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Hyundai Structure Body Reports

Wednesday 1st of July 2015 09:51:34 PM

HYUNDAI EXCEL 1991 Glove Compartment Locks Failed, brusing knee and catching drivers attention when fallen open. tt
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Water Leaking From Right Side glove box to the floor. saw water on the inside of the hood and around hood.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1995 There Is No Protective Covering to prevent rust on the firewall which is completely corroded, and could eventually cause the vehicle
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1996 Brake System Was Grinding. when consumer applied the brakes pedal went all the way to the floor. vehicle has
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1992 Would Smell Something Burning. vehicle was leaking oil. engine check light kept coming on. taking vehicle to dealer for problem. broken
HYUNDAI SONATA 1996 Water Leaks From Underhood into the inside of the vehicle. cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Consumer States The Vehicle's Paint is peeling down to the primer. consumer is very concerned about health hazards associated w/paint components.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2000 Bodyguard Corrosion Protection Device Was installed by cutter of maui at time of purchase. hyndai examined the car and said that the bodyguard
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1999 In-shop For Transmission 3 Times (on 3rd trans); paint peeling on bumper (dealer refusted to paint);clear coat cracked and bubbled on spoiler &
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Air Bag Light On Instrument panel is illuminated. dealership examined vehicle for this problem, and determined an unknown fluid from
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1991 Loose Molding Around Rear Wheel well broke off, causing lost of control by striking the center wall of the vehicle. (new jersey
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2000 10 - 12 Mile Per hour winds can blow this vehicle off the road. this vehicle is too light. semi-trucks passing,
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1992 Paint Is Peeling Off Of vehicle.
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1989 Driver's Side Visor Clip Broken and replaced.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1992 Driver Side Visor Clip Broke, impairing visibility.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 We Came Home From A short trip and noticed that the paint on the hood of our car had peeled off in a few spots.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Outside Rear Driver Door Handle comes off for no reason it just broke off and i am not the only one . this could
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 The Drivers Side Interior Door handle is made of artificial "chrome". a few days ago, i opened the door and got a
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Driver Side Front Door handle fell off as i opened the door. since then, three other handles have fallen off,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 I Was Driving Down The interstate going around 60-65mph. i heard a loud boom that sounded like a gunshot, as soon as i
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2015 My Wife And I Just recently purchased 2 2015 hyundai gensis coupe 3.8 auto. this is a 3 month old car with 2700
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Driver Side Exterior Door handle snapped and broke when i attempted to open my door. this is the second time this happened.
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2007 Coming Into My Driveway, which i had done thousands of times before, pushed the open button on the van's mirror, my foot
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Passenger Side Door Handle fell off in my hands. no force was used and no noise was made (ie: cracking or and other
HYUNDAI XG 350 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 hyundai xg 350. the contact stated that the check engine warning light illuminated. the vehicle was taken
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 Driving At 70mph Southbound On i-5 near albany or the sunroof suddenly imploded, showering the inside of the car with glass. the
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2010 The Plastic Chrome On The inside passenger door handle is "delaminated" and a razor sharp edge is exposed. when i reached across the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2001 My Cars Front Subframe Broke due to corrosion and axle fell apart while driving.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Took Vehicle In For A normal oil change, and when technician was under the car, he took some pictures of the frame in
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Have Had 3 Separate occurances where the exterior door handles have come off while openning the doors. i fixed two of them
HYUNDAI ELANTRA TOURING 2010 The Chrome Covered Interior Passenger door handle cracked and the jagged metal edge cut my passenger's hand. my passenger pulled the handle to
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 Took 2001 Elantra To Dealer as a result of low brake fluid. dealer discovered vehicle unsafe to drive and irreparable due to corrosion
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 In November 2012, Hyundai of auburn replaced my driver's side back door handle after it had come off. in november 2014,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Door Handle Came Off when trying to open the door
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Tire Blow Out Service Tech found rotted out engine cradle
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 2012 Hyundai Veloster Was Recalled last year for a sunroof defect in which the sunroof may explode without warning. car was taken to a
HYUNDAI SONATA 2003 In 2005, I Purchased a 2003 hyundai sonata. after purchasing my car, i found out that it had a recall on the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 hyundai sonata. the contact stated while driving at an unknown speed, a scrapping sound emitted from the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2002 The Chrome Plating On The interior door handles peeled away and cut passenger's hands. in 2009 the handles were "repaired" by a hyundai
