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15 Mar

KIA SOUL 2011 I Was Driving And A pebble hit my windshield causing a chip which turned into a crack. i got it filled at safe lite.
KIA SOUL 2013 I Was Driving On A highway when, without any provocaction, the two tires on the drivers side blew out the sidewall. hole

KIA SORENTO 2013 Driving Down The Road And a loud pop occurred and the rear sunroof had shattered. no other cars or people were around.
KIA SPECTRA 2008 The Door Locks Began Randomly not working when using the door lock/unlock buttons on both the driver side, as well as the front passenger
KIA SORENTO 2012 At 5:40pm Mst On 03/20/2014, i was approaching a 4-way intersection in a residential area at approximately 15 mph intending to stop and then
KIA OPTIMA 2013 Car Sometimes Will Not Start when break pedal is pressed & ing switch is pressed ???
KIA SORENTO 2011 When Switching From Park To drive a loud pop will be heard from the vehicle usually occurring (loudest) during cold moist days. in the
KIA SPECTRA 2009 While Unoccupied Vehicle With Automatic transmission rolled forward several yards in parking lot on very slight grade though transmission was in "park," engine
KIA SORENTO 2012 On October 14,2013 As i was traveling in stop and start traffic the vehicle suddenly accelerated and surged forward at least 5 feet while
KIA RIO 2005 I Have A 2005 Kia rio (vin provided later) purchased 2006, low miles. summer 2011 car stalled, stopped & check engine light
KIA AMANTI 2009 While Traveling On An Expressway at approximately 55-60 mph in approximately 65 degree sunny weather i felt a huge explosion and first thought i had
KIA SORENTO 2011 The Sunroof Exploded. My husband driving at highway speed when sunroof made a loud bang. luckily the shade was drawn and protected
KIA SORENTO 2012 While Drivign My Car On 4 different occasions my vehicle has shut off while in motion. the car locks out and i have
KIA SPORTAGE 2012 Driving To Work In July 2013 i heard a loud pop sound and looked around and noticed nothing out of the ordinary about 10 seconds
KIA SORENTO 2013 While Decelerating To A Stop, the vehicle suddenly stalled. the contact restarted the engine and the vehicle operated normally. the failure was
KIA SOUL 2010 Audio & Bluetooth System Have failed. audio system previously failed in december 2011 with 24291 miles on it. audio system just
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 The Structure Is Rotten And unsafe to drive. i have seen many reports of this and cannot believe that it has not been
KIA OPTIMA 2003 My Front Passenger Door Had become completely stuck closed and wont open. the lock mechanisms work fine for all four doors still as well
KIA OPTIMA 2013 I Was On My Way home one evening from work. there was no other vehicles in front of me but several behind me.
KIA OPTIMA 2009 I Received A Letter Regarding a safety recall for my vehicle's stop lamp switch. i submitted a request for reimbursement of my repairs on
KIA OPTIMA 2012 Wife Was Driving Home From work in early evening on normal daily commuter router when very loud explosion noise. incident scared wife enough
KIA SPORTAGE 2008 I Have Had An Ongoing squeele/grind in the rear left. they dealership said it was brakes and i paid a lot of money
KIA RIO 2012 My 2012 Kia Rio Caught fire the other day. i pulled into the driveway, went into the house to put my laptop down.
KIA RIO 2009 Approximately A Year Ago I purchased four (4) new firestone control plus tires. the thread belts are separating and you can see large cracks
KIA OPTIMA 2013 I Was Driving Down The freeway about 7:30am on my way to work, beautiful day probably about 60 degrees at the time.
KIA OPTIMA 2013 My Kia Gets Stuck In a few inches of snow or any ice. slides easily in rain or icy or cold weather. i
KIA OPTIMA 2006 It Is A Well-known Issue with kia optima cars that the door latch is faulty, and after various lengths of time, it will
KIA SORENTO 2014 We Were Driving On Interstate 540 n, 70 mph, normal driving conditions, and light traffic when the sunroof exploded. it
KIA SORENTO 2013 On 2/15/2014 My Wife And i were driving from elko, nv to spring creek, nv at approximately 50 mph when the sunroof imploded.
