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Honda Steering Hydraulic Power Assist System Reports

22 Mar

HONDA ACCORD 1995 Steering Problem, When Driving will not steer properly, over sensensitive, causing premature wea rof tires. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1993 While Driving, Experienced Loss of steering capability, when veered to right, then extreme left 360 degrees, ejected driver and rolled on

HONDA ACCORD 1991 While Driving Heard Loud Crack. when turning steering vehicle didn't respond. please describe details. tt
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Steering Wheel/system Lockup While Driving. tt
HONDA PASSPORT 1994 Consumer Lost Control Of vehicle while driving 65 mph, and vehicle went down an embankment, then rolled over. driver's seat belt
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Vehicle Lost Control While Making a right turn at approximately 5 mph or less, causing vehicle to hit a parked vehicle and flip over
HONDA CIVIC 1995 While Driving About 20 Mph was getting near a turn consumer kept steering to left. then, tried to straight
HONDA CIVIC 1998 While Driving At About 45mph ignitor failed, and the engine shut completely off. also, power steering failed. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1998 When Driving At Any Speed and applying the brakes, pedal is very hard, and there isn't any power steering. also
HONDA PRELUDE 1997 During An Emergency Situation, such as making a turn (right or left) and having to make another turn (right or left), power
HONDA PRELUDE 1997 While Making A Sharp Quick left turn, the power steering went out. after slowing down, the power steering began to work.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Driving Straight On Highway steering doesn't handle properly. it shifts and is hard to control, speed limit up to 65 mph
HONDA ACCORD 1990 Housing For Power Steering Was vibrating, causing 1 of two bolts to break, accident almost occurred. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1994 Consumer Was Driving On Wet pavement and lost all power steering/brakes, causing the consumer to have a crash. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1994 While Driving Vehicle Another Vehicle was stalled in the middle lane, noticed it too late to apply brakes, rearended the vehicle.
HONDA ACCORD 1993 During Vehicle Operation The Driver lost control and the car rolled over 3 times, the air bag did not deploy, resulting
HONDA ACCORD 1988 While Driving The Vehicle, owner lost control of vehicle, driver who had on seat belt at the time, was ejected out of
HONDA ACCORD 2000 While Driving At 40-50 Mph power steering went out and consumer could not control vehicle, and it ran into side rail.
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Consumer Was In An accident and airbags didnot deploy. another vehicle cut in front, and consumer lost control. vehicle
HONDA PILOT 2003 As I Was Exiting The expressway about 50 mph it became clear very quickly that the power steering had failed but the engine was running
HONDA PILOT 2003 The Vehicle Lost Power Steering components which caused a loss of steering control. dt
HONDA PILOT 2003 Power Steering Pulley Just Broke off. the bolt remained in place. the pulley just sheered off the bolt very strange. i was
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Knocking Noise Was There since a few months after i bought the car.the dealer said that's normal with new hondas b/c the gears
HONDA ACCORD 2002 My Wife And I Each separately encountered issues with steering and brakes possibly not working as intended. first occurred in october i believe,
HONDA ACCORD 2000 Steering Seems To Be Overly tight and hard to turn for power steering. no play at all in steering.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1988 My Steering Went Out. wondering if there were similar reports on this specific car. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Vehicle/steering Vibrates/rattles When Turning left or right at low speeds
HONDA PRELUDE 1988 The Power Steering Assembly Was recalled in 1988 yet the orig. owner did not recieve recall notice . now this fire was caused
HONDA PRELUDE 1989 Same Problem As 1988 Model year recall. no safety defect (s) found in summary. *ak
HONDA PRELUDE 1989 This Hose Failure Is The same type of failure that was described in the 1988 recall, but the dealer would not cover it.
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Turning Left Or Right, the car vibrates or at least the steering components vibrate. it is similar to the vibration you would
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Loud Vibration In The Front left of car when turning.
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 Power Steering Is Not Affective in cold weather. *slc
HONDA PRELUDE 1999 Driver Lost Power Steering Twice while driving. yh
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 Power Steering Leaks And Is hard to turn.
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 The Power Steering Is Hard and is leaking.
HONDA PASSPORT 1996 Power Steering Is Stiff And leaks.
HONDA CIVIC 1993 Power Steering Failed. *dsh
HONDA DEL SOL 1994 Power Steering Fails Intermittently. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Power Steering Problems, Caused vehicle to pull towards right, resulting in an accident. *skd
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 honda odyssey. the contact stated that the power steering was inoperable while traveling at low speeds.
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Driving On 2 Lane Highway with my 3 kids in the van. the battery light comes on and i hear a few brief
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 honda odyssey. while driving approximately 15 mph, the contact heard a loud noise when the power steering failed
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 honda odyssey. the contact stated that while driving approximately 20 mph, the vehicle suddenly accelerated. the contact
HONDA ACCORD 2004 I Leased A 2004 Honda accord ex v6 in may of 2004, from rick case in miramar fl. on august 31,
HONDA CIVIC 2006 2006 Honda Civic With A power steering issue. consumer states that he was advised that his power steering fluid was leaking. got the
HONDA CIVIC 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 honda civic. while driving 20 mph, the vehicle became difficult to turn and the contact heard a
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 I Recently Turned The Vehicle from one side to the other quickly. the steering seemed to fail (got very hard) then recovered after
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Power Steering Pump Noise. led to harder steering during cold temperatures. two instances: 1) outside temp 20f degrees trying
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Power Steering Fluid Leaking Into rack no visible signs of leak. dealer has attempted to repair 3 times. car is now back at
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 While Traveling At 35-40 Mph i rear-ended a honda accord with my honda odyssey. the accord stopped at a red light.*ak
HONDA ODYSSEY 2006 Any Time When Ouside Temp drops below 40 deg farenheight and i drive my 06 honda odyssey i get a loud whining at idle and
HONDA PILOT 2003 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 2003 honda pilot. while driving at 30 mph the vehicle swung to the left and struck
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl*- The Contact Owns A 2005 honda odyssey. the contact was experiencing steering problems related to recall #05v039000. while driving
HONDA ACCORD 2001 Tl*- The Contact Stated That while driving the 2001 honda accord with 83932 failure mileag at 35 mph she turned the heat on,
HONDA CIVIC 2006 2006 Civic Steering Wheel Is difficult to turn back to straight position. * ts when the consumer made a left lane change
HONDA CIVIC 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated There was a clunking noise coming from the front of the vehicle. the problem was getting progressively worse.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Dt: The Bolt Backed Out of the pulley in the engine, resulting in ruined pulley/ bent the crank shaft/loss of power
HONDA ACCORD 2004 Car Struck Deer, Damaging front left headlight. within minutes car caught on fire and completely burned out.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 2001 The Vehicle Gas Gauge Fluctuated between half a tank and a fourth of a tank within short periods of time and did not really move
HONDA ELEMENT 2003 I Was Driving West On va. state route 33 when i noticed a small deer in the road. as i manuvered to avoid
HONDA ELEMENT 2003 Traveling West On Residential Road at aprox. 15 mph. was struck in rear passenger panel by a 4 door sedan who was
HONDA ACCORD 2003 I Have Had A Noticeable groaning in my steering whenever i turn the wheel. i noticed this problem from the first day i had
HONDA ACCORD 2003 While Driving At Any Speed vehicle will continuously pull to the left/right. this makes it very difficult to steer when going around a
HONDA CIVIC 2000 The Problems I Recently Faced with my 2000 honda civic vp model:1. transmission spontaneously skip gears and causes my car to jerk and loose
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Driving Down The Road When the crankshaft pully fell out of the bottom of the engine, resulting in power steeering failure and engine

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