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 I Was Coming Up To a stop sign,driver on cross street cut turn real tight doing about 35 or 40 miles an hour and
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Rear Drive Side Door Handle fell off. the door was not being opened, it just fell off on to garage floor. we
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Went To Open Door And handle came off in my hand. i didn't even pull very hard and didn't hear anything crack or break.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 The Paint Just Peels Off the car when driving. i brought the car to 3 different auto body shops and all 3 said the
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 About 4 Pm On Oct 6, 2014, i was driving south on route 101s toward yarmouth, nova scotia, canada at mile
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 About 4 Pm On Oct 6, 2014, i was driving south on route 101s toward yarmouth, nova scotia, canada at mile
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Car Loosely Steered Barely Off road, 1/8 mile from home,bumped tree 15' away, backed up, engine shut off (as usual since
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 Driving On Highway When Without warning the closed sunroof blew out with a large bang. no impact with any object. driver
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Driver Side Door Handle Fell off upon opening it....driver side passenger fell off 3 weeks ago and that door gets opened
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Am The Only Driver of a 2010 hyundai sonata. i rarely use any of the doors except the driver door. i recently
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Went To Open My left rear door and the handle broke off in my hand. i do not even use this door on
HYUNDAI XG350 2005 I Was Almost Parked At the curb in front of a drugstore with my foot on brake easing into spot when car lurched forward,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Have Had Numerous Issues of continually broken door handles for my 2010 hyundai sonata. three of the four handles have broken since 2012
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Driver Side From Door handle fell off when trying to open the door.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2003 My Daughter Was Driving Home from school and the strut/axle broke and caused her to skid off the rode, luckily she was not injured
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 My Wife Was Driving The car. it was a dark road in the night. perhaps she didn't see the stop sign and cash
HYUNDAI TIBURON 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 hyundai tiburon. the contact stated that while attempting to refuel, the pump would click off early as
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2012 About 4 Months After I bought a 2012 hyundai accent new, the rear plastic bumper cover, in the area by the exhaust pipe,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Have Had My 2010 hyundai sonata since 2011. when i had 60 thousand miles on the car it was under warranty so
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2012 We Were Traveling Down Highway 125 when my 2012 hyundai sonata hybrid caught on fire. it completely burned to the ground.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Sometime W/in The Past 2 years, i checked your website for "any" mechanical complaints that had been filed about the 2010 hyundai sonata gls.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 On Vacation, My Husband attempted to open the left rear passenger door and the handle fell off in his hand. i took
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Car Accelerated Suddenly And Could not be stopped. i was in a parking lot and backed up to leave, accidentally hitting a
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 hyundai santa fe. the contact stated that the vehicle suspension was unstable causing the vehicle to wobble back
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Driver's Side Front Door Handle fell off in hand. in august 2014, passenger front door handle fell off. no excessive force used
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 My Husband Was Driving This car when it started pouring heavily. after reaching home, he noticed that the paint on the roof and
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2009 I Was Attempting To Parallel park between two cars and as i was about to cut the wheel to the left to finish the park,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that a certified mechanic inspected the vehicle and found the inner body and
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 hyundai santa fe. the contact stated that while attempting to have a front end alignment performed,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Drivers Side Rear Outside door handle has broken off by just pulling the handle.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 On July 18, 2014, my 2013 hyundai elantra ran into a subway restaurant at 12150 s. cicero, alsip, il.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 The Chrome "wrap", Which is a chrome colored covering on the driver's side door handle became detached leaving a razor sharp edge, which
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Passenger Side Rear Door Handle was broken (tear off) when my 11 year old kid opened the door while it is in my garage.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Door Handles On My 2010 hyundai sonata have fallen off. the door handles are the driver door and the rear passenger door.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2008 I Am #84 Having The seat belt buckle failure and the $300 repair so the air bag will work in case of a crash
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 My Back Passenger Door Handle on the outside has come off. as i'm reading online im seeing this is a common issue so
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Driver's Side Door Handle Just popped off for no reason!!!!
