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Honda Structure Body Hatchback/liftgate Reports

22 Mar

HONDA CR V 1999 While Driving Down The Road hatchback window blew out for no reason. dealer contacted , and stated that consumer was not covered
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 The Struts Supporting The Rear hatch door are no longer supporting the door and it fell on my head when putting in my golf clubs.

HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Liftgate Struts Failure. i just wanted to make you aware of the danger when a liftgate strut failed without any warning or indication
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 The Lift Gate Strut On our 2007 honda odyssey ex-l suddenly failed and the gate fell by itself. it almost injured me while loading
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Lift Struts On Back Hatch quit working suddenly with no prior problems. *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 My Daugher And I Heard a clicking noise coming from the back of my van and opened up my tailgate to see where the noise
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 The Tail Gate Lift Was working fine one day and on the next day the tail gate hit my wife in the head. this
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 The Lift Gate Gas Filled struts on our 2007 honda odyssey have failed. the lift gate will not stay open to pack the van
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 About 2 Weeks Ago.. .october 1, 2012, i took my honda back in to honda. my car had been accelerating
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 Rear Lift Gate Was In fully open position then fell and hit me on head while removing groceries from the rear of the vehicle.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 honda odyssey. the contact stated that the rear hatch was opened using the automatic key fob. the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 The Rear Power Liftgate Cannot stay in open position. power liftgate would open and then slam shut occasionally. struts cannot support weight of
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 honda odyssey. while driving 60 mph, the contact noticed that the front end of the vehicle began
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 On Approximately November 5, 2011 my husband went out to our 2008 honda odyssey to retrieve some items. he opened the rear liftgate
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 The Power Lift Gate Fell down on me; luckily no one was directly under it when it fell. it happened instantly;
HONDA ODYSSEY 2008 I Saw That Honda Has recalled 2008- early 2009 model year honda odyssey ex-land touring models power liftgate gas struts
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 First Occurrence Happened On 11/24/2011, when i open the gate to get luggage, the automatic liftgate opened all the way up, bounce
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Rear Liftgate Struts On 2007 honda odyssey experienced sudden failure causing the rear liftgate to suddenly close on me when standing under it. struts
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 When I Open The Liftgate it does not hold up. the tailgate gas strut has failed i only have 33,000 miles on it.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 My Wife Tried To Open the (powered) liftgate via the handle. the liftgate would not open this way. when she tried
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 While The Rear Door (hatch) was open and i was unloading the vehicle, with no warning, the hatch slammed down. i opened
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 The Power Liftgate On My 2007 honda odyssey touring minivan started opening partially, and within three days the liftgate would not hold door open.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Our Van Currently Has About 80,000 miles on it and the rear hatch door struts have failed so the rear door does not stay
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Our 2007 Honda Odyssey Was working perfectly until yesterday when the hatch shut on me. it knocked me out for a minute.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Rear Liftgate Struts On 2007 honda odyssey experienced sudden failure causing the rear liftgate to suddenly close on person standing beneath. liftgate was functioning
HONDA ODYSSEY 2007 Our 2007 Honda Odyssey Liftgate gas struts both failed with no warning on march 1, 2011. this is very dangerous because it
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 The Power Lift Gate On 2006 odyssey failed hitting my husband on the shoulder. we had no prior warning of this happening and
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Failure Of The Lift Gate gas struts on a 2006 honda odyssey touring that causes the gate to close unexpectedly. consequences were an
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 honda odyssey ex. while the vehicle was parked, the tailgate lift rods would not stay in place.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring--with No warning, the rear liftgate came slamming down--rear liftgate strut failure--no one under, but could cause serious injury.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 2009 Honda Odyssey. Rear hatch door in back will slam shut without any warning or being closed. no wind or external
HONDA CR V 2006 My Rear Gate Was Extremely hard to open & close. brought to dealership & they advised that the hinges needed lubricating. the sprayed
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 The Supports For The Rear liftgate/hatchback on my honda odyssey minivan failed causing the full weight of the rear gate to strike the head of
HONDA ODYSSEY 2009 Power Lift Gate Failure - without warning the power lift gate failed to operate and the struts do not keep it open. the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 2005 Honda Odyssey Lift Gate stays failed causing minor injury. *tr
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 I Have A 2005 Honda odyssey ex. summer of 2007 the struts went out the rear liftgate slammed down nearly catching my
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Automatic hatch closed on me while i was retrieving items. *tr
HONDA CR V 2001 Hatchback Window Imploded While In park and engine turned off. no impact was sustained while parked in garage. glass was replaced,

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