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Hyundai Unknown Or Other Reports

Wednesday 1st of July 2015 09:51:46 PM

HYUNDAI SONATA 2000 Vehicle Stalled Without Prior Warning, and then engine check light/ air bag light came on dashboard. dealership was aware
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Engine Check Light Came On. consumer took vehicle to dealer, and they could not find the problem. a year
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Everytime Vehicle Has Been Started engine check light would come on and remain during duration of driving. been in contact with dealership,
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 After Driving For A While engine check light would come on and remain. it then, went out but would come back on.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 While Driving On Expressway vehicle shut off. oil light and engine check light came on. contacted dealer,
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 Engine Check Light Comes on and off while consumer has owned vehicle. this occurs more frequently when gas tank is
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2001 Engine Check Light Keeps coming on, 3 times it stayed on, and once every week it flickered. . dealer has
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2001 Ignition Coil Went Out 3 days after vehicle purchased. since then it has been replaced 2 more times.also, front end
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 Consumer Was Traveling On A city street and engine check light came on dashboad. also, there was a gasoline smell
HYUNDAI SONATA 1997 When Driving Vehicle jerks and rpm line goes up in down. then vehicle starts slowing down, and will shutdown.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Alternator Went Out Which Made the electrical system to go out. entire dashboard was not working, also, abs
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Nhtsa Recall 00v095000 And Manufacturer's recall 037. took it in for repair two days later. presently, check engine light
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Consumer Had A Problem With engine check light coming on. took vehicle to dealer for recall 00v09o000/ fuel tank repairs.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 While Driving Enginie Check Light will come on unexpectedly. vehicle had to be taken on various occasions to dealer for stalling problem.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 When Starting Up Car would smell gas throughout the ride. then check engine light came on. took vehicle to dealer,
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 Intermittently While Driving Engine check light comes on . vehicle reduces in speed with a very hard jolt. this
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 While Driving Transmission Would Keep slipping. also, engine would keep revving. rpms would go up while at a stop light/sign or
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 When Driving At 65 Mph the throttle valves are racing high, and engine check light is on and won't go off.
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 The Clutch Cannot Be Used properly due to design of floor mats. makes the gears tight. also, cover to fuel tank
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 Engine Check Light Stays On while driving, indicating there is a problem within the engine. dealer keeps replacing engine valves. please
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 While Driving At 35 Mph engine check light kept coming on, and vehicle stalled. also, when trying to put fuel into the
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 When Driving The Check Engine light keeps coming on for no reason, and the windshield wipers don't work. *ak
HYUNDAI SONATA 1996 Consumer Experiencing Problem With Engine check light intermittently coming on. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop and problem cannot be resolved. dealer
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 The Engine Check Light Is on while vehicle is in motion. the vehicle caught fire prior to this incident . the vehicle
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 Engine Check Light Illuminated And remained on, indicating malfunction within the exhaust system. dealer states that problem occurs within enginecheck light sensor.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 Engine Light Comes On Intermittently for extended periods. please give further details. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Engine Checl Light Keeps Coming on. consumer has taken vehicle to dealer and had it checked three times.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Engine Check Light Stays Illuminated on dashboard.. vehicle stalls out even when the air conditioner is turned on. also,
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Air Bag Sensor Light Comes on and stays on. *ak consumer also stated the seatbelt light and engine light stayed on for
HYUNDAI XG300 2001 Vehicle Been To The Dealer on several occasions for engine check light staying on while driving. dealer unable to correct the problem.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2002 Consumer States That The Engine light comes on and stays on all day causing oxygen sensor switch to blow out. nlm
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Engine Check Light Remains Illuminated, indicating a malfunction within the system. dealer cannot determine the cause . please give any further details.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Glove Compartment Warped. *et
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Head Liner In Rear Is falling .*et
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 Check Engine Light On Repeatedly. yh