KIA SPECTRA 2009 While Pulling My Car Out of a parking space, i drove forward at a low speed and heard a swooshing sound of water from
KIA SPECTRA 2009 While Driving My Car To work, i noticed the air bag warning light illuminate on the dashboard. as i continued to drive my
KIA SORENTO 2009 I Was Driving On Black top had been sleeting the kia i was driving vered off the the opposite side of rd.
KIA SOUL 2013 Our 2013 Kia Soul Only has one manual door lock which is located on the driver door. when the temperature is below freezing,
KIA OPTIMA 2004 The Door (drivers Side) Will not unlock. when you pull the handle to get out of the vehicle it locks and will not allow
KIA SPECTRA 2009 My Daughter Owns A 2009 kia spectra a friend getting in the rear seat tried to open the door and the outside handle broke-off.
KIA SORENTO 2012 The Moonroof (stationary Sunroof That does not open) over the 2nd row seat exploded spontaneously. there was not an impact from a rock
KIA OPTIMA 2007 The Mechanism Inside The Driver side sun visor broke and the visor will no longer stay up. this blocks visibility to oncoming traffic.
KIA SORENTO 2013 Driving At @70mph On Smooth interstate highway with very light traffic. heard a very loud bang and then the crackling of glass. reached
KIA RIO 2006 I Was Driving Approximately 60 mph and another vehicle merged into my lane. i was unable to avoid the vehicle but turned to the
KIA OPTIMA 2005 Drivers Side Door Would Not open from inside or outside. failed door latch/lock assembly. first happened in july 2007.
KIA SPORTAGE 2002 The Frame At The Point of connection with the rear differential is completely rusted through and i am unable to get it repaired. i
KIA OPTIMA 2003 I Had Parked At The grocery store one night and my car door wouldn't shut. it appeared as though the latch was stuck in
KIA BORREGO 2008 The Bar In The Bracket on the sun-visor on the drivers side, that holds the visor in place and allows it to swing,
KIA SOUL 2011 I Purchased A New Set of 4 kumho tires p205/55r16 89h bsw solus xpert kh20 at 22096 miles on 10/17/2013. within the 1st
KIA SORENTO 2011 1st Incident 10/2010 - Outside right side rear door handle snaps off (child lock on inside of car ingaged so you cannot open door from
KIA OPTIMA 2008 There Is Currently A Recall on the same year make and model of my car, yet my car is not cover. i was
KIA CADENZA 2014 The "smart Key" For This vehicle is a new design, released for the 2013 kdm kia k7, and has a release button where
KIA SOUL 2013 Was Making A Left Hand turn into a parking spot next to car that was already parked, was barely moving when all of a
KIA OPTIMA 2008 My Drivers Side Sun Visor began failing it wouldn't stay up any longer then the insides finally snapped breaking the plastic inside. now the
KIA SEDONA 2006 We Bought This Kia Sedona from a dealer and from the time we bought it it always had some starting problem. so when we
KIA OPTIMA 2005 Drivers Side Door Will No longer open. when i try to unlock it from either the inside or outside, the unlock
KIA OPTIMA 2013 Driving Along On A Main road, but not a highway, at about 45 mph. all of a sudden i heard a massive
KIA SORENTO 2011 During Early Morning Startup, vehicle accelerated past 3000 rpm for approximately 10 seconds. after deceleration, when the vehicle was shifted to drive,
KIA SORENTO 2012 On 12-25-2013, Noticed That the side market lights remained on for several hours after the engine was shut off. couple of days later,
KIA SORENTO 2014 I Cannot See The speedometer needle on .bright days. i found myself staring at the speedometer trying to see my speed
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 Rear Frame Of My 1999 kia sportage rotted, and causing the whole rearend to shift severly. at 30mph. causing me to park
KIA SOUL 2010 Audio & Bluetooth System Have failed. audio system previously failed in december 2011. audio system just blacked out .
