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Kia Parking Brake Conventional Reports

Saturday 11th of July 2015 07:39:13 PM

KIA SPORTAGE 1999 When Trying To Stop Vehicle brakes pedal went to floor. back brakes started making a squeaking noise. also,
KIA SEPHIA 2000 Emergency Brake Light Illuminated, and locked while driving.*ak consumer states this has happened three times before, consumer went to
KIA KIA 1999 Parking Brake Will Not Hold the car in park. *ak
KIA RIO 2001 While Driving Emergency Brake Light illuminated off and on. mechanic stated that the front brake caliper errupted. *ak
KIA KIA 1998 The Brakes Have Failed 3 times, the last time i could have killed someone if the emergency brake did not work, most of
KIA SEPHIA 2000 Brakes Fail To Work When it is raining sometimes, energency brake not working right. *ak
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Im Not Happy That I bought a new car and it averages going into the shop every 6-8 weeks. i cant afford this.
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Engine Was Replaced At 3062 brakes have been checked by a kia rep and i was told "breaks are not ment to stop the car
KIA SEDONA EX 2002 I Have Had My 02 kia for 2 years. it ran great for a few 1000 miles but then it just went haywire.

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