HYUNDAI SONATA 2000 The Paint On The Car has come off going through the car wash. the front end squeaks. the windows would not go up
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Sppedometer Out By 7.75% , o2 was a recall never contacted by mfg hyundai replacing when owners stop in for service,
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2002 The Check Engine Light Came on when the car was driving at highway speeds.the car was stalling out,was holding a ready speed.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 Noise Like A Helicopter Is in the back seat,to dealer and wheel bearing are gone,parts unavaiable the second time(02/01) sec to backorder,same
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 Check Engine Light Has Come on and off for a periosd of two weeks when dealer checked nothing wrong, and now the radio pauses
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 02 Sensor Replaced On 8-6-01, b/u light switch replaced on 8-6-01,ignition coils repl. on 9-21-99, engine check light been
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2001 Engine Check Light Is Coming and whenever i fillup gas the car takes too much time to start but once its on raod it runs
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1999 Had Cd Player Replaced, computer failure after that where the check engine light comes on, they replaced it - the the battery died
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 Purchased The Vehicle In June, 1998. from date of purchase, engine check sensor would come on and stay on for a
HYUNDAI SONATA 1997 Since We Have Owned Vehicle - 9/98-to present engine light has come on causing lack of power- smoke-vibration - taken to dealership on five
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 The Check Engine And Airbag light did not come on until after the recall i refuse to pay for the dealer's damage. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 While Driving The Car Will suddenly "jump" or "skip", and the engine check light will come on. then it quits and goes
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1998 Momentary Eng.shut Down/check Eng. light on.resumes without restarting.check eng.light goes off. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 When Driving At Variable Speeds, the engine cuts out then cuts back on. no consistencies to when or why it cuts out.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 No Summary.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 Car Was Being Driven On a highway 295n in new jersey. tire(s) apparently blew causing the tread from the driver side tire to
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1999 The Paint And Clear Coat on my car is cracking the dealer calls it checking. they want to repaint the car and i
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 Car Lot Has Already Replaced o2 sensor twice, engine check light still comes on. *ak
HYUNDAI SONATA 1998 No Summary Listed For This vehicle.
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 The Car Has Been Into hyundai dealers 4 times since i've owned it. i am the original owner. car has been in literally
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 3 Weeks After Car Was bought, brake lights failed. starting first of feb. car would temporarily stall and check engine light
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1996 He Tenido Problemas En Varias ocasiones con los cristales de las puertas, los handles de las puertas se rompen, el dash roto,
HYUNDAI SCOUPE 1995 I Have Had A New transmission put in this car. my deforster does not work without the air conditioner on. iam
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1996 No Summary
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 I Have Taken My Car back to the dealer 8 times. the engine cuts out at all rates of speed. causing loss
HYUNDAI SONATA 1998 Vehicle Was Repaired As Soon as loaner car was available - 6 days. vehicle was returned in satisfactory condition.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Headliner Falling Down.
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1997 Due To The Design of dashboard, reflection of the sun distracts vision.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Outside Rear Driver Door Handle comes off for no reason it just broke off and i am not the only one . this could
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2015 While Driving At 60 Mph, speedometer, odometer, turn signals, power steering assist and other accessories stopped functioning.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2003 I Got A Recall Letter in the mail on sept. 19, 2014. i call the people about the letter but no one
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2012 The First Time It Happened i was driving on a 2 lane road when the car just stopped, no warning. after about 15
HYUNDAI TIBURON 2006 Gears Became Hard To Shift then impossible to shift replaced wit new clutch and had to replace again at 97000.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 The Steering Wheel Vibrate In every condition of road and the vehicle some times take to the left side
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Sep 2014: Received A recall notice that the transmission shift cable may detach from the shift lever pin. sep 2014:
HYUNDAI SONATA 2007 We Have A 2007 Hyundai sonata with two defective sun visors. one started to fall down and not stay up in position about
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 I Was Driving Down The interstate going around 60-65mph. i heard a loud boom that sounded like a gunshot, as soon as i
HYUNDAI SONATA 2003 Hyundai Has A Recall, #73999, effective 4/9/2004, for defective door handles where the covering peels/splinters off leaving the occupants subject to possible
