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Hyundai Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Emission Control Reports

27 Jun

HYUNDAI SONATA 1997 Automatic Transmission; When appling gear in reverse there is a hard banging noise coming from transmission. transmission has been replaced three
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2000 Recall 00v259001/ Engine Stalling. dealer re routed map sensor connector wiring harness which did not correct recall problem. when
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1998 While Driving Vehicle Stalled unexpectedly due to a defective mass air flow sensor. common problem. please provide further information.
HYUNDAI SONATA 1999 After Repair Of Recall 00v259000 vehicle's condition worsened. vehicle has been at the dealership for 9 days. manufacturer has been
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Engine Checl Light Keeps Coming on. consumer has taken vehicle to dealer and had it checked three times.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 02 Sensor Replaced On 8-6-01, b/u light switch replaced on 8-6-01,ignition coils repl. on 9-21-99, engine check light been
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 At Approximatlely 50-60 Mph The car has a engine miss. car loses power that can last for a second or more. problem
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1999 I Was Having Problems With my car wanting to stall at take offs. when i took it in for servicing i was told
HYUNDAI SONATA 2000 Vehicle Stalls When Low In a gear, sounds as if it is a vibration problem related to map sensor as recalled on the 2.
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1997 Car Lot Has Already Replaced o2 sensor twice, engine check light still comes on. *ak
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1995 Wire Air Flow Sensor Failed.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 Dealership Is Not Satisfied With manufacturers recall, referred to as an emission recall,consumers vehicles 96-97 elantras have experienced failures and the recall does
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1997 Oxygen Sensor Replaced. Mjs
HYUNDAI ACCENT 1996 Oxygen Sensor Failed Twice.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 1996 Oxygen Sensor Replaced 4 Times.
HYUNDAI EXCEL 1988 Exhaust Manifold Cracked At Oxygen sensor, causing exhaust system to back up/fail, as well as the engine/heads/head gasket to fail. *dh
HYUNDAI GENESIS 2010 While Driving My 2010 Hyundai genesis sedan i began to feel dizzy and light headed. my heart began to race and my hands became
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 hyundai santa fe. the contact stated that after refueling the vehicle, the vehicle would not start.
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2008 2008 Hyundai Elantra Is Having check engine light problems. dealer changed the vent control valve and the light came back on after a few
HYUNDAI SONATA 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 hyundai sonata. while driving at any speed, the check engine light illuminates on the instrument panel and
HYUNDAI ELANTRA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 hyundai elantra. the contact had to depress the brake pedal down to the floor in order to stop
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2003 My 2003 Hyundia Accent Already had two failures of the emiision control system. the second failure only showed a check engine light for
HYUNDAI ACCENT 2000 I Have A Hyundai Accent 2000 3 door hatchback in may had to have the entire fuel system flushed out $500 called hyundai before i
HYUNDAI SONATA 2001 Lower Oxygen Sensor Malfunctioned, causing the "check engine" light to stay on. i have been returning to the suntrup dealership in
HYUNDAI SONATA 2002 Consumer Stated That She Was having too many problems with her vehicle and does not want it anymore. the engine light kept coming
HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2001 While Driving Vehicle Suddenly lost power and idled. dealership serviced vehicle 5 times and replaced ignition coil, mass air flow
HYUNDAI XG300 2001 While Driving At 50 mph engine light indicator flashed, stayed on. then, engine lost power. this
HYUNDAI TIBURON 1998 The Vehicle's Exhaust Manifold Cracked. the consumer could smell exhaust fumes when the hood was opened. *ak
HYUNDAI XG300 2001 While Driving At 65 Mph vehicle suddenly died without warning. dealership indicated it could have been caused by oxygen sensor
HYUNDAI SCOUPE 1993 Car Is Cutting Out And getting hot, also failed emissions results are (cruise) limit/emissions-hc: 180/236 co:1.30/9.03 co+co2: >6.00/18.33. *ts

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2001 Hyundai Santa Fe check engine light is on and is starting hard already fixed the purge valve and put a new gas cap on still came back on any suggestions........

I own a 2009 Hyundai genesis I've had it for only 4mos now and im already having trouble with the esc and check engine light coming on. And it is scary when you are going down interstate at 75-80miles per hr then start loosing power it has happene

1998 hyundai accent 5-speed ran great until today, now when i drive it has very, very slow acceleration. the car goes into gear but the engine is in high rpm's and it will barely make it up hills.

my 2011 hyundai tucsan will not start. I don't think is a battery issue since all the panels & light come one when I try to start the engine but the engine does not start. No even a cranking noise. After several tries, it will start.

1995 Hyundai Elantra 1800cc 16 DOHC.  Low miles, but CHECK ENGINE light comes on frequently, have checked to no avail.  THREE times the car has broken timing belt, and the engine stalls with bent or broken valves.  Presently, I wait until CHECK

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