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Kia Electrical System Wiring Front Underhood Reports

Saturday 11th of July 2015 10:59:19 AM

KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Consumer Received A Recall Notice 99v325000, and had service department taken care off on jun 13, 2000. since then,
KIA SEPHIA 1998 While Driving On Highway could see smoke coming from engine. stopped vehicle and found out that vehicle caught underhood fire, and
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 Air Bag Light Keeps Coming on, vehicle been in dealer shop on four occasions for repairs; each time dealer would inform consumer
KIA SEPHIA 1999 While Driving Smoke Appeared From underhood & sparks were poppingout. pulled over. lifted hood & flames shot out. tried using fire extinguisher
KIA SPORTAGE 2000 Consumer Has Reported Eletrical Problems to the dealer who has been uncorporative. there was some type of substance dripping on driver's foot
KIA SEPHIA 1997 While Stopping At A Red light saw/smelled smoke. after investigating where it was coming from, consumer raised the hood and found smoke coming
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Was Driving Vehicle & Noticed smoke coming through the vents. pulled over & smoke filled the interior. vehicle towed to dealership. mechanic
KIA SEPHIA 1998 While Driving Wires Underhood Caught on fire. dealer has been notified. please provide further details. *ak
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Wiring Harness Caught On fire when car stalled and nose dived under the rear of another vehicle. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1996 Due To Wiring Problems Vehicle had stalled, a fire started underneath the hood. *ak *ml
KIA SEPHIA 1996 When Driving Vehicle The Engine just stops without warning. the wiring harness and engine were replaced in april of 97. wiring
KIA SEPHIA 2000 While Traveling On Highway Vehicle started smoking from underneath the vehicle dealership is aware of problem.*ak
KIA SEPHIA 1998 While Driving 10mph A Fire started under the hood.*ak
KIA SEPHIA 1998 A Fire Started From Main wiring harness under dash which led to fuse recpticle under hood. dealer and manufacturer have been notified. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 2001 Vehicle Does Not Have Any power. vehicle has been checked by dealer, who has replaced wire harness/ 2 computer chips, and
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 While Driving At Any Speed and without warning vehicle will stall. dealer has been notified, and stated vehicle has recall 99v325000
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Vehicle Stalled At 35 Mph. consumer smelled smoke, then saw flames coming from under the hood. vehicle was totalled. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Wiring Under Hood Got so hot that it melted all of wiring under the hood and tail light. consumer
KIA SPORTAGE 2001 When Vehicle Is Started engine check light comes on due to a problem with cable harness.also while driving vehicle
KIA SEPHIA 1999 While Driving At Approximately 25 mph, an electrical fire started in steering column and flames were coming from underneath the hood. consumer
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Ditto On All The Other electrical problems listed at this site. engine stalling while in motion, sluggishness, either revved up so
KIA SEPHIA 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1998 While Driving Vehicle, Went to stop & had no brakes. pulled up on the emergency brake, looked in rearview mirror and noticed
KIA SEPHIA 1999 After I T-boned A Jeep, i got out of my car and then my car caught fire under the hood and quickly went up
KIA SEPHIA 2000 Within A Matter Of Seconds the engine compartment went form some black smoke to flames hot enough to melt interior items such as window visor
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Continuation Part 3... very slowly, there was a terrible crunching or grinding metal on metal noise when the vehicle was slowed down
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 I Am Registering A Complaint against kia motors, inc. because of the tremendous amount of problems i have been having with my vehicle.
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Hartford Claim #: Ybsmd79874. fire under hood - battery cable/trans area. total loss.*ak
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 This Vehicle Has Had A previous recall because of reported failure of this wiring harness. *ak
KIA SEPHIA 1999 Have Taken Vehicle For Fuel pump problems over 6x..3 recalls & still seems to run hard/stall. transmission first brought in on 1/1/00,
KIA SEPHIA 1999 I Am A Fire Investigator. i have examined 4 kia sephia's with same fire origin. +12 volt conductor from battery to
KIA SPORTAGE 1999 4-wd Not Working, Hubs not locking. engine is straining as if in 4wd, indicator light is lit, leading you to believe
KIA SEPHIA 1999 The Car Blown White Smoke from the hood of the car!!!now the car don't run under 10 to 15 miles and hour!!! this car has
KIA SEPHIA 2000 While Driving Down Highway, noticed smoke coming from dash area. brakes were applied but failed. kept trying brakes and finally managed to
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Im Not Happy That I bought a new car and it averages going into the shop every 6-8 weeks. i cant afford this.
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 I Drive A 1998 Kia sportage with 37500 miles. i recently took the vehicle into the dealership reporting a loss of power, engine
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 Brakes- Excessive Braking Distance When brakes applied; engine coolant system- vehicle over headed caused vents on dashboard to pop; electrical system under
KIA SEPHIA 1998 Brakes Failed Causing Accident, they have been replaced 4 times also rotors fuel pump, transmission, glovebox,wiring harness,
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Engine Idles Too High, correction of wiring harness to throttle position did not rectify high idle.
KIA SEPHIA 2000 Consumer States Vehicle Overheated, there was steam coming from under the hood, dealer reparied the wiring, power wire to fan melted causing
KIA SEPHIA 1996 While Driving Vehicle Caught Fire under the hood due to wiring harnesses failure. yh
KIA SEPHIA 2000 Engine Wiring Harness Failed. yh
KIA SEPHIA 1997 Engine Stalling Constantly, Several repair attempts, however final repair of the engine wiring harness corrected problems. *mjs
KIA SPORTAGE 1998 Loose Wire Connection To The wiring harness caused vehicle stalling on several occasions.
KIA SPORTAGE 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 kia sportage. the vehicle was taken to the dealer on july 18, 2009 and repaired according to
KIA RIO 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 kia rio. the contact smelled something burning and noticed the vehicle was on fire while parked.
KIA SEDONA 2004 I Was Driving On The freeway for about 15 minutes when my 04 kia sedona lx started smoking. at first i thought there
KIA SEPHIA 1999 While In The Street Vehicle was in park and the key was taken out of the ignition switch. then, vehicle caught on
KIA RIO 2001 While Driving 40 Mph On an incline vehicle was running roughly. consumer noticed smoke coming from under the hood. consumer immediately
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 While Driving 34 Mph Smoke came from under the hood. consumer pulled over and had the vehicle towed. dealership was
KIA SEDONA 2003 I Purchased A 2003 Kia sedona van from speedway kia in march of 2003. one of the reasons i choose this van was due
KIA RIO 2001 While Driving 40 Mph Up an incline vehicle ran rough. consumer noticed smoke was coming from under the hood.
KIA RIO 2002 While Driving At 50 Mph vehicle caught on fire. there was a lot smoke and flames under the hood.
KIA SEPHIA 1997 The Engine Wire Harness Malfunctioned, which caused the engine to stall. *jb
KIA SEPHIA 1998 The Spark Plugs And Wires had to be replaced for the second time in two years. i feel this shouldnot happen so close together
KIA SPORTAGE 1997 My Car Will Not Get out of first gear. the kia coproration field experts cannot figure out what is wrong with it,
KIA RIO 2001 I Was Driving Home From work, and when i was approximately 1 minute from my home, my check engine light came on,

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