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2015 Exploding Sunroof. I Had just gotten onto the expressway driving my brand new 2015 hyundai tuscon. i had only had the car for
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 About A Year Ago The front passenger side door handle broke off. there was no extreme usage or force and no reason that
HYUNDAI AZERA 2009 The First Time, I was passing another vehicle and pressed the accelerator and the engine began to race and speed up. the
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2013 Driving To Work At 45mph and the rear hatch window shattered. nothing hit it, no previous cracks, etc. back glass just
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 This Is Not A Safety issue but rather a design issue that could lead to problems starting the vehicle. the key fob is designed
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 We Were On Vacation In the smoky mountains. we hiked for a couple hours and returned to the car. i turned the ignition
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2015 I Purchased A 2015 Hyundai elantra on november 26th, 2014. the car was brand new when i purchased it. on december 23rd
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2014 While Driving At Speeds Up to 55-70 mph, i noticed when i go over potholes the entire backend fish tails. i took it
HYUNDAI ELANTRA TOURING 2012 I Had Car Jumped 10-12 times, battery replaced ,alternator replaced ,if turn radio on when engine off for 15 minutes car will
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2007 My Veh Had An Oil leak we noticed in june of 2013. we took it to a certified hyundai dealership with a
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 The Car Wouldn't Crank Or start when i got to the gas station. after multiple tries with putting the car shifter in park
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2007 Coming Into My Driveway, which i had done thousands of times before, pushed the open button on the van's mirror, my foot
HYUNDAI SONATA 2008 When Vehicle Is Started From a cold start, there is a noticeable rattle coming from engine that lasts about 3-7 seconds. also while
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Rear Passenger Exterior Door handle came off when passenger shut the door after exiting the car. it appears the latch (closest to
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2013 I Experienced Theft In My vehicle which was parked in front of my home due to a malfunctioning remote anti-theft alarm system. i
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2014 Note: There Are Two sunroofs on this vehicle; one forward, over the two front seats, and the other over the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 We Own A 2004 Hyundai sonata (109,000 miles) we had a front end collision with significant damage. me and my wife suffered minor
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 Car Won't Start On Several occasions. for about a week straight, i would try to start my car in the morning and it
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2007 Driver Side Sliding Door Opened spontaneously and would not stay closed. it didn't matter which button i tried (driver control, door jamb,
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 I Started Noticing When I come out of my apartment complex in the morning to go to work that my trunk was open. at
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Starter And Battery Needed To be replaced on 2012 hyundai sonata. not covered by my warranty.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 My 2012 Hyundai Elantra Gls would not start this morning. i last drove my car home & parked it on 18th december and
HYUNDAI VERACRUZ 2008 White Driving On The Highway my vehicle started accelerating on its own and kept climbing to higher speeds reaching 100mph and greater, even while
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 Air Bag Light Stays On took to dealer said driver seat switch bad, possible seat belt buckle could be bad quoted over 500.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2008 The Sun Visors On My 2008 hyundai sonata (68,865 current miles) are each (passenger and driver sides) defective. we have lived with this
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 I Have Contacted Hyundai And have been getting the run around about the windshield wipers. the wiper on the passenger side does not
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2005 I Was Slowing Down To make a turn and my car stops running wasn't able to shift in to second gear it stalled for about
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Have Had 3 Separate occurances where the exterior door handles have come off while openning the doors. i fixed two of them
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 Blind Spot Detection Stop Working while driving and the driver screen said bsd canceled. i parked the car stop the engine and after restarting
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Took 2001 Elantra To Dealer as a result of low brake fluid. dealer discovered vehicle unsafe to drive and irreparable due to corrosion
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2011 We Own A 2011 Hynudai santa fe and had an incident last night pulling into a parking spot, which appears to be something others
HYUNDAI SONATA 2000 The Fuel Tank On 2000 hyundai sonata is cracked and leaking gasoline. there is a strong gas odor in the cabin. the fire
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 We Noticed A Crack Starting in the passenger side dashboard where the airbag was located. the crash pad was replaced on 9/29/06 under warranty.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2014 I Was Driving East Bound highway 495 to work on 11/13/14 and my car shaken and i found check engine light is on.
