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Isuzu Service Brakes, Air Antilock Reports

15 Mar

ISUZU IMPULSE 1985 Poor Abs Performance. The brake pedal went to the floor, and complete brake failure was experienced, resulting in an accident.
ISUZU RODEO SPORT 2001 While Driving At 30 Mph, the abs brakes failed causing an accident. the dealership indicated that the brakes do not adjust or

ISUZU RODEO 2002 Abs Failed Again In November 24, 2002 and returned for repair. notified that abs on "other side" failed. dt
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Abs Failure Design Problem. extended braking distance especially on wet or bumpy surfaces. the abs system seems to disengage any significant
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Abs Light Has Come On. due to the number of complaints and the open investigation (ea99-008) on the database i want to register
ISUZU RODEO 1999 No Summary
ISUZU RODEO 1999 I Have Had Problems With the brakes on my isuzu rodeo about 5 times since may 1999. the problem occurs, if i
ISUZU RODEO 1999 As I Pulled Into A parking spot at an elementary school, the brakes failed, the throttle engaged, and i crashed into a
ISUZU RODEO 1999 While Downshifting To 3rd Gear to make a left hand turn on to montana ave. from loop 375 my brake pedal depressed to the
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Anti Lock Brake System.
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1992 Abs Malfunction. (valve by kelsey-hayes)
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Truck's Brakes Seem To Fail when travling at slow speed and applying brakes the pedal will lock up and make a reving sound and vehicle
ISUZU RODEO 1999 In December 2002, I had the abs module replaced due to the unit 'being fried' according to the mechanic. one year later,
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 Consumer Complained About A Brake problem. when the brakes were applied, all four wheels locked up.*ak
ISUZU RODEO 1999 We Checked The Brakes Checked many times, we felt that the braking distances were extended compared to the other 2 cars that we own.
ISUZU RODEO 1998 Brakes Failed To Engage After pulling away from a stoplight at about 10-15 mph. the cars ahead stopped but my rodeo would not even
ISUZU RODEO 2001 When Braking, There Is a kind of rumble and the brakes feel like they are not working. i have taken it to
ISUZU RODEO 1999 I Was Driviing Down A freeway offramp and when i applied the brakes, they failed. i pumped the brakes and all the
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 Brakes Were Not Functioning When the roads were wet or if the vehicle gets in a pothole. dealer and manufacturer were contacted,
ISUZU RODEO 1999 1999 Isuzu Rodeo Has Problems stopping. takes a long time to come to a complete stop. check engine light comes on every two
ISUZU RODEO 1998 I Called Isuzu Concerning Recall number 02i002000 concerning the abs on the 1998 isuzu rodeo. i was informed that isuzu cannot send letters
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the abs system on the vehicle. also stated that dealer was contacted and has said that there
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 Was Traveling 5mph & Had applied the brakes, in the rain, which failed. vehicle ran into back of school bus. had

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