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Honda Structure Frame And Members Underbody Shields Reports

15 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1994 When Applying The Gas Pedal from a stop position vehicle vibrates from under the car. dealer says it may be the heat shield.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 6.coolant System Continued From odi #760344. this left splash shield loose,vibrating & at risk of coming off, causing risk of

HONDA CIVIC 1998 Faulty Heat Shield On The exhaust system. *yc
HONDA CR V 1998 While In Motion, The heat shield that covers the catalytic converter fell off, the four bolts that hold the sheild in place had
HONDA CR V 1998 The Connecting Bolts For The catalytic converter shield had corroded and caused the shield to fall off and dragged on the road while consumer was
HONDA CR V 1998 Consumer States The Heat Shield that covers the catalytic converter is made of stainless steel. the four connecting bolts which are made of
HONDA ACCORD 1998 After Hearing And Feeling A cracking sound and then inspecting under the car, i noticed that the subframe of the car was rusted thru
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Sub-frame Is Rusted On passengers side corner. manufacturers defect due to placement of drain for a/c all other sides are ok.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Vehicle Is Unsafe To drive as the sub frame is rusted due to the air conditioner drain. engine runs great but the design
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Upon Inspection, The Right rear portion of the front sub frame is rusted and disintegrated to a point where the car is not considered
HONDA ACCORD 2002 A Loud, Clunking Sound began when i would go over uneven road or bumps in the road. this was followed by that
HONDA ODYSSEY 2013 We Have Discovered That The 2013 models of this vehicle do not sound the beeper if the driver or front passenger door is open while
HONDA PASSPORT 1998 I Took My Honda Passport to fox honda, to get the recalls looked at and they said that the frame was rusted out and
HONDA ACCORD 1999 When I Purchased My Car the ac was not working so i had it checked and was told that it was not connected and was
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 The Underside Frame Of My 2000 honda passport is so rusted, a sway bar connected to the axle broke free. i have
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 Fuel Tank Dropped Down, checked and it was rusted out and broke free from frame which also rusted out. the entire frame
HONDA ACCORD 1999 1999 Honda Accord Sub-frame Crack from air conditioning drain. part number 50200-s84-a00 front (rear beam) of the sub-frame has rusted and cracked.
HONDA PILOT 2009 I Just Had To Replace the front compliance bushings in this newer vehicle. i have found out that the honda dealership is aware
HONDA PILOT 2010 Noticed That My Pilot Was vibrating after taking it in for a routine oil change at speeds from 45-60mph. took back in and
HONDA ACCORD 1998 A Clunking Noise Was Noticed while driving. the vehicle was taken in for service and it was advised that the passenger's side sub
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 I Purchased This Vehicle On the 5th of july 2013. took the vehicle home and noticed a badly defective tire on the right rear
HONDA ACCORD 2000 On Nov 12, 2011 i went to get my car inspected and the would not pass it because the front rear subframe is rotted.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Took My 1999 Honda accord ex (213,500 miles) to a honda dealership service center for a front right wheel bearing replacement.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 This Is Just To Enter a complaint with nhtsa about a subframe issue on this make/model/year car. i understand there have been other
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Right Passenger Side Subframe Crossmember has suffered sever corrosion due to poor a/c drain valve location. damage is extensive into the lower control arm
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Repair Shop Said Passenger Side of engine subframe is rusted out, rest of subframe is okay. the is apparently a very common
HONDA ACCORD 2000 During A Routine Maintenance Visit at my dealership i was informed that the passenger side subframe of my 2000 honda accord with only 57,000
HONDA ACCORD 1998 I Have Had So Many corrosion issues with this car, it is structurally dangerous. the car has 160,000 miles on it
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Your Urgent Response And An action needed 1.request for an immediately recall for honda accord lx 2002 models as having
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Upon Inspection Of The Vehicle by a certified mechanic, the sub-frame : rear beam - cross beam ( part number 50200-s84-a00 ) was
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 Frame Rotting Away And Making passport unsafe to drive recall should be issued. *tr
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Clunking Noise When Going Over bumps or turning right. got the noise inspected by a mechanic and found out that the passenger side subframe
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 The Driver's Side Linkage That connects the rear axle to the frame separated completely due to corrosion. i took it to honda for the
HONDA ACCORD 2000 State Inspection Found Passenger Side of front subframe has rusted through. no other rust is visible on frame. mechanic claims failure
