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Jeep Equipment Mechanical Carrier/rack Reports

16 Mar

JEEP COMANCHE 1989 Failure Of The Cable That holds the spare tire in place, the cable broke, causing the spare tire to fall off the
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1999 While Driving At 40 Mph, and upon pressing down on brake, vehicle shaks very hard, rotors appear to be very

JEEP CHEROKEE 2001 Owners Manual Stipulates That "end caps should not be used as hold downs. tie down holes are provided at the front and rear
JEEP CHEROKEE 1999 Spare Tire Mounted On Left side blocks view of driver. should be on right side of vehicle behind driver. this is a
JEEP CHEROKEE 2001 It Is Not Possible To secure loads to the roof rack, the tie-down holes are not drilled all the way through the slide rails,
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2001 Consumer States The Roof Rack is not usable, due to the tie-down holes are not drilled all the way through the side rails,
JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 1993 Roof Rack Crossrails Separating From stanchions on the right and left sides of front and rear rails. mjs
JEEP COMANCHE 1986 Cable That Supports Spare Tire under bed of pickup is corroded and failed. spare tire dropped into intersection and nearly caused a crash.
JEEP WRANGLER 1995 Bike Rack Broke Off From welded section, causing bike to fall.
JEEP CHEROKEE 1991 Front Roof Rack Bar /bracket failed.

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