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2014 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Was parked overnight in a garage. early in the morning of november 24, 2014 it caught fire resulting
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Low Pressure Tire Warning Light comes on and remains on even though tire pressure is checked and is normal. problem seems to be related
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2011 Vehicle Stalled When Leaving stop light lost speed would not accelerate have read other complaints on line some are
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2009 I Am Filing Another Complaint to record this critical design issue based on all the recent cover-ups by the automotive industry. on nov
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2012 Whether The Vehicle Is Running idle or driving at any speed, the ac is manually turned off within 30 to 60 seconds the ac
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Hyundai Charged For Recall - did not perform recall. car still not fixed. hyundai still has the money.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2012 Was Making Left Hand Turn, car just died, no warning and no lights came on. coasted to stop and car started
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2007 My Wife Tried To Put car in reverse to avoid accident but could not because of failure of part stop lamp switch. she collided
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Door Handle (exterior-front Passenger) Broken linkage; won't open door. this is the second handle that has failed due to defective linkage.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 I Was Coming Up To a stop sign,driver on cross street cut turn real tight doing about 35 or 40 miles an hour and
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Push To Start Does Start when it's cold outside. i have to unlock the car manually since the car won't even open with the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 The Paint Just Peels Off the car when driving. i brought the car to 3 different auto body shops and all 3 said the
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2013 While Driving To Work This morning my sunroof exploded, sending glass onto me, the interior and exterior of the vehicle. i sustained
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2007 The Passenger Side Sun Visor suddenly dislodged from its pivot point and fell to the dashboard. i had it repaired at that time.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 About 4 Pm On Oct 6, 2014, i was driving south on route 101s toward yarmouth, nova scotia, canada at mile
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 About 4 Pm On Oct 6, 2014, i was driving south on route 101s toward yarmouth, nova scotia, canada at mile
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 Last Oct. I Noticed my tires on the rear of my car were bald .i took it to the dealership to have it
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 Problems With Right Control Arm and from strut mounts. thump noise when bumps are there. initially, the dealer said everything looks fine.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Driving On Interstate For Approx 1 hour, when sunroof exploded outwards, no road debris hit the vehicle to cause exploding sunroof, it
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2007 I Was Driving At A lower rate of speed in a highly residential area when the sun visor broke off from its pin from the
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 I Was Driving My 2012 hyundai veloster on a paved road at 45 mph. the screen for the sunroof was open but the glass
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2010 Earlier This Summer My Front passenger window, driver control would roll the window down but not up, then about 2 months later the
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2009 I Went To Move My visor and it broke off the hinge, i can't seem to find a way to fix it. when
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2008 At Start Up I Noticed that the fuel gauge needle was not registering the correct amount of fuel in the tank. it stayed pegged
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2003 The Car Looses Power But comes rite back ..sometimes stalls while in traffic but starts rite up..going on interstate lost power
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 Car Would Not Start When key turned. dash lights came on, but engine would not turn over or even crank.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2008 The Gas Gauge Is Not working properly and it seems to be due to the fuel sensor. it constantly fluctuates up and down.
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2013 The Biggest Problem Is The blind spot it is becoming extremely difficult to drive and change lanes as the blind spot is
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 On 12/31/2012, The Coil spring on my 2004 hyundai santa fe fractured and punctured the right front tire of the vehicle. i
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 While Driving Over A Bridge - the sunroof part of my moon roof exploded. the weather wasn't even hot / humid - about
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 I Have Had Several Occurrences where it feels as if my car is going to stall. i attempted to start my car this morning
HYUNDAI AZERA 2006 In 2010 The Rear Sun screen would bind when you tried to retract it, hyundai replaced the part since it was still under warranty.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Each Door Handle Has Broken off at least once, and two have broken off twice. once it occured at a shopping
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Driving My Taxi Down The hyway when the vehicle caught on fire was forced to jump out of my taxi it came to a holt
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 The First Occurrence Was Tues. oct. 21 backing out of a driveway and went to put the car in drive. it stalled
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2013 On Thursday Oct. 9. 2014 i went to my car parked in driveway to go to work. i went to turn key
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2002 Pulled Into The Parking Lot. i went to put it in park, but the car would only go in reverse. i was
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2008 The Fuel Gauge Began Faultily showing empty only to slowly creep up to the correct level of gas. it now shows empty at all
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 I Was Driving At 35 mph on himilaya &came to a slight curve in the road when all of a sudden my car pulled hard
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Push Start Button Failed To work
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2013 While Driving Westbound On I-26 (no other passengers) traveling at around 4:15 pm from work to home, there was a loud crack or pop
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2011 I Was Heading Southeast (inbound) on highway 290. it was clear, roads were dry, and no debris in the road.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2007 Electric Switch For Drivers Seat adjustment continually failing to work. drivers side sun visor continually failing to stay up blocking view.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2007 Problem: The Driver Side Visor fell down from the up position when trying to put it up. for a while, i was able
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 The Indicator Light Continues To go off and on because the door is being indicated as open. it subsequently unlocks the doors and turns
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 Car Slides Replaced Brakes Rotors and tires had a wheel aliment still happens then my esc abs lights come on then the car drives funny
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 When Turning On The Ignition switch the car interior lights light up. turning the key to the ignition position, nothing happens. there
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 Received Letter From Hyundai That the company was "preparing a remedy" for possible rusting springs on my santa fe. i waited about a
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 My 2012 Elantra Has Failed to start 3 times while it was in park and 2 times while i was on the freeway in a
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Ignition Is Sticking, Key will not turn on the auto. in 2011 we started having trouble with the ignition on the car.