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 No Incident Of Any Kind however, i have noticed presence of heavy rust on the chassis/frame of the car. date of production
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Was Alerted To A potential problem with the subframe of my vehicle that has caused me to park it. the problem is that
HONDA ACCORD 2000 My Friend And I Were driving to go buy some food during heavy traffic and i ended up hitting a pothole i was unable to
HONDA ACCORD 2000 I Would Like To Call to your attention abc's investigation into honda accords for dangerous rusted/rotted sub-frames. the center for auto safety in
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 I Had My Vehicle Inspected during a routine oil change. the mechanics showed me extensive corrosion on the frame of my vehicle. they
HONDA ACCORD 2002 While Getting My Required Yearly ny state inspection (performed by a certified honda mechanic) the subframe rear beam (cross member) was found to be
HONDA ACCORD 2002 On August 3, Notice a loud cracking sound in right front of car. took car to honda dealer aug. 9. was
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Went To My Mechanic To have a new alternator put in and when he had it up on the lift noticed severe rust on the
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 I Took My Car To a mechanic last week because i was having to put brake fluid in it. i thought maybe i had
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Honda Has A Manufacturing Defect for a rear beam place. at the honda dealership, a honda and state of michigan certified mechanic has
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Have A Honda Accord ex and the subframe rotted all the way thought. how is that possible? as i look on the internet
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Subframe On This Car is broke. rotted right out. i feel honda should fix this problem. *tr
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Upon Inspection Of Vehicle By certified mechanic the subframe(cross member) was found unsafe and rusted out on the passenger side with holes and broken.
HONDA ACCORD 2001 I Had My 01 Honda accord ex recently inspected by an independent mechanic and they found a rusty hole (size of a quarter) on the
HONDA PASSPORT 1997 The Frame Has Rusted Through in the rear of the vehicle causing the leaf spring in the back to fall down. my rear
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 This Vehicle Is Experiencing Extreme frame corrosion of both the forward and rear frame member. there are large perforations in multiple areas along the
HONDA PASSPORT 1999 Vehicle Frame Rusted Totally Through. has only 67,000 miles and rest of vehicle is in excellent condition. frame rust issues need to
HONDA ACCORD 2000 I Took This Honda Accord dx (my2000) to the dealer for 120,000 maintenance in september 2011. they told me the front passenger side
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 I Recently Purchased A 1996 honda passport and was told "you can't go wrong with a honda"--drove good, body good, interior immaculate,
HONDA PASSPORT 2001 This Model 2001 Honda Passport has a history of frame rust. there was one recall 2010 but it did not address tank shield rust
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Upon It's 90,000 Service at the honda dealer, it was found that the front subframe is almost completely rusted through on the
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 After Experiencing A Slight Vibration at highway speeds, i removed my right front tire to inspect brakes, bearings, etc. i
HONDA FIT 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 honda fit. the contact stated that the vehicle was designed too low, which caused the undercarriage to
HONDA FIT 2007 The Air Conditioner Stopped Working on my 2007 honda civic. when i phoned the dealer to inquire if this would be covered by my
HONDA ODYSSEY 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated While pulling into a parking lot the shield underneath the bumper of the vehicle hit the cement barrier causing damage to
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 I Recently Purchased A 2006 honda odyssey van. while exiting a parking lot, i drove down an obstructed angled driveway to exit to
HONDA ACCORD 2005 Honda Accord Coupe (2005) Newly purchased 8 months ago. the problem: the camber is the angle at which the tire attaches to the
HONDA CR V 2003 Dt*:the Contact Stated The Plate covering the catalytic converter came completely off the vehicle. this occurred without warning. the plate was observed
HONDA XR650L 2005 Chain Of Events For Atv purchase i have a complete calendar of events too long for this field. please contact me for the
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 Consumer Received Recall 03v35000 Concerning frames. no parts were available. *
HONDA ACCORD 2005 While Driving On Normal Condition road at the speed between 30 mph to 40 mph, rattle noises can be heard from joint between windshield
HONDA VTX1800 2002 The Bolt Which Hold The kickstand snapped while driving the motorcycle. dealership was notified. *ak
HONDA GL1800 2003 Consumer Received Recall 03 V 350 000 concerning motorcycle frame welds. the consumer contacted the dealer and the dealer refused to
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 Motorcycle Damaged As A Result of mishandling by honda and poor workmanship while recall was performed. (nar) *ph problems occurred
HONDA GL1800 2002 The Frame On My Honda goldwing has a crack in it.
