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15 Mar

KIA KIA 1995 Vehicle's Clutch System Has Been replaced 2 times due to slipping and had accident due to slipping, the car was broad sided.occupants had
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Vehicle Has Been Expeiencing On-going problem with brake system; been in dealer shop on three occasions before correction was made. and engine check

KIA SEPHIA 1996 Check Engine Light Came On, vehicle stalled. can't find problem. clutch burned out in less than a year.
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 While Coming To A Stop at 10mph driver tried to down shift and vehicle would not go into gear. dealer said
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Since Purchase Of Vehicle I have had problems with cel coming on and staying on, i have had problems with clutch, the belts,
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Seems Like Every 3-4 Months brakes start to pulsate, 3 times so far, each time replaced, being told that wrong style being
KIA SPORTAGE 1996 The Wind Leaks Were An ongoing anoyance and i had to take the car back several times and finally gave up with an improvement but
KIA SEPHIA 1995 The Original Clutch Was Replaced at 20000 miles, then the original transmission was replaced at 60000 miles. now at 72500 miles both
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 I Feel That The Kia sportage is a poorly made vehcle and should be bought back from all owners.
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Noise Caused By Material Used in clutch.
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Clutch Experienced Premature Failure.
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Upon Depressing The Clutch, the rpms drop and vehicle stalls. also, check engine light came on twice. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Shift Lock Override Locks Up.
KIA SPECTRA 2005 After Pressing The Clutch More than ten time it starts getting harder. after that it will get stuck and will not release. this
KIA SORENTO 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 kia sorento. the contact stated that the air conditioning failed to work during a heat wave.
KIA SORENTO 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 kia sorento. while driving 45 mph, the vehicle began smoking and then stopped moving. the
KIA OPTIMA 2004 I Bought My Car In august 2004, a 2004 kia optima, and everything was fine until about april 2006. i was
KIA RIO 2003 At 53,000 The Vehicle became impossible to shift from one gear to another. dealership technician advised it needed a new clutch at a
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 1997 kia sportage. the vehicle was overheating. the contact said that the used car dealer
KIA RIO 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 40 mph and depressing the clutch pedal, the gear shifter would not change gears and control of the
KIA RIO CINCO 2004 While On A Long Road trip, i experienced a problem with the clutch on my 2004 kia rio cinco. at highway speed
KIA RIO 2005 At About 5,000 Miles or maybe even sooner i began to detect and hear something that sounded and acted like the transmission.
KIA RIO CINCO 2004 Car Is A Kia Rio cinco, i have experienced what seems to be clutch slippage in all gears. car will only accelerate
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 2001 Kia Sportage Temperature Gauge never registered that the engine was running hot. the consumer had to have the engine replaced.*mr
KIA SEPHIA 1999 (1)clutch Pedal Would Stick Near floor, would'nt return to normal position. (2)with clutch pedal depressed to floor while at a long light,
KIA RIO CINCO 2002 The Vehicle's Clutch Has Been replaced three times in two years. *nm the transmission did not respond to the acceleration.
KIA RIO CINCO 2002 I Have Had My Manual transmission kia rio cinco back to the dealer 6 times since its purchase (07/02) for the same reason. the
KIA RIO 2003 Consumer Will Not Drive over 50 mph, had difficulty in changing 5 speed gears. a service technician noticed that clutch needed
KIA SEPHIA 2000 The Consumer Stated The Clutch became stuck and had to be replaced twice, due to failure. in every instance of sticking or
KIA SEPHIA 2001 While Driving Manual Transmission broke. dealer replaced clutch and transmission one time. once again transmission broke, and vehicle was out

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