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2011 I No Longer Own This unsafe car. i am short, and thus sit lower and adjust the driver seat forward to reach pedals.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2005 Stop Light Malfunction, transmission malfunction, transmission shift interlock malfunction, electronic stability control malfunction
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 I Have Had Multiple Instances where my car has trouble starting, or will not start at all. beginning in 2012, when the
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2006 When I Went To Put on the brake to park there was a sudden acceleration and the vehical hit the building in front of the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Problem Was With The switch on my car. when i turned the car on it made a strange sound for a couple of
HYUNDAI AZERA 2006 I Was At A Stop light and it turned green so i went and in the middle of me turning it died and started back
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2011 I Drove From Palm Springs, ca to santa monica, ca. my air conditioning was working fine. two days later
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 For A Long Time I kept hearing this clunking type noise but we couldn't figure out what it was. then on sun. sept.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2007 I Bought This Car Used last september. when the weather turned very warm one day i put in the key to start the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Fuel Gauge Is Not Working properly. when gas is filled, it display the full tank gauge. but after ~ 100
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 We Were Traveling In A remote area and while going down a hill the tire pressure monitor system alert came on. there was no
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2005 Engine On Our 2005 Hyundai tucson turned off in the middle of a busy highway going approximately 40 mph. managed to turn/roll off the
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 While Driving On The Interstate i-10 west of tucson, the sun roof suddenly exploded. there were no other vehicles in front of us.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 A Few Weeks Ago, my 2012 hyundai elantra would not start. i googled the issue and it seems that this has affected
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 You Have To Constantly Fight the steering to keep the car from swaying to the left or right.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2005 The Car Is Registered To me and my daughter uses it. she went to get an oil change and was advised that there
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2010 Car Just Lost Power While in stop and go traffic going 10 miles an hour.had to put in park and restart it, and
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 I Own A Hyundai Sonata 2013 and on friday, september 12, 2014 at approximately 1:45p.m., i was driving less than
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 The Vehicle Would Not Start, all lights / accessories were in perfect working order, but the engine would do nothing when the key
HYUNDAI SONATA 2002 Chrome Plated Interior Door Handle on driver's side began peeling, leaving very sharp edges, which cut my finger. we covered the handle
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 Just Recently The Steering Has become unstable. it is constantly weaving back and forth. it has become very tiring to hold
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 I've Had A 2013 Hyundai santa fe gls for about six months (purchased new on 3/3/14). several weeks ago around 8/22/14), when i
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2007 While Merging Into Traffic From a stop sign, i briefly pressed the gas pedal nearly all the way down. the car accelerated
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 I Guess I Wasn't The only one with melting dashboard and both side mirror housing units. today 9-16-14, dealer is replacing my
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 Within The First Year Of owning my 2012 elantra, i started having an issue with the car not starting. dash would light up
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 The Vehicle Failed To Start on the first attempt. all of the interior electrical components appeared to be working. the engine
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 My 2011 Sonata Was Purchase brand new. after just having the vehicle 2 1/2 years i noticed that i had already accumulated 48000 miles.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2014 When Starting The Car, the "mpg" meter decrease about 1/8 percent every single time i start the car. dave never received services
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 The Vehicle Had A Strong sent of gasoline when parked. the vehicle was taken to the mechanic, i was informed that it
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Got A Recall, And was given an appointment for 1 week later at 9-15-14 @9 : 00. drove 26 miles and thay said
HYUNDAI SONATA 2008 Driving While Using Cruise Control at approximately 65 mph the check engine, air bag, and e.s.c light illuminated. also,
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 I Left Home For A 1,000 mile road trip starting on the date specified above. mileage indicated above is a close approximation to
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Door Handles On My vehicle have broken without being excessively used. my front passenger side door handle broke off while my mother was
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2012 On Several Occassions, I had noticed that it was hard to shift to park from the reverse and drive gear positions. it
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2011 Intermittent Issue Wherein The Car does not start even if the battery is healthy. lever is in park mode. the engine doesn't even
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2009 I Bought My 2009 Genesis brand new in september 2009. in april, 2010, i was told i had tire wear and
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2012 Back Up Camera Takes 10 to 15 seconds before coming on (average 12 seconds), audio on radio, cd player and iphone music goes
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Tires Wear Unevenly And Excessively fast. 60,000 miles and three alignments and four set of tires.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA TOURING 2011 I Was Driving Down The highway at approximately 5 pm on a partly cloudy day that was not particularly hot (~94f) for this part of

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