KIA SORENTO 2011 When I Press On Or let off of the brake there is a popping noise. my ex also has a 2012 sorento and hers
KIA BORREGO 2008 On The Driver Side Seat the rocker piece that allows the seat to move up and down and front to back. the pin
KIA SORENTO 2006 About A Week Ago, i was unloading groceries from my kia sorento. the hatchback has a handle in order to pull down
KIA OPTIMA 2013 Steering Wheel Does Not seem to react well with turning of the vehicle. parking the vehicle is uneven and not aligned to
KIA SEDONA 2008 The First Time This Incident happened, i was driving my 2008 kia sedona van on a level street at approximately 30mph. the
KIA SORENTO 2013 The Vehicle Is A Few months old. today 6/9/13 took the vehicle to the dealer because it is sputtering and shutting off.
KIA OPTIMA 2012 I Was Driving The 2012 kia optima and turned a corner and my knee pressed on drivers door and the interior dome light came on
KIA SEDONA 2009 The Passenger Sliding Doors On my 2009 kia sedona is very hard to open, sometimes, the right door can not be opened at
KIA SORENTO 2012 This Vehicle Is Extremely Dangerous in the snow or on wet pavement. you cannot control the vehicle - it just goes where it wants
KIA OPTIMA 2004 The Driver's Side Door Will not unlock from either the inside or outside. the key won't work. i had to crawl over
KIA OPTIMA 2012 The Vehicle Steering Seems Tight which is fine, but when accelerating between 30-45 mph the vehicle veers off to the left. i am
KIA OPTIMA 2004 Drivers Side Door Will Not open with the power lock or by key, i have been getting in and out of my car by
KIA SOUL 2011 Speed Control - The Speed control did not disengage on numerous occaisions, when the brake was gently applied or tapped, speed control did
KIA SORENTO 2011 The Intermediate Shaft May Suffer from noise and excessive wear due to a misalignment of the intermediate shaft with the right side output gear.
KIA SORENTO 2011 My Sorento Will Hesitate To move when the accelerator is pressed and then suddenly lurch forward with full acceleration for a brief time.
KIA SORENTO 2011 Car Will Not Start With key or remotely control. after car sits for a time, several hours or days, it may start.
KIA SORENTO 2012 The 2012 Kia Sorento Lx awd was purchased new with 233 miles on it. the vehicle's automatic transmission regularly hesitates to up-shift during
KIA FORTE 2011 Problem Began 2/14/2011 (purchase) And continues. there has been a problem with these “high frequency” sensors as noted on a sheet dated 9/22/08
KIA OPTIMA 2011 Defective Key Fobs. They cannot be reprogrammed and you become stranded with no way of starting the auto. dealership has tried four times
KIA SORENTO 2011 Driving Home On Rainy Day when sunroof shattered out of nowhere. did not run off the road nor did i hear anything hit the
KIA SOUL 2012 Vehicle Suffered Sudden Loss Of performance, would only accelerate sluggish, rpm would not go beyond 2500 rpm, had to get vehicle towed
KIA RIO 2007 The Tpms Light Has Been illuminated since i've bought the car in may 2011. i took my car to the dealer today (9/15/11) because
KIA OPTIMA 2004 We Just Purchased Is Car last saturday and went to the store and locked the doors then when we went to unlock the doors with
KIA SORENTO 2012 The Problem I Am Having is intermittent. when i push the start button sometimes the car the lunges backwards while the car is
KIA SORENTO 2008 Driving 75 Mph On Highway the esc off light luminated and check engine light came on. car lost acceleration and power (went from
KIA OPTIMA 2003 Power Locks Instantly Lock After unlocking,(over and over) prohibiting me and my passengers to enter or exit the vehicle. it sometimes takes 5-10
KIA OPTIMA 2005 Kia Optima Door Lock Is faulty, will not unlock and only way to get door open is to use a slim jim (if your
KIA SORENTO 2005 I Was Sitting At A drug store drive thru when a loud screeching noise was heard from the front of the car. i
KIA SORENTO 2005 The Crankshaft Bolt Broke On my 2005 kia sorento. i have found a site where several people have complained of this happening.