HYUNDAI SONATA 2005 Chrome Interior Door Handle. the chrome on the handle is cracking at the chrome edge. it has a sharp edge and cut my
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Car Put In Park To call a persons house was at his neighbors house next door for directions ran off in ditch thought at time
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 I Noticed A Sound As if my fender was rattling as i drove on the hwy, upon reaching home i inspected the vehicle and
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Sun Roof (moon Roof) Exploded. while traveling at 65 mph, with the sun roof closed and the internal ceiling shade closed,
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 hyundai entourage. the contact stated that the sub-frame was rusted. in addition, the rack and pinion
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Incident Details: On Friday, june 27th, around 7:15 a.m., i was in my car with my 18 month old
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 My Wife Somehow Got Her foot caught in her sandal and trying to get it unstuck hit a concrete light pole. the airbag shot
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 When I Put Car In drive and start to drive off it comes completely out of gear, i then have to power off car
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that all four door handles fractured. as a result,
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2013 After Only Having The Vehicle for a short time, i started to notice on the center of the rear bumper & right rear quarter
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 When Opening The Passenger Door, the door handle came off in my hand. seems that this is a common problem with this car.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2012 After Driving The Vehicle For approximately 7500 miles i notice an unpleasant odor that smells like melted plastic. it's not the new car
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2002 My Car Paint Started Chipping it's been doing this since i bought the car in 2010. i've researched and many people have complained about
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Exterior Door Handles Fractured on the front driver side door while opening the door in the morning of 6/20/14 at around 6:40 am while
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2003 I Had A Low Speed accident approximately 10-20mph in a parking lot where i hit a cement surrounding of a pole on the driver side
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Found Left Rear Fender Tail light assembly no longer mounted. further inspection found all four mount stud plastic molding broken away, light assembly
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 Passed Out While Driving. struck the rear passenger side of another car with the front drivers side of santa fe. airbags did not
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2014 I Was Driving East To an ave, but another driver hit me on the passenger side. when the driver hit my car we
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 My Wife Had An Accident today which seems to be caused by some kind of mechanical acceleration when she was pulling into a parking space.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2000 The Frame Is So Rusted out that it could not be inspected and was told it was unsafe to drive. *tr
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2011 On March 07, 2014, my hyundai elantra was hit on the passenger side by a large jeep. we took our 17
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the exterior rear driver side door handle fractured. the vehicle was
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Approximately A Year Ago My passenger door handle just broke off i called dealer to seeif there was a recall notice on that and there
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 The Car Was Parked In a residential parking area. it had been backed into the space. after starting the car and putting
HYUNDAI SONATA 2007 On May 17th, 2014 i was in an accident on interstate 95 in broward county, fl. a drunk driver hit me on
HYUNDAI AZERA 2008 This Accident Happened In Waco, texas, mclennan county. chevrolet pickup truck was traveling west on fm 308 on the inside lane.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2009 My Vehicle The Elantra ( aprox sp 40mph) rear ended a chevy tahoe( aprx sp 30mph) my elantra was a total loss and my lower
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 I Was T-boned Tonight In an accident~~ i was driving approx. 35 and another car drove straight into my drivers side of my car
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Above Incident That I'm reporting is the second door handle to break on this vehicle. the first incident was the driver door handle
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 My Door Handle On Passenger will not open from the outside i have to get in on drivers side and open from inside.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2003 Chrome On Interior Door Handles peels and creates laceration hazard. the manufacturer issued a recall to replace affected handles because of a stated laceration
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Steering Column Makes Clunk/rattle Noise driving down rough road, bumps, and small potholes at high and low speed, it more noticeable at
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2008 On Two Occasions On Thursday, may 1st the driver's side rear power door become unlocked and slid open. we have had the
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Myself And My Son Pulled into the parking lot of a store. parked the car was in the store about 5 minutes came back
HYUNDAI SONATA 2005 I Had Come To A complete stop attempting to merge into traffic, as i pressed on accelerator, i felt it go down under
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2004 Around July Of 2008 I noticed the clear coat on the roof,trunk,and fenders start to delaminate. the car had less than 100,
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2007 Driver Side Sun Visor Fall off during driving and few months later passenger side sun visor also fell off during the driving.this is a
HYUNDAI XG350 2004 I Was Driving From Virginia to new york on route 17 to route 81. i exited to get to a gas station. while
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2008 Was Second Vehicle At Stop light with foot on brake. vehicle suddenly lunged forward overriding brake, and hit back of vehicle in
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2004 From Stop Sign Proceeded To cross intersection, was struck on front end of drivers side panel and bumper, spun around and hit