HONDA GL1800 2002 Safety Recall On Motorcycle, but delays with high volume of customers at the dealership to repair problem. *la
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 9999 Recall Repair On Gold Wing could not be completed because dealer did not have a welder.*mr the consumer stated he contacted the dealer
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 Ltr Fm Roger Robinson (wi) owner of a honda goldwing motorcycle honda refused to repair the motorcycle's defective frame. the owner installed a trike
HONDA GL1800 2003 Recall Repairs Have Not Been performed on vehicle due to repair kits not being available.*mr after receiving a recall notice for the frame
HONDA GOLDWING 2002 Recall On Motorcycle's Frame Welding procedure. the welding procedure was reversed after the manufacturer determined it represented a risk to motorcycle owners.
HONDA GL1800 2003 Recall Notice On The Frame weld of motorcycle. dealership welded only about 45 percent of the frame instead of 100 percent.
HONDA GOLDWING 2002 Letter Regarding Pe-03-039; Honda gold wing motorcycle; frame cracks. *mr *scc *jb
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 The Vehicle Was Marked For recall. the recall notice indicated that the motorcycle's frame needed to be welded. the motorcycle
HONDA GL1800 2003 Concerns Regarding Defective Frame Recall on 2002 and 2003 goldwing gl1800. *mr the manufacturer informed the consumer that the recall
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 Consumer Received A Notice For recall 03v350000 concerning a cracked weld in the frame of the motorcycle which supported the rear suspension. manufacturer
HONDA GL1800A 2003 I Have A Problem With the recall being done by american honda corp. (ahc) on their gold wing gl1800 to repair possible frame and
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 The Consumer Received A Notice for recall 03v350000 concerning frame welds. dealer indicated to the consumer that there were no qualified mechanics in
HONDA HONDA MOTORCYCLE 9999 Problems With Frame Breakage On honda 1800 motorcycle. *mr there was a large amount of frame breakage due to faulty
HONDA GOLDWING 2003 The Consumer Received A Recall letter from american honda motor company indicating there was a defect in the frame welding. the consumer then
HONDA GL1800 2003 Recall 03v350000 Has No Quality control of the welds being made to repair this lower control arm. the dealers can not produce certification
HONDA ACCORD 2003 I Test Drove 03 Accords that tracked straight and some that did not. the car i picked pulled to the right, but the
HONDA GL1800 2003 I Have A 2003 Honda gl1800 vin# 1hfsc470x3a203169 the frame is cracked all the way through the weld on the center section next to the
HONDA GL1800 2003 Honda Gl 1800a Motorcycle, frame failure in two locations at weld joint. yielding my motorcycle in an unsatifactory condition and unsafe to utilize.
HONDA PILOT 2003 At Highway Speeds 45mph-75mph A high pitch noise orginates from the driver side window or frame, very annoying and can not isolate as of

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