KIA SORENTO 2004 On The Above Mentioned Date the vehicle was taken to ntb for a 90,000 mile check and to replace a bolt that had broken
KIA SOUL 2011 Since Purchasing My Kia Soul on feb.28, 2011 i have replaced the windshield twice! yes, it was hit but small stones
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 The Frame Has Almost Completely rusted. the most unusual thing about this is that there is all most no rust on the body.
KIA SPORTAGE 2002 Well Maintained, Daily Driven, vehicle with 145,000 miles has completely rusted out passenger side rail of frame. sub standard quality
KIA SORENTO 2011 2001 Kia Sorento. Consumer states all late models vehicles sold in america today by default flash side lights upon each repeated depression of the
KIA SORENTO 2004 Crankshaft Pulley Bolt_while Decelerating To make a turn, i lost my power steering and power brakes. the brake and battery indicator lights came
KIA OPTIMA 2011 Car Pulls To Left 100% of the time. car has been inspected by kia service and meets all factory specs. this appears to
KIA AMANTI 2004 While Parking In Front Of a coffee shop as i applied the brake to stop, the right side of my right shoe was over
KIA SORENTO 2011 When Taken To A Speed over 35 mph felt a drift to the right in the steering. when taken to higher speeds, it
KIA SEDONA 2007 Subframe Bushings Around The Bolts that hold the engine/transmission have gone bad and my warranty was up at 60,000. i have had
KIA SEDONA 2008 1) Few Times On Different occasions lost acceleration pedal (sort) no rpm response, only idles , . incidents recorded on "kia black
KIA SORENTO 2011 7/21/10 Purchased Kia Sorrento Ex fwd from moritz 110 ne loop 820 hurst, tx 7/22 noticed engine hesitated several times while driving sufficient
KIA OPTIMA 2006 The Sun Visor Does Not stay up. the sun visor on the driver side is vision impairment. the switch for the
KIA SEDONA 2006 Problems: Air Bag Light on again. has been repaired by dealer several times. ac does not blow cold continually and
KIA SPORTAGE 2009 I Bought A New Kia sportage & it has been in the shop 25 days in march, 22 days in april of 2010.
KIA OPTIMA 2006 2006 Kia Optima. Consumer writes in regards to a telephone request for the financial assistance and filing an injunction to recover damages for false
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Sway Bar Had Broken off from half of the was found the frame has rotted most of the way through in the
KIA RIO 2008 I Was Traveling South Bound on the highway going toward the pet store (the destination i wanted to go to). i slowed down with
KIA SEDONA 2006 I Purchased My Kia Sedona in april 2006. on average, four times a year i will press the accelerator pedal and the
KIA AMANTI 2004 I Am An Original Owner of a 2004 kia amanti with only 23000miles. my car has accelerated on its own such as the toyota
KIA SPECTRA 2005 Kis Speedometer, Repeated Failures. on multiple occasions my 2005 speedometer has given false readings off by as much as an estimated 25
KIA SEDONA 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 kia sedona. approximately two weeks ago, the contact received a recall notice and scheduled an appointment with
KIA OPTIMA 2005 Ii Have A 2005 Kia optima for about 3 years now, first problem was with the air bags . i had the light
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 kia sephia. the contact examined the vehicle and noticed that the dashboard was coming apart from the inside
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 kia sephia ls. while driving 35 mph, the contact's vehicle caught fire after it was struck by
KIA RIO 2006 While Driving Home My Car jerked real hard. then the check engine light came on, for a little bit, then it went
KIA SEDONA 2002 Re:kia Sedona Minivan [xxx] With about 58,300 miles. no prior problems of any kind. st complaint: on evening of friday,

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