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Isuzu Seat Belts Front Buckle Assembly Reports

Thursday 14th of May 2015 09:48:13 PM

ISUZU TROOPER 1994 The Rear Outerboard Seatbelt Buckles keep breaking when a child restraint is placed there.please describe. *ak
ISUZU TROOPER 1990 The Passenger Side Seat Belt buckle broke . tt
ISUZU I MARK 1987 All The Seat Belts In the car failed to latch. the owner has written a letter to congressman also spoke to dealer nothing happened.
ISUZU TROOPER 1991 The Seatbelt On The Drivers side no longer latches. please describe. tt
ISUZU TROOPER 1992 The Front Passenger Seat Belt buckle popped open after belt had been hooked. *ak
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1990 The Driver Side Seat Belt buckle is broke and passenger side seat belt buckle come loose when making a quick stop. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1991 The Rear Seat Buckle Come loose, took to dealer three time and still having a problem. tt
ISUZU AMIGO 1990 Rear Lap Belt Plastic Buckle has detached and fallen off of seat belt. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Assenger Shoulder/lap Belt Front, buckle comes undone while driving. tt
ISUZU TROOPER 1989 Seat Belt Failure, Unable to buckle the seat belt. tt
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1991 Vehicle Takata Seat Belt Buckle both driver and passenger sides unengaged. (pe94-085)modeltk520 &tk521. tt k523. tt
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1992 Seat Belt Does Not Stay buckled while you're driving seat belt pops apart. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Rear Seat Belt Failure, seat belt became unlatch. tt
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1991 Drivers Side Seat Belt Does not latch. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Vehicles Drivers Side Seat Belt buckle release with no warning while in use.(pe94-085). tt
ISUZU RODEO 1998 All 3 Seat Belts In rear come loose when turning a corner. when pushing male into female it will
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Back Middle Seat Belt Became unbuckled, child safety seat with child was tossed to side and flipped over. *ak
ISUZU AMIGO 1994 Driver's Side Seat Belt Failed to lock up when the brakes were applied. vehicle was "t-boned" by another vehicle on passenger's side. no
ISUZU RODEO 1994 No Parts; Takata Seat belt recall, nhtsa #96v170002, manufacturer's #sb96; dealer: vista ford, woodlend hills, ca, phone: 818-884-7600.
ISUZU RODEO 1992 All Seat Belt Buckles Except middle belt made by takata will unlatch when worn. this year vehicle not associated with recall.
ISUZU RODEO 2000 While Driving Noticed Neither of seat belt buckles work properly. dealer has been notified. any aditional information feel free to add.*ak
ISUZU IMPULSE 1990 Owner Received Recall Notice, took vehicle to dealer and was told parts were unavailable.*ak
ISUZU AMIGO 1999 While Driving, The Front passenger seat belt will lock in to place and tighten with every notch that it goes back into the holding
ISUZU TROOPER 1991 The 1991 Trooper Had Seatbelt latches raised off the seat (for convenience of securing) however this further exposed the release button, which had no
ISUZU TROOPER 1986 Driver's Seat Belt Locked In position, would not unlock.
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Defective Seat Belt Latches.
ISUZU STYLUS 1991 Defective Seat Belt Buckles Prior to recall.
ISUZU IMPULSE 1990 Seat Belt Buckle Failed After recall repairs. *sd
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1994 Seat Belt Latches In Middle of seat, leaving insufficient seat room.
ISUZU RODEO 1991 Seat Belt Pops Out Of locking mechanism periodically while driving. *sd
ISUZU PICKUP TRUCK 1984 Right Seat Belt Won't Fasten.
ISUZU TROOPER 1986 Front Seat Belt Buckles failed to stay fastened. *skd
ISUZU AMIGO 1991 Seat Belt Buckle Released during an accident, resulting in injuries. *ak
ISUZU RODEO 1991 Drivers Seat Belt Pops Out of locking mechanism at will. also,seat belt has been released from locking mechanism by driver's elbow unintentionally while
ISUZU ASCENDER 2003 Dt: Driver's Seat Belt Became stuck, it was jammed on the inside. will not come out at all. it has done
ISUZU RODEO 1991 Consumer Received Recall 95v103009 Notice concerning seat belt buckle assembly failure. after recall repairs were done seat belt became undone while driving on
ISUZU RODEO 1999 The Center Rear Seat Belt, which is where my toddler son's carseat is, broke into pieces during a routine move of the carseat.
ISUZU AMIGO 1999 Consumer States That Seat belts lock up with consumer pushing on the brakes. dealer notified.*ak

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