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22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Driving On The highway consumer lost control. left front tire valve stem separated from wheel. dealer is aware
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Car Is Experiencing Slow Air leak on 2 wheels. tires and valve stems were replaced on all 4 wheels. the slow leaks continue.

HONDA ACCORD 1997 Tire. Valve Makes noise. dot m3hx83ax356michelin rainforce185-65r1588s.
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Valve Stems On All Four tires are too short, making it difficult to check the pressure or add air to the tires. *dsh
HONDA CIVIC 2000 2 Valve Stems Failed On vehicle. first one caused the tire to be damaged beyond repair. the second one was noticed before damage
HONDA CIVIC 1997 I Had A Blowout At highway speeds due to a failed valve stem in my rear left tire. the tire was ruined by
HONDA CIVIC 2002 I Have Had Four Flat tires within three months due to valve stem failure. these were tires purchased from sears at the end of
HONDA CIVIC 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 honda civic. the contact noticed that the front passenger side tire lost complete tire pressure. several
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 This Complaint Does Not Concern a failure. it does however address a recalled tire valve stem, tech international / tr413.
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Tl - The Contact Owns a 1990 honda accord. the passenger front tire went totaly flat on the highway. the vehicle
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 honda civic. the vehicle has tech international, model tr418 valve stems. the contact stated that
HONDA CIVIC 2003 I Had All Four Tire stems that went on my car blow out on 95 a major hwy. i have filed a complaint
HONDA ODYSSEY 2004 The Valve Stem Apparently Developed a crack and the tires (2) lost pressure almost immediately tires had approximately 30,000 miles and were placed
HONDA CR V 2006 Today I Had A 4th valve stem failure that has occurred on my 2006 honda crv that i purchased used on august 3,
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Consume R Complained About A valve stem problem. the valve stems were installed by cosco. the store was aware of the valve stem
HONDA ELEMENT 2004 While Driving, The Vehicle's steering locked. the vehicle's tire valve was faulty and resulted in a flat tire. *nm
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Problems With Michelin Tire Equipment on 1998 honda civic. *mr during the past nine months, the consumer has experienced
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Tires All Failed 2/2004. no apparent reason. p195/65r15. dot ej9ncal2502 and ej9ncal2402 purchased 9/2002 aprox 20,000 miles of
HONDA ACCORD 1994 On My Way Back From mt rushmore on july4 on i90 e to st paul, mn , something happened resulting in steering pull,

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