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Isuzu Fuel System, Gasoline Fuel Injection System Reports

15 Mar

ISUZU TROOPER 1991 Under Hood Fire, Cause unknown. *ak consumer states there was no collsion, no warning, lights
ISUZU TROOPER 1995 Depending Upon Article Of Clothing occupants will get shocked w/some cases more intense than other. pumping gas owner contacted truck and spark ignited fumes.

ISUZU AMIGO 1998 Fuel Injection Leaks, Causing fuel spillage. vehicle is at dealer for repairs. please provide further information.*ak
ISUZU TROOPER 1994 While Driving The Vehicle Stalls without prior warning which almost caused an accident. took to the dealer twice, replaced the
ISUZU TROOPER 2001 The Truck Experiences Unwanted Acceleration with cause not being able to be duplicated by dealership. the dealership has worked on the truck four
ISUZU TROOPER 2001 When Accelerating Into Traffic Vehicle hesitated, which nearly caused a rearend collision. dealer replaced throttle valve and fuel pressure regulator and abs sensor
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Car Idles High, Then stalls at all stops, and turns repaired 6 times. so far presently having same problem. *ak
ISUZU RODEO 2001 Engine Dies All The Time while driving. very unsafe defect- could cause accidents. how can we legally return this vehicle to
ISUZU TROOPER 1991 The Transmission Has Been Shifting rough since the vehicle was purchased new in 1991. the first incident was covered under warranty and some
ISUZU TROOPER 1994 My Car Suffered From The smell of rotten eggs from the exhaust system whenever stopping the vehicle. the dealer replaced the oxygen sensor 1st.
ISUZU RODEO 1992 Distributor Cap/rotor/idle Control Kit Replaced.
ISUZU RODEO 1995 Dt: The Contact Complained About an intermittent stalling problem. this happened driving 5 to 75 mph. she took
ISUZU RODEO SPORT 1999 On 2-2-05 I Was Invloved in a crash that was caused by a malfunction within a vehicle that i was driving. it was a
ISUZU AMIGO 1998 Vehicle Keeps Stalling When Slowing down at stops or while slowing down to make turns. at which point, power steering is impossible and
ISUZU RODEO 1999 Problems With Vehicle's Fuel Injection system and abs. consumer had to pay over $500.00 in repairs for a part for the fuel injection.
ISUZU FSR 1997 While Driving And Without warning vehicle will shut off. fuel system is defective. ts....*ak

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