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Honda Suspension Front Springs Coil Springs Reports

22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1990 Left Coil Spring On Front suspension broke. tt
HONDA CIVIC 2001 While Traveling Approximately 25 To 30 mph and making a turn, engine stalled and caused steering column to lock up. this

HONDA CIVIC 1989 Both Front Springs Are Cracked at bottom. *ak *slc
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Wind Noise Can Be Heard inside the vehicle, the dealer resealed the windshield molding, noise while braking, faulty ecm fuse caused the
HONDA ACCORD 1992 Coil Spring Broke, Causing handling problems.
HONDA CIVIC 2005 Nhtsa Recall Campaign Number: 97v140000. component: suspension:front:springs:coil springs. details: vehicle description: passenger vehicles. road grit and gravel associated with winter
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 honda odyssey. while driving approximately 65 mph, the vehicle exhibited an unusually loud bang as the contact
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 The Coil Spring On The front passenger side broke and punctured the tire in 2 places. updated 06/21/10.*jb *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 honda odyssey purchased brand new. she stated while driving at speeds of 40 mph the front passenger's side
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 honda odyssey. the vehicle was parked and suddenly, a loud noise was coming from the vehicle, followed
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 On June 28, 2006 i heard a noise near the left front tire, sounded like a flat and got out of
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Front Spring Failure On My 2001 honda odyssey, i recently broke a spring and researched the internet for a replacement
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Right Front Coil Spring Failure on 2001 honda odyssey. failure caused spring to contact right front tire and ruin it. had to cut
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 The Coil Spring Of The front right-hand wheel was found broken, after i heard clunk noises when turning. *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Our First Coil Spring Broke at 46,751 miles yr 2002 rt side. the second one broke 97653 miles lf side 2005
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Passenger Front Coil Spring Broke while driving at 40mph. no further damage. dealer has replaced both front springs dealer has
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 On December 11 As My wife was backing out of our driveway, she hear a loud bang (like a gunshot) and noticed a large
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 While Driving Right Front Coil spring broke. the failure occurred in such a fashion that the no other damage occurred as the broken
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Front Passenger Side Coil Spring broke with loud explosion as i was driving on the highway at speed of about 55 mph. i
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 My 2001 Odyssey Van Has 75,000 miles on it. i found that the broken right front spring was the cause of a noise.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 While Driving Down The Road (route 20, traveling east, down town northborough, ma, speed ~20 mph) as vehicle passed over
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 1) Normal Driving, no history of accidents or major potholes, etc, that could have possible contributed. 2.) front
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Reference Pe06007. 1 1/2 years ago the left front coil spring failed and our vehicle was under warranty at the time so
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Vehicle Was Stationary In Driveway waiting for garage door to open completely when a loud banging noise was heard from the front passenger side of
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 We Backed Our 2001 Honda odyssey out of driveway, heard a loud bang like july 04 firework! stopped the van and i found broken
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Our 2001 Honda Odyssey Began making a loud metal on metal clunk whenever we went over any kind of bumps in the road.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Front Suspension - Coil Spring failure backing out of garage the rt ft spring broke with a loud noise, car pulled to
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 I Have A 1999 Honda odyssey, 147,000 miles. on saturday, march 3, 2007 at approximately 11:30 am, i was
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated While traveling 55 mph the right front coil spring snapped due to bearing failure. the fractured spring punctured the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 I Own A 2002 Honda odyssey. on july 22, 2006 while i was parking the van in my garage, i heard loud
HONDA CIVIC 2003 I Noticed My 2003 Honda civic ex fp with 9,388 miles on it leaning towards the front left. measured the distance between tires
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 Front Coil Spring Failure On 2000 honda odyssey van. vehicle now pulls hard to right. fortunately it did not happen at
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 For No Apparent Reason The drivers side front coil spring let go from whatever holds the spring in place. the left front collapsed
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Front Right Spring Fractured Causing the shocks to fail also. repairs totaling $699.37 included replacement of front right and left spring and front
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 The Left Front Coil Spring on our 2001 honda odyssey van with approx. 56,000 miles is broken. i believe this is
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Noise Coming From Front Drivers side of van. rubber seal at top of strut was hanging down. spring on drivers side
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 On 12/28/05 The Drivers Side front coil spring broke on our 2001 honda odyssey lx with 79,662 miles. this occurred on
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 1. Cold Weather or none 2. driver side front strut spring broke traveling down the strut and wrapping through the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at 40 mph the front driver side coil spring fractured and punctured the tire. the vehicle pulled
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 A Potentially Serious And Deadly defect in the springs of 2001 honda odyssey mini-vans. on december 9, 2005 while driving 30 mph
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 I Have A 2000 Honda odyssey minivan with 52k miles on it and the coil spring around the strut of one of the wheels snapped
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 2001 Honda Odyssey Lx Front passenger side coil spring was broken. *mr the vehicle was making a terrible noise.
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Manual Transmission Jumps While Driving also does not want to go into second gear. makes wierd grinding sound while driving slow. car shutters
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 While The Van Was Parked in the driveway the consumer heard a loud noise coming from the van like metal hitting metal. the
HONDA CIVIC 2001 I Have Had My Drivers side seat track replaced at least 5 times since i have owned the car. i have also have had
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 While Parked The Left Front coil spring broke and punctured the tire. nlm honda paid for the cost of repair.

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