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Lexus Electrical System Wiring Interior/under Dash Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 10:16:33 PM

LEXUS LS400 1994 When Starting Vehicle And Engine, and the engine is cold, consumer states the headlights do not operate. after vehicle engine has warmed
LEXUS LS400 1994 When The Weather Was Cold dash light would not work properly. consumer stated after vehicle warmed up, dah light would start to
LEXUS ES300 2002 Instrument Gauge Indicators Are Unable to read while driving during day light hours. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
LEXUS ES300 2002 In Certain Light Conditions Instrument panel gauges are impossible to see.*ak
LEXUS ES300 2002 Light On Dashboard Panel, and cannot see reading of speed. control panel will not set because speed reading cannot
LEXUS LS400 1994 Instrument Panel Lights Go Out. can't see any guages on dash. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer indicated there was a
LEXUS ES300 2002 Lights To Read Speed Odometer and gas, are hard to read, causing consumer to only see in dark areas, and not
LEXUS SC400 1992 While Driving Dash Gauge needles for all gauges did not illuminate to indicate speed/ gas. please provide any further information, an
LEXUS ES300 1993 Instrument Background Lighting Of The needles blacked out, creates driving hazard.*ak
LEXUS ES300 2002 Optitron Instrumentation: Not Easy To read in broad daylight. when driving, it's important to keep your eyes on the road. under normal
LEXUS ES300 2002 Instrument Cluster Gauges Have Red needles against a black background which are difficult to see in daylight conditions, especially in full sunlight and are
LEXUS SC300 1992 Cd Player Does Not Funciton properly, others have reported sam problems to me ; speedometer needle will not light up and can not
LEXUS ES300 1992 The Electrochromic Display Lighting That lights up the speedometer have failed, there is no way to know what speed you are traveling at night.
LEXUS SC400 1992 Gauge Needles Burne Dout. replaced gauge cluster. *ak
LEXUS GS400 1998 Main Computer Unit, Door activators failed, after recall was completed on main computer unit. yh
LEXUS LS400 1998 On Board Computer Failed Causing vehicle to loose power upon acceleration. nlm
LEXUS ES300 1992 Replace Instrument Of The Combination meter, involving speedo/tach, temperature gauge unit, gas gauge, when on the indicator needle malfunction, causing
LEXUS LS400 1993 The Instrument Panel On My '93 ls 400 is not functioning properly. sometimes when it is cold it won't light up.
LEXUS SC400 1995 (1) The Problem Is On the 1995 lexus, sc400. (2) the needles in the instrument cluster get blackened out; therefore,
LEXUS SC430 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated when turning on the vehicle the dashboard lights did not illuminate. the dashboard gauges could not be
LEXUS LS400 1994 Since 80,000 Miles, the dashboard lights have displayed intermitent lighting. the problem is worst when the car is cold (below 60f).
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Have A 1994 Lexus ls400. when the temperature is below 65f, the entire dashboard lights including the speedometer, gas gauge,
LEXUS ES330 2005 Dt: Caller Says vehicle has several problems., brakes vibrated, and she had to pump them. also,
LEXUS LS400 1993 Instrument Panel Is Unreadable--lighting Is completely out. *jb
LEXUS ES300 1995 The Consumer Experienced Surging When driving. the consumer had the transmission replaced. the car accelerated on its own. nothing
LEXUS SC400 1992 The Instrument Panel Gauge Lights on my 1992 sc40 began going bad at around 75,000 miles [1999]. by 95,000 miles 50% of
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Had A 1994 Ls400. every morning, upon a cold start first time, my instrument cluster does not light up immediately.
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Have A '94 Lexus ls400 that has intermittent dash light problems. from what i've read on the internet, this is a
LEXUS LS400 1994 On Cold Mornings Dash Cluster will not light up. after a while when car warms up lights will start to flicker and then
LEXUS LS400 1994 1994 Lexus Ls400 With Bad instrument panel. the panel fails to light up below 55-60 degrees. safety hazard. *la
LEXUS LS400 1992 The Digital Instrument Cluster Lights flicker and goe completely blank. this only occurs upon cold start. the lights come back on when vehicle
LEXUS LS400 1993 I Am Experiencing Major Problems with the instrument cluster on my 1993 lexus ls400. whenever the temperature drops below 70 degrees, the instrument
LEXUS LS400 1993 1993 Lexus Ls 400- Dash illumination fails, preventing driver from seeing speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, engine warning lights and gear indicator.
LEXUS LS400 1990 Instrument Panel Lights Don't Work (speedometer) on 90 lexus ls400. apparently it's happened to all of them or is happening to all of
LEXUS LS400 1994 1994 Ls400 Dashlight Problem,when the vehicle is cold none of the dashlights work...???? what is going on? this occurs
LEXUS LS400 1994 Dash Board Lights Do Not work. before they would flicker and come on, now nothing
LEXUS LS400 1994 Instrument Panel Will Not Light up at all. the guages will not illuminated, you cannot tell how fast you are going,
LEXUS LS400 1993 Dashboard Lights Do Not Work until vehicle has bee driven for about 30 minutes.
LEXUS LS400 1993 Lexus - 93 Ls400 - dash cluster no longer shows speed, engine rpm, and fuel level. ts
LEXUS LS400 1994 I Have A 1994 Lexus ls400 with defective instrument panel lighting and it is a problem on a very large number of ls400 automobiles.
LEXUS LS400 1994 The Whole Dash Will Not light up when the weather is cold, and cause driver not to see any of the warning lights,
LEXUS LS400 1993 The Lights Did Not Illuminate on the dashboard until the vehicle was warmed up for at least 30 minutes, and was unable to see

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