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 After Removing The Drivers Front wheel i noticed the control arm attachment point severely rusted, & the sub frame cracked ready to break.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 My Vehicle Hyndai Sonata 2011, crashed into a parked construction in a parking lot at the speeds of up to 30 mph. the
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2002 Something Hit Car Over Driverside windshield and door during transport. insurance totaled. airbag light already on. before settling with insurance co,
HYUNDAI SONATA 2008 Rear Driver Side Door Handle found lying on the ground with plastic extension that activates door latch broken--had fallen inside door. three weeks later,
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2006 Driving In A Winter Storm and hit ice and then went through a wooden fence and the air bags did not go off. i
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Elantra Gt two issues related to body integrity and paint. noticed today on rear the small triangle window in
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the sub frame was rusted on the passenger's side.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that she attempted to open the rear passenger's side door and the handle
HYUNDAI AZERA 2007 While Sitting In A Drive thru window at a complete stop, my car experienced sudden unintended acceleration and crashed into the stop car in
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2007 Exiting From A Parking Lot onto 7th st in phoenix az, vehicle suddenly accelerated and, despite brake application, entered the roadway,
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2012 I Was Driving South On interstate 79 in pennsylvania near the wexford exit. it was approximately 8:15am. no one else was
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 After Parking I Reached To open the back drivers side door to get something out of the back seat and the handle broke off in
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that when she opened the driver's door, the exterior door handle became
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Attempted To Open My unlocked left rear door and the plastic door handle broke off in my hand. now i cannot open
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Driving On The Loop 101 and heard a loud noise inside the car almost like a gunshot, pulled over and noticed that the sunroof
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Upon Attempting To Enter Vehicle at passenger side door, door handle came off in hand and door could not be opened by normal means.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Upon Attempting To Enter Vehicle at driver's door, door handle came off in hand and door could not be opened by normal means.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 Got A Hyundai 2013 Elantra gt in early nov. 2013 with the style & tech package which has the panoramic sunroof. the
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2013 I Was Traveling Home Returning from a doctors visit and pulled into a restaurant. when backing out of the parking lot i heard a
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2012 The Vehicle Was Hit In the right rear quarter and then in the front, completely demolishing the front body work. only the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 The Driver's Side Front Door handle broke loose. then a couple of weeks later the driver's side rear door handle broke loose.
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2006 Car Seems To Have A frame leak somewhere - my vehicle carpet stays we (even after drying out). *tr
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that exterior plastic door handles were defective and that the rear driver's side
HYUNDAI VERACRUZ 2010 The Brakes Failed To Properly stop my 2010 hyundai veracruz while driving on a primary arterial road. there was no indication of any brake
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that while attempting to open the rear driver's side door, the handle
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2007 We Purchased '07 Hyundai Entourage in 2009. we had several minor problems that year, which we overlooked as result of normal maintenance.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Two Exterior Door Handles, one on the front passenger side and one on the rear driver's side broke off in my hand. this
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2009 Entered Horseshoe Casino Parking Garage and turned into parking level. as i followed ford taurus, hyundai engine changed from normal speed to
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the key was in the ignition when she exited the vehicle and
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai elantra. the contact stated that the front interior door handles were fractured and became inoperative. the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Rear Driver-side Door Handle fell off the vehicle; the plastic used to attach the handle to the interior portion of the mechanism simply
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2013 I Was In An Accident on october 14, 2013 where i struck a deer head on at 50mph and the airbags did not deploy.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the front driver's side and both rear door handles were fractured.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Both Of The Rear Passenger door handles broke off of the doors within two weeks of each other, under normal use. at the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 On Thanksgiving Evening November 28, 2013 @ 7:30 pm, my 2011 hyundai sonata that i purchased new, caught fire on i 95
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2013 On Monday, October 14, 2013 i was traveling east bound on us17 in suffolk, va at approximately 8:30pm at the posted speed
HYUNDAI SONATA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the front passenger's side exterior door handle became fractured while the contact
HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 hyundai entourage. the contact stated that the passenger's side sliding door would not release open after repeated attempts.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 The Hood Paint Started To discolor and appear splotchy. since the paint warranty was only good to 36,000 miles, i figured i
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Have A 2010 Hyundai sonata with approximately 77,000 miles on it. my passenger side door handle came off today, 11/29/13.
