Isuzu Trooper Ii 1985 Safety Reports and Reviews

Isuzu Trooper Ii Reports

ISUZU TROOPER II Structure Frame And Members

ISUZU TROOPER II 1985 Structure Frame And Members Report #812971

ISUZU TROOPER II 1985 car safety problem was reported on .ISUZU TROOPER II 1985, manufactured by ISUZU MANUFACTURING SERVICES OF AMERICA had a problem with STRUCTURE:FRAME AND MEMBERS . THE FRAME OF THE VEHICLE HAS RUSTED AND THE VEHICLE CAN NO LONGER BE DRIVEN. *AK.Isuzu Trooper Ii 1985 problem was reported in ARLINGTON, VA. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control.
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Isuzu Trooper Ii 1985 Reviews

2004 3.5 direct inj, using coolant and will over heat if driven 25 miles. no coolant loss from vehicle. no coolent in oil no coolant6 in trans oil. pressure test system and it holds pressure # 15psi.
if the lower intake has failed could the coo

THANKS, I have a Truck Isuzu NQR 2006 Diesel

1999 Vehicross developed from Isuzu Motors was propelled by a standard 3.5-L V-6
engine that had the potential to pull out nearly 215-hp.

my 99 amigo with 90,000 miles is shifting HARD into second gear. it doesnt do it all the time. i have replaced the mass air flow; the mechanics say they cant find a computer code indication either engine or transmission problems. now the front se

"Hi I am thinking about buying a 93 Isuzu Trooper but the owner says that the truck will not drive in reverse. What does this mean???

what causes the cruise control and check trans light to flicker on and off on a 2002 isuxu axiom

my 1998 Isuzu Rodeo will cut out while driving.

I wait a few minutes then it would start. About six times in about 10 miles ?

I have been having an idle problem with my 1996 rodeo. It will idle high. When I put it into park it is at 3000 - 3500 rpm when I turn it off. It has been to the dealership many times. What is wrong with it?

Right side air bag to cabin and tray not filling up as air loss compensation is slow. Takes 30 minutes to reach working pressure. Truck is Isuzu Giga CYL GVW 20t

We have an Isuzu FTR 2002/ We have taken it too two Isuzu dealers no results. Truck runs fine, then while accelarating the truck looses power, engine light comes on. If you catch it soon enough you can let off the accelarator real quick then stomp

what is the lubrication oil must be used for ISUZU NPR 2006 & NMR 2009

It is most likely the Throttle Position Sensor.  I have a 1997 model Rodeo that started doing the same thing.  I went to Autozone, and $25.00 and ten minutes under the hood later; I had the module replaced and the problem solved.


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