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Isuzu Power Train Driveline Driveshaft Reports

14 Mar

ISUZU TROOPER 1990 Drive Shaft Fell While Vehicle was being driven. tt
ISUZU RODEO 1998 When Traveling And Upon Making a gradual stop, consumer noticed complete brake failure, resulting in extended stopping distance. consumer has contacted dealer,

ISUZU RODEO 2001 When Coming To A Stop there's a pop, and when taking off, there's a pop. consumer feels like something is
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 Eventually Had To Have Driveshaft replaced at 12361 miles and had both front and rear drums and shoes replaced as well as rotors cleaned and
ISUZU I MARK 1985 I Have Had Numerous Problems with the car since i bought it. the dealer that i bought the car from said he had fixed
ISUZU RODEO 1998 The 1998 Isuzu Rodeo Was purchased in february 1998 and began to have problems june 22, 1998. the problem was the driveshaft
ISUZU I MARK 1989 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
ISUZU RODEO 2004 While Driving The Vehicle on the freeway if i would let off the gas it would almost come to a complete stop,
ISUZU RODEO 1999 When Depressing The Brake Pedal, the vehicle shook in the rear. this caused extended stopping distance. consumer will notify the
ISUZU TROOPER 2000 Drive Shaft On Vehicle Is out of round causing vehicle to shimmy. *mr there was a rumbling and or shimmy
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 When We Bought The Vehicle (same day) we noticed a vibration. a few days after the purchase, the dealer balanced the tires,
ISUZU AXIOM 2002 When Driven At Highway Speeds, the steering vibrated. the driveshaft was replaced, and the problem still recurred.
ISUZU RODEO 2001 The Commplaint Is A Drive shaft problem,izusu is also aware of the problem. they have issued a buletin to the dealers to
ISUZU RODEO 2002 Component Under Vehicle Along Drive shaft became detached, and proceeded to make a groove in the drive shaft, and bend the

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