx470. i was driving from a ski resort on snow covered road at approx 35-37 mph.
LEXUS GX 2010 On 4/13/2010, Consumer Reports released test results on a 2010 lexus gx 460 indicating the suv should not be purchased due to rollover safety
LEXUS GX 2003 We Were Proceeding To Make a r.h. turn from on two lane road to another in a 2003 lexus gx when the
LEXUS GX 2010 On 4/13/2010, Consumer Reports released test results on a 2010 lexus gx 460 indicating the suv should not be purchased due to rollover safety
LEXUS LX470 2001 I Have A 2001 Lexus lx 470 on three different occasions the vsc has activated at a high rate of speed causing loss of control
LEXUS RX350 2007 When Driving In Snow And ice up hill and turning, the back wheels consistently lose power and my car starts rolling backwards down my
LEXUS ES 330 2004 2004 Lexus Es330. consumer states anti-lock braking system caused the car to skid off the road and into a guard rail.
LEXUS GS430 2002 I Brought Lexus Gs430, model year 2002 in dec 2001. my model is not in recall list. i have experienced sudden unintended
LEXUS IS 2010 This 2010 Is250 Was Purchased new in october 2009 and has approximately 3,300 miles. on feb 19th, 2010 driver made a
LEXUS IS250 2006 I Own A 2006 Lexus is250 and there is a problem that i cannot see to handle nor the dealer can handle. the problem
LEXUS RX 2010 The Rx450h Is Downright Dangerous. the 4 wheel drive does not switch "on demand" as the advertising says. i live in
LEXUS LS 2007 Vehicle Stability Control Fails Recurrently. to dealer twice with only temporary resolution. *tr
LEXUS RX 2010 I Live In Aldie, va and have a new lexus 2010 rx 450h hybrid. i had an accident on 01/30/2010 around 11am.
LEXUS GX470 2003 I Was Traveling West on a two lane paved road (sutton road) near sutton school. weather was snowing and road conditions
LEXUS ES300 2006 On 12/23/09 At Approximately 1:46pm, my mother lost control of her 2006 lexus es300 in the parking lot of a store in miami,
LEXUS ES350 2007 I Have A 2007 Lexus, es, and i feel the problem is with the electronic push button engine starter, and not
LEXUS IS 2009 Lexus Is 250 2009 , driver side mat was not there ,still my car could not stop at a red
LEXUS IS 300 2003 Easy Spin. *tr

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