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2011 Whilst During Down Highway Rear portion of panoramic sunroof exploded with loud bang. pulled over and stopped could hear glass continuing to crack.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that he attempted to open the rear passenger's side door and the handle
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Right Front Door Handle Broke off while standing still under normal use when my 15-year old son opened it. not covered by warranty as
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 Walked Out Of Store I had been shopping in for over an hour and car was in flames. the fire investigator explained it
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the rear driver and passenger's side door handles became became disengaged.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the front and rear driver's side door handles became fractured. the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Passenger-side Front Door Handle Fell off- no accident or outside impact. *tr
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 hyundai accent. the contact stated that the front frame had become severely corroded. the vehicle was not
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Went To Open The rear door and the handle came off. appears to be broken since i'm being told by hyundai
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2012 We Were Going Through A green traffic light, we were about the 6th car through the light when vehicle coming out of nowhere
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2013 While Driving On The 528 heading to work, there was an impressive explosion sound followed by glass shards and pulverized glass from the sunroof
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Passenger Front Door Handle broke off. see multiple problems with this on line with this model and year. *tr
HYUNDAI SONATA 2012 While Backing Up Out Of my driveway, i heard a crash and realized the right side of my rear bumper cover fell off.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that the driver's side exterior door handle fractured. also, the contact
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 hyundai sonata. the contact stated the front and rear passenger's side interior door handles fractured. the manufacturer
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 I Purchased The Car In march 2011. inapril,2011 the front bumper came off the clip and i have to replace the bumper
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Complaintant Walked Out Of Home to vehicle. upon approaching vehicle, complaintant noticed that the left rear brake light housing (driver's side)
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2009 Paint On Rear Bumper Is cracking and peeling. *tr
HYUNDAI SONATA 2007 Driver's Side Visor Fell And distracted driver who swerved. the visor will go up but continues to fall at erratic times. the
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 Sunroof Shattered/exploded When Parked. glass flew up to two feet away. outdoor temp was near 70 f. *tr
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 Scrapped A Curb Pulling Into a parking spot. bumper clips broke. electrical tape inside the wheel well is holding it together
HYUNDAI SONATA 2013 When I Came Out To get in my car, at work, i noticed that front bumper on the passenger side was pulled away
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 On 8/11/13 The 2013 Hyundai elantra that was purchased 6/3/13 at the fred beans dealership in doyelstown, pa. unintentionally accelerated and crashed into
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 hyundai elantra. the contact stated that while exiting the vehicle, she sustained lacerations to the fingers from
HYUNDAI VELOSTER 2012 The Sunroof Of My 2012 hyundai veloster exploded today without warning. the sunroof was under a recall campaign and was checked by the dealership.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 The Second Exterior Door Handle fell off. *tr
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2013 I Rear Ended A Car and nearly totaled my car. for some odd reason the airbag never deployed during the time of impact.
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2013 I Was Driving To Work in the morning and heard what sounded like a shotgun blast. it took a second or two to get
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2001 I Was Making A U turn when i heard a loud noise, i was unable to control my car seem to be drifting to
HYUNDAI SONATA 2011 While Driving My 2011 Hyundai sonata (approx 45,000 miles) down the highway the right rear tail light popped off and was hanging. after
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 On Sunday 9/1, I came out of church and could not open my passenger back door from the outside. my son took it
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2011 First Of All I Know our 2011 hyundai santa fe is not made in usa, it is a korean 2.4 l, 7
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2011 Front Of Elantra Traveling At 40 mph hit another car entering 4 lane on the drivers side.(t-boned") the car was declared a total
HYUNDAI TUCSON 2005 Steering Wheel Material Is Disintegrating. the material is a rubbery coating and first began cracking and proceeded to come off in larger chunks exposing
HYUNDAI AZERA 2013 Bought My Hyundai In For problems with my car and was told all my complaints were the way the car was built and nothing could
HYUNDAI SONATA 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 hyundai sonata. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer for routine maintenance and was informed that the
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2003 The Passenger From Sub Frame broke dropping the lower control arm bending the wheel out. this was at big o tires checking alignment.
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 I Purchased A Used 2010 hyundai sonata year ago with 60,000 miles on it. in this time i have had
HYUNDAI SONATA 2009 Paint Started To Flak Off on front of roof top, and front of hood at 39,000 miles. took it to dealer who
HYUNDAI SONATA 2010 Both Door Handles On The drivers side of my 2010 are broken. went to open door and latches gave away. *tr
HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 2012 Front Section Of Panoramic Glass roof exploded while driving on highway. immediately pulled over and looked at roof, after recovering from the
HYUNDAI SONATA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 hyundai sonata. the contact stated that when she took her vehicle for routine maintenance, she learned there
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2009 I Was A Passenger In the vehicle when it crashed into a fire hydrant doing approximately 40mph. the seatbelt failed to lock and the
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2009 I Was A Passenger In my vehicle on the way to the license branch and was sitting still at a stop light, when a

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